Where to Buy High Quality PLR Planners to Sell Online

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If you’re looking for a way to sell a planner and don’t have the design skills to create one yourself, then PLR planners are exactly what you need. But where do you even start to look for a PLR planner? 

Just simply going off of the first search you find on Google may not give you the best product that is worth the money you invest in it. So it’s important to do your research first to find a high-quality seller. 

We are going to cover exactly what you need to know about PLR planners. And of course where to buy high-quality PLR planner templates to choose from!

What Are PLR Planners?

Planners are the perfect way to keep track of all of your different events, activities, tracking goals, keeping track of your budget, documenting your diet, and so many other things. Especially for those people that like their life planned out and organized, they want to utilize planners to keep their life on track. Finding a simple planner at the store may not fit their needs. Many people are willing to shop around for the perfect planner that fits what they’re looking for. 

PLR planners are done-for-you and made planners that you can modify, add your branding, and then resell on your website, Etsy, and more. They can be both digital and printable planners. You have the option to turn them into physical planners that you can sell on Amazon KDP. Selling digital products is such a huge opportunity to make an income now. Some may love the idea of taking a product they can go off of rather than starting from scratch. 

If you aren’t going to be selling PLR planners you can also use them for personal use, give them away to your email list as a freebie, offer it as a bonus or some type of upsell, etc. There really is so much you can do with PLR planners. To really use them to your advantage, selling them is your best option!

PLR Planners vs PLR Journals

A lot of times PLR planners and PLR journals will get grouped into one category. This is because they can tend to be similar. But they are still two separate products and it’s important to know the difference if you plan to sell these!

The obvious and biggest difference is that a planner has sections for each day as well as potentially including time of the day, so that everything can be specifically planned out and organized, rather than just written down randomly. A journal is more for simply recording thoughts, not keeping track of goals, tasks, etc. that need to be done. 

A planner is for helping you to plan out your day, month, or year, while a journal is for helping to track them and getting your thoughts onto paper. Both of these products are in high demand and perfect for taking PLR products and selling them online!

Where to Buy PLR Planners

Now, when you decide you are ready to find a PLR planner that you can sell, it’s time to start looking for that perfect product that you can take and turn into a profitable item. There are a ton of PLR planners out there. But there are definitely options that are low-quality and may be a waste of your money. 

We put together some of the most reputable sellers of PLR products to help you find exactly what you are looking for!

Gold City Ventures™

At Gold City Ventures™ we have created quality PLR planners where we have seen a need and have the ability to be customized to our buyer’s desires. Our selection of planners include many themes, such as habit trackers, financial planners, garden planners, small business planners, and more. 

There are PLR planner templates aimed towards students, as well as towards mothers to aid with managing all of the tasks of a new baby. These planners feature a wide range of pages that take it from being a simple planner, into a high-quality planner worth the investment. 

These templates are specifically created for Canva. This is a very simple way to quickly edit your product and rebrand to make it your own. Each includes an A4 Canva link, an A5 Canva link, as well as a Letter size link. They come with a commercial use license.

Read on the product page about exactly what pages are included, how the template can be used, and what you will receive. You can also get an idea of what the design will look like and see the two cover options. 

The price of our tracking pages and the planner templates range from $8 to $19.99. We also sell kids games, seasonal printable packs, and lots more.

PLR Planners

PLR Planners features a wide range of beautifully-designed printable and digital planners that you have the ability to edit and rebrand to sell. There is a huge selection of PLR planner and journal templates that are dedicated to specific occasions and different topics. This includes self-help, fitness, children, pregnancy, personal finance, recipes, and more. 

You can choose from options for daily, weekly, or monthly planners. You can also choose between printable or digital planners. There is also a way to use the search bar if you are looking for a specific type of PLR planner, since there is such a wide range of options!

These are all original and beautifully designed, and they typically come in a package of PowerPoint documents, covers to choose from, stickers, clipart, inserted hyperlinks, digital papers, and PNG/JPG files. 

The pages featuring the PLR planner come with great descriptions that really give an idea of what is included in the product and what you can do with it. It lists everything that is included. It also shows images of exactly how it looks and what all of the pieces look like. 

Typically you will find planners for between $29-39, but it may vary for each product. 

Simply put, PLR Planners can be a great source for finding quality PLR planner templates, journals and printables with a wide range of themes.

PLR Beach

PLR Beach offers a variety of commercial license products and private label rights content, and that includes PLR planners, PLR journals, and printables. This website is different in that you can pay for individual products or access them on a membership basis. 

All of the PLR products on this site are original, a quality design, and come with full Private Label Rights. You can find planners on all occasions, like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, weddings, birthdays, and more. There are also a variety of themes, such as travel, pregnancy, weight loss, self-care, etc. 

You can choose from a variety of sizes if you have something specific that you are looking for, and each product includes multiple styles to ensure it is easy to customize them and sell the files easily. There should be PowerPoint & PDF files includes, clipart, stickers, as well as Photoshop pattern files. 

On the product page, you will be able to see a full in-depth description of what is included, as well as a video review of the product. You will also be able to read about what exactly can and can’t be done with each product. 

Pricing for the individual products range between $17-37. But, PLR Beach also offers product bundles, courses and online coaching. You can also do a membership that gives you monthly access to various products, as well as the coaching. There are two plans for membership at $47/month and $97/month. 

Faith’s Biz Academy

Faith’s Biz Academy features a small collection of high-quality PLR templates to choose from that you can take and resell for your own business. There are planners for specific occasions, such as Valentines and Christmas. 

There are also planners that are specifically designed around wedding planning, spring cleaning, medical planning, and more. Some of the products even feature more than one design for the price of one, which is a great way to find a design that fits you and your business. 

Faith’s Biz Academy also offers a free monthly PLR planner that you can use to edit, rebrand, and resell. So if you’re looking for a low-investment way to take advantage of a PLR product, this may be your best option!

The product page gives you the exact images of each of the pages that are included, lists out each of the pages, and covers how you can use the product. These planners range from $27 to $47. 

Createful Journals

Similar to the others above, Createful Journals sells high-quality PLR planners. They are well-made products intended for you to rebrand and self-publish on Amazon KDP, or sell on your website or Etsy. 

They also allow their products to be given away for free, without giving source files. So basically, this means you can give the products away without giving the PLR rights. 

They have all of the basic types of planners with a wide range of themes, such as pets, self-development, weight loss, etc. Each typically includes editable PowerPoint files, multiple pages to use, covers, stickers, fonts, and more. 

See an in-depth look at each individual planner on their shop page and get an idea of exactly what would be included. These planners range from about $20-47 each. 

Thrive Anywhere

Thrive Anywhere prides itself on providing easy templates for anyone to create their own planners, journals or workbooks without any design skills needed. They even offer a free planner template that you can use to get started without an investment. 

You can rebrand these templates and use them to give away for free as a lead magnet, sell it as your own on your website, use it as a bonus, or even use it on a membership site. 

They have a very wide range of planners, that includes things like career planners, vacation planners, Pinterest marketing planners, social media planners, as well as many different types of journals that you can choose from as well.  

A really great aspect of Thrive Anywhere is they provide the marketing materials to go along with your product. You have three mockups to choose from that you can use to display the product, as well as 10 social media graphics and ideas for posts. 

The planners are typically between $39 and $47, very similar to other options and an average price for PLR planners.

Coach Glue

Coach Glue focuses on done-for-you coaching materials, including courses, video scripts, journals and planners. They really aim to provide business and marketing materials, so you will find planners on topics like Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, as well as podcasts, content creation, and more. 

This site isn’t necessarily advertised as a PLR site, but the planners purchased here can definitely be freely modified, rebranded, and resold. They can also be used as a bonus with already selling products. 

These products feature well-designed covers with well-formatted and quality contents on the inside. They come in a DOC format rather than a PowerPoint, but you can easily manipulate this format to customize and edit it to be able to sell. 

These planners consist of about 20-50 pages, but do not include any additional files.They are being sold at a fixed rate of $47 each. 

If you don’t find a desired product in the planner section, they do have a journal section where you can find journals about self-love, goals, and more.

The Happy Journals PLR Club

The Happy Journals PLR club offers a wide range of products. There is the choice of bundles or individual products that are all well-made and thought-out. They are simple designs that you can easily manipulate and make your own. It gives you a good base to start out with. 

There are digital planners to choose from, as well as physical planners. The bundles typically include multiple types of the planner template, such as physical and digital, as well as a large number of stickers, covers, fonts, and more. 

All of the files come as ready-to-go PDF files, as well as Powerpoint files that you can easily edit to fit you and your business. The product page gives you a great idea of what these files look like and are very well-made. 

There are a variety of planners and journals, although the selection is slightly smaller than other sites. But you can choose from products like bullet journals, kindness journals, student planners, and more.  

Individual products are typically $12.95. The bundles range in price from $27-$67 each depending on the amount of items included. 

A Cup of Zen

A Cup of Zen is a site for self-development products, and has hundreds of original PLR planners and journals. They are aimed at personal development coaches, yoga teachers, therapists, and business coaches. So, you will find quality planners on niches like positivity, business, dreams, anxiety, and more.

Each planner includes Private Label Rights that allow you to edit and use the products for many purposes. This does include selling them online or printing them to sell as physical planners. But be sure to check each product page, as there are some minor restrictions for each product. 

The PLR planners and journals on this site come in a bundle that may include planner templates, covers and inner pages in Canva and PowerPoint formats, as well as graphics and clipart in various sizes and resolutions. 

Basically, you are provided with everything you would need to resell the planner for a great value! Their prices range from $17 to $47, and they also offer a money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy with your product!

Color Monthly PLR

Color Monthly PLR is a unique site that offers beautifully-made PLR packages focused on coloring designs. This includes coloring pages, coloring planners, as well as postcards. There is a pretty large selection of planners that are all very stunning designs and a range of themes. 

You will find planners for vacation planning, garden planning, and fitness planning. If you’re looking for something unique then these coloring planners are definitely just that! 

Once you find a planner idea that you like best, you can choose to purchase the product in black and white, full color, or both. It all depends on your preference on how you want to use the item. The product page includes a video of the exact layout of the product, as well as images of each page. 

These products come in both PDF and JPG files, and some of the planners come in PSD format as well. 

The planners each offer a black and white version, as well as full color which is the same price and ranges from $20-$45. The combination of both files is between $35 and $55 for most of the designs. 

These are very beautiful and one-of-a-kind planners that are sure to stand out!

Simple Happiness

Simple Happiness provides very high-quality planners and is one of the better options out there. It focuses on providing well-designed and beautifully-crafted planners. Currently, the store features 30+ PLR planners, but also has journals, digital files, calendars, and more. 

There are planners for tracking pregnancy, quitting sugar, coloring page planners, as well as multiple different designs for monthly/yearly planners to potentially give you what you’re looking for. 

These planners have a very similar theme to them with pastel colors and very clean and simple elements. This may be for very specific buyers that see this as fitting to their business. These products of course include what you need to customize the planners, such as Canva and PowerPoint source pages, covers, PDF files, font details, and more. 

You can choose to purchase individual planners for about $27 each. They also offer bundles to purchase multiple planners cheaper which are typically $37 or $47. 

Simply Couture Designs

Simply Couture Designs is another good source that features almost 100 original and quality PLR planners. Most of these feature dominant pink colors in the designs, as well as more delicate illustrations. 

The themes of these planners include fashion, motherhood, self-care, home improvement, skincare, gardening, and more. There are also planners for special occasions, like Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

The planners come with limited commercial use rights that allow you to create flatten planner printables in PDF format or physical planners that you can sell to your customer for personal use. 

You cannot resell the planners with PLR or any other rights, or give them away for free. There are other minor restrictions that are important to take note of on each product page. It’s important to take the time to check this as well!

These planners include a PowerPoint source to change the fonts and colors and to personalize the pages to fit you and your branding. It also includes PDF files for printing or publishing the products online. 

They also sell PLR line art, illustrations, sticker templates and more. Each planner is priced differently but the price ranges from $17 to $47 per planner. 

For Mommies by Mommy

This is a sister site to one of the sites mentioned above, Faith’s Biz Academy. It offers very high-quality products from planners to Pinterest pins to Etsy templates. The products may look slightly similar, but you will definitely find different products on each site and all are well-made. 

There are both digital and physical planners to choose from, as well as planners on a wide range of themes and topics. There are cat and dog theme academic planners, home cleaning planners, a floral 2022 planner, summer planners, and more!

Easily edit the planner template to fit you and your branding. Then, upload the PDF files directly to where you want to sell your product. You can even sell the product exactly as is, or edit the PowerPoint files to customize it how you’d like. 

The planners range in price from $17-$47 depending on the type of planner and the amount of pages that are included.

Final Thoughts

There are so many other options out there for PLR planners but they may not have the same quality of the sites listed above, so it’s important to shop around and find a high-quality seller. You want to ensure that your investment is worth it and that it fits what you are looking for. 

PLR planners are a great way to save you some time and stress of designing from scratch and turn this product into passive income! Learn more about making money with PLR here.

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