Ultimate Review of the eRank Free vs Pro Plans

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Running an Etsy business means putting in the effort to better your products and ensuring your shop and listings are optimized. But what if you’re unsure of how to do that? That’s where eRank comes in!

ERank connects to your Etsy shop so that it can evaluate each and every one of your listings and find out where you can make improvements. Maybe it can even show you where you are already doing well, so you know to continue this with future listings.  It can also show you product opportunities and help you come up with new ideas of what to make!

Too often Etsy sellers are struggling to bring in sales and don’t think that it may be because of SEO. They don’t prioritize it when it is key to being found in Etsy’s search. ERank is a way to better your listings that focuses on SEO. 

This platform can make a big change in your Etsy shop and help get your products in front of more eyes. Here is your ultimate review of the eRank free plan!

Is the eRank free plan enough for me?

eRank displays different metrics that help sellers improve their shops. It is composed of over a dozen different tools and each one provides different insights for sellers.

Here are the tools, and a summary of what they do, if they are available on the Free plan.

Keyword ToolFREEImprove your listings; The Free plan is limited to 25 lookups/day which is enough for most
Listing AuditFREESets max number of listings eRank will process; the Free plan gives you 100 listings which is enough for most sellers
Rank CheckerFREESets max number of listings eRank will process; the Free plan gives you 100 listings which is enough for most sellers
Competition TrackerPAID ONLYSee daily sales for other shops you add to a list; Not available on the free plan; This feature is worth upgrading if you sell only in one niche versus many niches
Trend BuzzPAID ONLYSee trending products by month on many platforms; Not available on the free plan; Important for those selling seasonal products in their shops
Keyword ListsFREESave a good keyword when you find it to a list; Only 1 list is available on the free plan; Worth upgrading if you do keyword research in eRank to find new products to sell to versus only improving existing products
Delivery StatusPAID ONLYTrack shipping to customers; Not available on Free plan; Not relevant to digital sellers which is what we focus on at Gold City Ventures™
Top SellersPAID ONLYSee the top 100 shops across product categories; Not available on the Free plan; Good for gathering ideas on good niches but not critical for new sellers
Listing ChangesFREESee changes to your listings; Can track 1 listing on the free plan; This is not a critical tool in our opinion but helpful for sellers with more listings
Listings AnalyzedFREESets max number of listings eRank will process; Free plan gives you 100 listings which is enough for most sellers
Keyword ExplorerFREEFind good keywords to upgrade tags and to inspire new products; Limited to 5 lookups per day on the free plan which is enough for brand new sellers but might get frustrating for experienced sellers who have to spread out their keyword research across multiple days to stay under the limit
Bulk Keyword ToolPAID ONLY
Research 20 keywords at once; Not available on the free plan and that is fine for brand-new sellers
Monitor ToolFREEMonitor listing performance across time; Can track 1 listing on the free plan which is fine for most sellers

Should I upgrade to the eRank basic or pro plans?

The Gold City Ventures™ team uses Pro eRank accounts but like most sellers, we started with the free plan. In the above chart, we shared the reasons why sellers may want to upgrade their plans. For example, seasonal product sellers, sellers with lots of listings, sellers in one niche, and sellers who want to use eRank to do a high volume of keyword research might do well upgrading to at least the basic plan.

You can learn more about the eRank plans, their current pricing, and their differences here on the eRank website.

How does eRank work?

eRank pulls together many different sources to provide sellers with dashboards that provide key insights. Etsy sellers can make smarter business decisions from those insights.

Etsy does not release all of the data regarding their sellers and shop revenue so many times data tools use their best estimate based on other sources for some of the data. Keep that in mind when using any Etsy BI tool.

Overview of Using eRank


  • Free plan
  • User-friendly tools
  • High-performing keyword data


  • Can be complicated
  • Limit on number of searches
  • Less features in the free plan

ERank has a wide range of tools to take advantage of for Etsy shops to optimize your listings. It features keyword tools that help you figure out the best phrases for your products, listing audit and analytics to really go in-depth on where you need work, as well as a rank checker and monitor tool. 

There are really so many aspects of eRank that you can use to apply to your shop and improve your listings. Here are some of the pros and cons of using eRank. 

Pros of eRank

  • First of all, it has a completely free option! This is perfect if you are trying to improve your shop, but don’t necessarily have the budget to spend on expensive tools.
  • It also has simple tools that are user-friendly, it is consistent, and works directly with Etsy which makes things so easy!
  • It provides popular keyword data and has the option to see competitor sales data available with upgraded packages. 

Cons of eRank Free plan

  • There are some downsides to using eRank of course, which includes that the platform can be slightly complicated for new sellers. It can be a little difficult to navigate and figure out at first, but once you have more experience it will begin to make more sense. It can also help you make more sales!
  • You do have a limit on how many searches you can do per day with the free package, and you also have fewer features that are included in the paid plans. But, you can still take advantage of many features of the site with the free package as well. 

How to Use eRank

To start using eRank you will need to register for an account, which can be completely free! Then you will be able to integrate it with your Etsy store. To do this you will log into the eRank account you created and select Settings in the top right corner. 

Then you will navigate to Your Shops, where you will see a blue “Connect Another Shop” button that you will click on. This will then lead you to Etsy shops where you will approve this action by selecting Allow Access. 

Then everything is ready to go and you can start using eRank!

The Dashboard

At a glance, you can see a lot about your Etsy shop and how it is performing. Right away you will see how many sales your shop has and how it ranks globally. Then it will begin to go more in-depth into your listings and where improvements can be made. 

You will see your number of active listings, and then it goes into where there are errors that can be fixed, such as spelling errors. You can click on this section and it will take you to where it believes you have spelling errors, and give you the option to be redirected to this listing to fix it on Etsy or see the Listing Audit.

You’ll also see where you have listings that are missing tags. Etsy wants you to use all 13 tags, as this is what helps your product be found in search. So this tool will help you see exactly which listings need a few more tags to optimize your product.

Images and other metrics

Next, you’ll see which listings are missing images as well. This means it will show listings that don’t use all 10 images, which may seem like a lot. But Etsy does recommend using all 10 when possible, as it can help with your conversion rate. This tool will show which listings do not have all 10, and how many more need to be added to that specific listing.

Another metric shown on the dashboard is which listings are missing attributes. The attributes are the options where you can select the material type, the primary color, the secondary color, and a holiday or occasion. This can just help narrow down a buyer’s search, so adding these can potentially help your listing be found for specific buyers. 

You will also find a section with “Spotted on Etsy” that shows any products found in a recent search on Etsy, as well as a section about your Inventory Value. Then, it will show how many unique tags you have used, as well as one-word tags that suggest turning into multi-word tags. 

Finally, there are a few other metrics like what searches are trending on Etsy currently, shops that currently have the most sales, and any upcoming events or holidays to keep in mind. There is so much to see just simply on your dashboard!

Do you use Canva?

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Listing Audit

The biggest tool for evaluating your listings is the Listing Audit. This gives you an in-depth look at where your listing needs help and where it is already doing well. If you click on one of your product listings for a listing audit, you will see a bunch of information. 

Right away, you will see a grade for your listing. If it’s a high-rated grade, there is a little note that says that your listing has a good conversion rate. Below it, it gives a little warning that since your listing already converts sales well, you may want to avoid making any changes. So even if there are things that can be improved, eRank may suggest that you keep your listing as is.

Then it will go into a few recommended tips, as well as the statistics for your listing. This includes your total sales, your conversion rate, total views, how many times it’s been favored, etc. It basically lets you see how well your listing is performing. 

Next, it goes through each aspect of your listing. It starts with your title analysis, where it gives suggestions on how to fix it. It also shares what is included in a quality title. Next, it goes in-depth into your tags, which includes the competition of the keyword phrase, if it is multi-word if it has any typos, etc. 

It continues to go through your listing with suggestions for the best practices and any changes it recommends if necessary. This is the best way to find out where you need to go with your listing to make positive changes!

Other Listing Tools

Besides a listing audit, there are a lot of other tools that you can take advantage of to go in-depth into your listings.

  • One of these options is the Changes tool. Track your Etsy listing and see how it performs with the changes that you’ve made to it. 
  • You can also use a tool to compare listings if you want to see how high-performing ones differ from your lower-performing products.
  • View products by their grades, by dates, by their categories, and more. 

The options of what you can see on your listings may be overwhelming. All of those options may not be useful, but you do have these to use on the free plan. 

Shop Tools

On top of the listing tools, you also have a few tools for your shop that you can use. The first of these is a tag report where you can see how often the tag is used in your shop, and how well they are performing. 

You can also see a map of your sales across the country, which can be an interesting outlook to see where your sales are coming from! Although it may not make a difference in making changes to your shop, it still can be something to use. But, it does only show your 300 most recent sales, not your all-time sales.

You can also use the spell checker to find any errors in your shop, as well as a monitor that can track keywords on Etsy. There are other tools that can be used on the Premium plan. It includes a sales report, delivery status of past orders, and in-depth traffic stats.


The next tool that you can take advantage of on eRank is getting to see how your competition is performing. You can see the top sellers on Etsy, as well as the top sellers in specific categories.

It also displays the shop with the most sales the previous day. 

A more in-depth look at competitors comes with a Premium plan, such as competitor tags and listing details. But even being able to know who the top competitors are in your niche and taking a look at their shops will help you evaluate where you can fix your own shop. 

Keyword Tools 

The next helpful tool that eRank gives you is the keyword tool. The first is the Keyword Explorer, where you can add a set of keywords into the search bar and it will analyze that keyword, and compare it with other keyword phrases. 

You are limited on how in-depth the stats are on the keywords with the free plan, but you are still able to see the Etsy competition number for those keywords. 

You can also keep track of keyword phrases with the Keyword Lists tool, or compare keywords as well. 

The Keyword Tool is a really helpful aspect of eRank. It really gives a comprehensive look at the keyword phrase of your choosing. This keyword tool analyzes the top 100 listings found on Etsy with the keyword phrase that you chose. It gives you a look at the average price, average views, and average favorites. 

It shares the popular categories that fit that specific keyword phrase, popular tags to go along with that keyword phrase, as well as similar keywords. 

This is a great way to find out if the keywords you are using for your listings are quality. Then you will know whether you can keep them the same or make changes.

eRank’s Keyword Explorer feature is very useful for sourcing product ideas

You are limited to five lookups per day on eRank free vs. pro plan but that can be enough for a new Etsy seller to get started with lots of new product ideas to make.

Rank Checker 

Rank Checker is a really interesting tool where you can see how your listing ranks among others on the platform. eRank will let you know where your listing lies. It may not rank among the top 500 which it will note for you. 

Then, you will see the options that would come up within Etsy search for that keyword phrase. These are listings that are not promoted and without personalization. This gives an idea of what is performing well for similar products. And also how you can make changes to your own listings.

How to Use eRank for Pricing Your Products 

One of the ways that eRank can help you improve your listings and bring in more sales is by evaluating your pricing. You must first have an idea of certain aspects of your pricing, such as expenses, labor costs, etc. Then you can use the Profit Calculator as a way to help you figure out what the profit of your product will be after fees and fees are subtracted. 

This is a great way to see it laid out how much you will actually make on your product. As well as if you need to make changes to your pricing. 

What’s Different with the Premium Plan?

ERank can be used without the need to pay for a Premium plan. It has very comprehensive tools to give you a look at your listings and know where you need to make changes. But of course, a Premium plan always includes some extra tools. These may be enticing for those looking to make big changes. 

One of the extra tools is called Trend Buzz, which includes data from consumers in six different countries. It includes the words that these users search to buy any product. You would be able to see what keywords people are using for very specific products and use these to your advantage. 

Another helpful tool for Etsy sellers is that you would be able to see where some of your traffic is coming from on Etsy. For example, you may have some of your products pinned on Pinterest, and being able to know that this is where your traffic is coming from is a helpful tool. And eRank will specifically show the conversion report of the sources of your traffic. 

Again, you can make big changes to your shop by simply using the free plan, as it can definitely provide what you need to analyze your shop! 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a way to take your listings to the next level or just figure out why you aren’t bringing in sales, then eRank may be your best option! It is a quick and easy way to see exactly what needs work, rather than spending hours of time trying to figure it out on your own. 

See how other Etsy sellers use eRank and get a look a their eRank results and how it made a difference in their shops.

eRank has also started to branch out to include metrics about other platforms such as Amazon which may be helpful to some sellers who sell in multiple places.

Overall, we highly recommend that sellers try out the free plan at least. Try out eRank and give yourself the best chance to boost your sales on Etsy.

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