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Have a passion for using Canva and feel that you can turn this into an income? It’s completely possible! Canva templates are a great way for you to use your design experience and turn it into a money-making side hustle with passive income.

But how do you actually go from just creating these designs to selling Canva templates? Here we will cover everything you need to know so you can start selling Canva templates and bringing in an income!

best selling canva templates

Can you Sell Canva Templates?

The answer to this question is definitely yes! You completely own the templates that you create on Canva, which means you have the freedom to sell them as you’d like. Just know from the get-go that you can’t sell Canva templates that you find on their website.

The design you create needs to be completely yours and totally new. So as long as that is the case, then you are completely able to sell your designs!

What kinds of Canva templates can you make and sell? Here are just a few of highest selling Canva templates!

  • eBooks
  • Blog graphics
  • Social media graphics (this can be a lot of things: Instagram stories and posts, Pinterest pins, Facebook posts, banners and thumbnails, Youtube banners, etc.)
  • Workbooks
  • Infographics
  • Business Form Templates
  • Media kits
  • Posters
  • Logos
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Presentations
  • Greeting cards
  • Resumes
  • And so much more!

Finding something that is completely unique is the key to being successful in selling your templates. So this can mean finding a type of template that isn’t already overly saturated or finding a way to make one of the above template ideas stand out.

How to Create Canva Templates

The first step is to make an account on Canva if you haven’t already. The basic account is free, so it’s a great way to get started without having to make an investment. 

Originally, you needed a Canva Pro account to be able to share a template link. This has recently changed and now you can share a template link from a free Canva account. Canva Pro still has a much wider range of features that makes it worth the cost of $12.99 a month. But if you aren’t ready to make the investment yet, the free Canva account is a great way to get started. 

Next, it’s time to decide what type of product you are wanting to sell. This will help you narrow down which size design you need to start with on the platform, so this is when you can try to have an idea of which direction you want to go. 

What type of experience do you have and how can it be helpful to others? Do you have a blog about marketing? Then you can create templates of different marketing materials that showcase your skills. 

Maybe you are a coach and see the type of resources that your clients need, and you can create something helpful for them, like a checklist or workbook. 

Whatever it may be, find something that fits you and your skills. You want to offer something that will make your templates stand out and give value. This will give you the direction for creating Canva templates.

Creating your designs

So now it’s time for you to get started making your Canva templates. Use the search bar to locate the type of product you are wanting to create since they already have the exact size you need for most design types. 

You can also create a custom size if needed, or you can use a simple A4 document if your design will be the size of a sheet of paper.

Start with a blank design.

You need to completely create your own design, and the pre-made templates should only be an inspiration for you if needed. But, if you are unable to come up with your own designs, creating your own templates to sell may not be the best option for you.

Since Canva does offer pre-made templates, your templates need to stand out and be of a much higher quality to really entice your buyers. So finding a way to do this is what will guarantee you the success you’re wanting!

You should use the free elements that are available on Canva, such as the fonts, little graphics, and images. A potential customer may not have the Pro version and would be unhappy if they learned they needed to purchase the Pro membership to use your product. 

How to share your templates

Once your design is ready to go, it’s time to find out how you will share this link with your buyers! It is not the same as sharing the link to edit the design, as this will actually give them the ability to change your original design. 

You need to use the specific template link that is provided on the Canva platform. To find this, you will first need to select Share from the top-right corner. Then at the bottom of the window that pops up, you will select More. 

Here you will see icons pop up and at the top, you will see Template Link. This is the link you will use to share your template with your buyers!

To sell templates to buyers, you will need to create a deliverable. This can be a very simple PDF with your branding that includes the link to your template. It can also include instructions on how to use your template and any answers to questions that your buyers may have. 

This will be what you upload for your Canva template business to send to your buyer once they purchase. So all you need to do is input the link to your template somewhere on this PDF!

How to Make Money Selling Canva Templates

To make money selling Canva templates, there are a few things to take into account that can help ensure that your business is successful. The first step would be to do some market research on the type of product that you want to sell. 

This helps to ensure that your idea for a product is actually in high demand and will bring in interest. It is a necessary step to take before you attempt selling your product, so you don’t end up putting the work in for no reason. 

To do this, you can simply search for your product on Google and see what comes up, or do a search on Etsy. 

After hitting search, this is where you can dive deep into individual listings and see what’s currently available on the market, how the product is created, how it’s optimized, and how good the reviews are. 

After analyzing these results, think of what you can provide that will have more value. And that’s how you can find out if your product is going in the right direction, and you may even find something similar that you would want to do instead. This may spark new ideas for you, so it’s a helpful step in the process of making money selling digital products. 

Another way to ensure more success in selling Canva templates is to figure out who your ideal customer is. Who are your templates created for? Having an idea of this will help you know how to attract these customers and create a more professional business. 

This may come as you start selling your products and getting to know your customers, but you can always start researching beforehand as well. 

A final way to bring more success to your business is through creating quality branding. This can make a difference in whether it will attract your ideal customer or not, so it’s important to create a brand around this. 

Take time to spend on your branding, and keep it consistent throughout your website, social media platforms, etc. 

In this video, Taylor shares with you some of the best-selling types of Canva templates. She does not cover how to actually create your templates to sell in this video, but if you want to learn how to make Canva Templates, be sure to check out the other videos on our YouTube channel! Instead, this video will help you learn about the right types of products that will make you money and also how to research trends.

How much money can you make selling Canva templates?

This is something that can really vary, as it depends on the cost of your Canva templates, if they are in high demand, how you are marketing your products, etc. 

If this is a side gig that you don’t pay a lot of attention to, it may not be a huge source of income for you. But, if you are investing a lot of time into your business, then you can potentially turn it into a full-time income. 

The amount you can make monthly can be a lot lower, or a lot higher, and really just depends on your product, the time you’re putting in, and the cost of your product. 

Where Can I Sell Canva Templates?

Once you have your templates created, it’s time to figure out where you are going to sell them. There are a lot of options out there to choose from, but here are a few of the platforms we recommend. 


Etsy has a very large digital product marketplace, which includes Canva templates. Since it is a platform for handmade items, it is the perfect place to sell templates that you created yourself and earn passive income.

There is a wide range of templates already on Etsy, so this is a great spot to do some of your product research to figure out what is already being sold, and how you can make yours stand out. Many use platforms other than Canva for their templates, so selling Canva templates can help yours stand out.

This is a platform that is free to use, where you have to only pay a few fees for your listings. This makes it a great spot to get started on your template business, without a large investment. Learn how to start your Etsy shop here.

Creative Market

Creative Market is an online marketplace that is for digital products only. Digital creators can come here and open up a shop on the platform, and sell their products, which includes templates.

The difference between Creative Market and Etsy is that Creative Market is strictly for digital products, while Etsy can be used for physical products as well. There are no eBooks or other types of information products on the platform. It is simply templates, mockups, photographs, etc.

Your blog

Have a blog or website already or want to start one? This is another option for where to sell Canva templates. You will need a self-hosted WordPress site and will need to start by buying a domain and hosting plan. You can purchase a domain from places like NameCheap, Google, GoDaddy, and more. For hosting, you can choose from platforms like BlueHost, SiteGround, LyricalHost, and more.

Once you have a blog and website up and running, it’s time to find a theme that will support WooCommerce, which is an eCommerce plugin for WordPress users. Astra is one of those theme options that can support eCommerce and is a very high-quality theme.

Once you have your blog and theme done, then you can work on setting up WooCommerce. You install this plugin on your self-hosted site and simply activate it. There will be steps to take to collect buyer information and process payments. But, then you are ready to go!

The cost of selling on your blog will include the cost of the domain, the theme, and the hosting. So this is something to take into account when choosing where to sell Canva templates.


Fiverr is a different option, as it is a marketplace for freelancers to offer up their services. This can include selling templates, so it is another spot where you can potentially sell your templates. 

Fiverr is a global online marketplace to buy or sell services that offer people to get whatever they want just for $5, hence the name. But you are able to increase the amount of the product in $5 increments. This is the reason why Fiverr has become such a huge hit. 

The marketplace is primarily used by freelancers who make money on Fiverr by offering their services to its customers on a global, cross-country, scale. It is another free platform to use so it is a great spot for beginners. 

Selling Canva Templates on Etsy

Your Canva templates are done and you’ve decided to start selling on Etsy, but what’s next? There a few steps you will need to take before listing your products for sale on this platform.

Set up your Etsy shop

It’s time to set up your Etsy shop, which is a relatively easy process. You simply need to sign up for an account, which will then give you the option to start a shop. To set up your account, you will need to enter your personal details, and bank account details so you can receive payments, and then start adding your products.  

You can in your logo as the profile image, add a shop banner that can potentially display some of your products, and add details to the About section for your buyers to get to know you.  

A key step to success on Etsy is doing your keyword research and focusing on SEO. This will help ensure that your products get in front of more eyes on Etsy and bring more traffic to your shop. You want to make sure that you have keyword-rich titles and tags in your product listing so that the exact people who need your template will find it. 

Once your shop is all set up, you can start creating your listing images and then list your products for sale!

Create product images

When a potential buyer is looking for a Canva template, the first thing they are going to see is the cover image. This is what will pop up on the shop page when they search for the type of template that you are selling. 

If your cover image is less professional and is less quality compared to the other options, then you will struggle to make sales with the other competition out there. Your cover image is a big decision-maker on whether the buyer will click on your product or pass on it. 

So a few things to keep in mind on this image is it should include a photo of the product that is appealing and can have some text on the image that can give an idea of what the product is.

Include a few of the most important details, like the fact that it is a Canva template and what it can be used for. This gives the buyers the chance to know right away if this is something they will want to buy or not.

Aside from the cover photo, the rest of your images should really showcase your templates in the best way possible. You want your customers to know exactly what they are getting and entice them with high-quality images. 

List your products

Now that you have your listing images, you are ready to list the Canva template for sale!

To do this, you will go into your Etsy seller’s account and click on “listings”.

From here you will create a new listing, add your product images, fill in your title, description, and tags, and then upload your template link in a PDF document.

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How to Sell Canva Templates on Fiverr

As mentioned above, Fiverr is a marketplace for freelancers to offer their services to buyers all over the world. So what is a Fiverr gig? This is a task that is provided by a freelancer, and can be anything from logo design, writing, and virtual assistants, and includes Canva template designs as well.

To start making money on your templates on Fiverr and make passive income, you need to create a gig. To do this, you’ll need to first create an account with Fiverr as a seller. Then to create a gig, you will click on Sales and then Create a New Gig.

Creating a gig

There are a few things to keep in mind when creating a gig on Fiverr. The first is the title, as this is one of the most important aspects. It needs to be short and attractive. It is your first chance to tell the buyer, along with your image, exactly what you are offering, which in your case would be Canva templates. 

You may want to niche-down your gigs, rather than just simple phrases of “I will design your template.” Instead, you can say, “I will design your Instagram templates for influencers.” You also want to use enticing language like “high-quality” or “powerful” to really help sell your templates.

Use the terms that potential buyers would be using to find your products. Just as you do keyword research for Etsy, you can do the same for selling on Fiverr. 

Another key aspect of your gig on Fiverr is your Gig description. What are the most important aspects of your template and what do your buyers need to know? Keep the description helpful and detailed, yet not too lengthy. Keep it simple and to the point!

Make sure to utilize your keywords in your text and keep them bold to really draw attention to these parts of your description. 

Fiverr also recommends adding a video to your Fiverr gig. It really helps increase engagement and builds trust for your templates. Videos really help you talk to your customers detail what you do and build a connection with them.

A few things you can include in your video are an introduction, how the gig will benefit them, your experience, and finish with a call-to-action to purchase your templates.

Including photos that are relevant to your gig is also important to display some of your work, and show customers more of what you do. So be sure to use images as we discussed above to best display your previous work.

Another aspect of creating a gig is the tags. This also will help you get the right eyes on your templates and help you show up in searches. 

Your Fiverr profile

To successfully sell your gig on Fiverr, you need to ensure that your profile is optimized. It needs to include everything your buyer should know about you and make you stand out among the crowd. 

Write a bio that is enticing and shows your personality, and why someone would want to purchase your template designs. Upload a picture so your buyers can put a face to your name and spark more connection with who you are. 

Ensuring you have a quality profile is a great way to ensure you have more success in selling your templates.

Final Thoughts

The opportunities that come with selling Canva templates really are endless. There are many different types of templates you can create, and you should find a need out there that buyers are looking for. Start creating your templates on Canva today and make more passive income!

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best selling canva templates

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best selling canva templates
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best selling canva templates

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