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Sale Samurai is a keyword research tool that is geared specifically toward Etsy sellers. It was created for these sellers to find ways to improve their shop and bring in more revenue. Here is our Sale Samurai overview!

What is Sale Samurai?

Sale Samurai is a tool that was created for Etsy sellers to analyze keywords and use analytics to find ways to improve their shop and bring in more sales. It gives you an overview of what is currently working in your shop, what could bring you in more customers, and any potential new product ideas. 

This tool helps you discover quality keyword phrases that can help your products appear higher in search, and lead to more sales. You will be able to see what the search volume is for those specific keywords that are bringing in sales for other sellers. 

You will also be able to see things like average shipping days, pricing, and more. All of these helpful tools will allow you to see where your shop can improve. Let’s cover more in-depth what this tool has to offer and how to use it to your advantage.

How Sale Samurai Works

Sale Samurai has a dashboard that is very user-friendly and contains a lot of helpful information. On the left-hand side you will see a menu with all of the different spots you can navigate to on this tool: tutorials, search, shops, listing creator, competition tracker, favorites, calculator, and calendar.  

Here are some of the specific ways that you can use Sale Samurai to improve your shop. 

Gather real search data and keyword phrases

You can look at keyword search volume via the Sale Samurai dashboard or the Chrome Extension with the keyword research tool.

It can be very time-consuming to do your own research on what is performing well in Etsy search and what they are doing right. Sale Samurai takes the work out of your hands and gives you the information that you need. 

You will be able to find quality long-tail keyword ideas, see the number of searches behind these long-tail keywords, and find out typical shipping days, prices, etc. You will be able to get a glimpse at other sellers’ products that are performing well so you can use these tips to improve your own listings. 

With the keyword research tool, you will also be able to see grades on the phrases, competition scores, keyword suggestions, and tag counts. This will let you give you all the information you need to make sure you find the best-performing keyword phrases.

You can then take these keyword phrases and implement them into your titles and tags to improve your rankings in search. 

Use the Chrome extension

It might be easiest to use the Sale Samurai Chrome extension to see search volume as you browse Etsy

The Chrome extension is a really great way to see real-time research while you are working on your Etsy shop. You can use the search box and enter any keyword that you want. Once you search a keyword, you will be able to see the search volume and other suggestions that are related to that keyword phrase. 

To set up the Chrome extension you can access it from the Sale Samurai dashboard at the top right, which will lead you to the Chrome web store. From there you will be able to select “Add to Chrome” and start using it on Etsy!   

We will cover more on using this extension later on and how it can benefit you.

Track your competition

Many sellers track other shops in their niche to see how they are performing

Another helpful tool that Sale Samurai offers is a way to track your competitors and see how they are performing. You will be able to keep track of your competition shops and see their number of sales, favorites, number of listings, and sales history. 

You can also track your rivals for keywords that you are currently trying to rank for in Etsy search. This is a great way to see how your keyword phrases are doing in other shops and if it is actually the right phrase you should be using for your products.

Listing creator

The listing creator helps you improve your Etsy listings

You can even use the listing creator, which will help you make sure you have all the most important details to have a quality listing in your Etsy shop. It has a list of what should be included in the listing and will be checked off once you include them. For example, the focus keyword phrase should be in the title, and the focus keyword should be at the beginning of the title. 

This can really help you create the most high-quality listing that is focused on SEO.


The profit calculator lets you easily work out how to price your products by taking into account the cost of supplies, shipping, and your profit margin for your Etsy shop. It will let you figure out exactly what your profit will be after all of your expenses and make sure you are pricing your products accordingly. 

The ROI calculator will help you if you are currently using ads to see if the amount you are spending is enough for the amount you are making from these ads. It’s a helpful tool to decide whether ads are the right option for you.


Finally, you can see the calendar that gives you all the holidays that you need to know about for potential sales, or for creating specific holiday-themed products. This calendar also includes fun daily celebrations, such as “Chocolate Cupcake Day” or “Mad Hatter Day.” 

Sale Samurai Tutorial

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by how to use this platform, Sale Samurai created a video on how to use it and make a difference in your Etsy shop. It will show you the basics of using the platform, how to use it to price your products, how to find keyword phrases and more.

Sale Samurai is a keyword research tool for Etsy Sellers that is designed to help find ways to increase shop traffic and bring in new revenue, so…does it actually work? Can you actually find good keywords using it and make more sales? In this video, Taylor shares her honest review of Sale Samurai with you, as a Top Etsy Seller!

Sale Samurai Chrome Extension

As we have previously mentioned, the Chrome extension helps give you access to helpful business insights and makes it easier than ever. Sellers can do their research directly on Etsy while browsing products. This tool gives you the features of Sale Samurai but uses it on top of Etsy making it very simple to use. 

Keep it simple by not having to switch tabs to do your research, and do all of it without leaving Etsy. All you have to do is choose a keyword and you can run a search. You will get a bunch of ideas in a drop-down search menu, where you will be able to see the amount of search volume for each keyword, how many relevant keywords are being used by other sellers, and more. 

More benefits to the Chrome extension

The other great thing about the Chrome extension is that if you’re not sure what keyword to start with, the plugin will also make automated suggestions based on the data it is receiving. This would really help you start to think of new products that you can potentially add to your shop, or help you with keyword research to help optimize your listings. 

With this tool, you are able to define your search parameters, so that way you can choose to do a broad search or a more narrow search based on the search volume. You can also alter the competition range, as well as the word count of the key phrase. To find very specific keyword phrases, you can even use a “must contain” word in your search. 

Thankfully, your searches are automatically saved on the plugin, on the left-hand side of the results page, where you can have full freedom to download the results. You can download all of them or just the ones you are interested in. 

The Chrome extension is a great way to really take advantage of Sale Samurai and use it to improve your Etsy business!

How long is the Sale Samurai Free Trial?

Sale Samurai offers such a helpful tool that you can spend a lot of time on, but unless you want to pay for one of the monthly plans, you have to take advantage of the free 3-day trial! These three days are more than enough to do a wide range of research and get exactly what you need from the platform. 

Here are a few ideas of what you can do in your 3-day trial. 

Find the best tags for your listings

One of the biggest keys to success on Etsy is to have high-quality tags for your Etsy listings. They help determine how well they are found in search results, and have buyers choose your product over others if they see yours first. This is where Sale Samurai can step in and help you figure out the best keywords for your tags. 

Using the search tool on the left-hand menu, you can see a page with two main sections: basic search and single listing. If you have a specific listing that you want to work on, you can always paste the URL here. Or, instead, you can do a search on different keywords to give you ideas of some high-performing phrases.

It will help you see what tags other sellers are using to help them bring in sales, what the search volume is, and the competition on that keyword phrase. You can see how many times it was used in Etsy listings and give similar suggestions to give you ideas for other tags.

Get inspiration for new products

On top of looking for keyword phrases for your tags, you can also use the search tool to get ideas for new products! For example, if you create products that are for teachers, you can search the word “teacher” and see the results that are related to this. Maybe you see things like “teacher bookmarks” when you sell other similar products for teachers, and this can help you realize there is a new product that may perform well. 

As you keep scrolling, you will also be able to see the listings on Etsy that are currently ranking for those keyword phrases that give a look at the price, views, number of photos, shipping days, and favorites. You can take this information and find a way to make yours stand out. So basically, you can get an idea of exactly what you could add to your shop that can bring in more sales. 

You can even click on the listing and be able to see things like their description, how old the product is, the category, the number of views, etc. You will also see a full list of the keywords that they have used in their tags, which is very helpful! This can inspire you to use similar keywords to help your listings perform better.

Watch your competition

Being aware of your competition can definitely make an impact on your success on Etsy. You want to know what others are doing in your niche to know how you can better your products and make yours stand out. Sale Samurai offers a great way to keep an eye on your biggest competitors. 

First, you can select a few shops that you want to analyze by pasting their names into the “Shops” section. After giving it time to integrate all of the information, you will be able to see how many sales they have, the number of favorites, the number of listings, and how old the shop is. You will also be able to see their daily sales to get an idea of how they are currently performing.

You can also use the Etsy keyword feature to keep an eye on certain keyword phrases that you are considering using for current listings, or potentially new products that you want to see if they would actually perform well. This is a great way to test keywords without having to wait and test them on your products. 

Optimize your shop

A final way you can take advantage of the three-day plan is to audit your Etsy shop. You can do this by adding your shop in the “Shops” section on the left-hand menu. Once you connect your shop you will be able to see how many active listings you have, the number of views your shop has, your inventory, etc. 

But, the helpful tool is that it will let you know if you are missing images or tags, which is great to make sure that your listings are optimized. It will also help you analyze each listing individually and see if the keywords you’ve chosen are quality or not. This way you know if you need to make some changes with your keyword phrases.

This tool helps give you a quick and easy overview of what can potentially improve and hopefully bring in more sales!

Sale Samurai Alternative

If you are looking for a platform that gives you the helpful information that Sale Samurai gives you but are looking for a free alternative that gives you more time, there are other options out there. Let’s cover some of the alternative platforms to Sale Samurai. 

Sale Samurai vs eRank

ERank is a tool that connects to your Etsy shop so that it can evaluate each and every one of your listings and find out where you can make improvements. Besides just showing you where you can make improvements, it can also show you what you may already be doing well. This tool can also help you think of new product opportunities to bring more sales to your shop. 

eRank offers many different tools that you can use to your advantage for your shop to make sure your listings are the best they can be. It has keyword tools that help you to find the best keyword phrases, a way to audit your listings, and analytics that go in depth where you need to work. It also features a rank checker and monitor tool. 

Read our review of the Erank free and pro plans here.

More tools from eRank

Right away on the dashboard you will be able to see things that eRank suggests you fix, such as spelling errors, missing tags, missing images, etc. Then you can click on each of those individual suggestions to see which listings need to be improved. You can also use the Listing Audit tool to go more in-depth into each listing and see a grade. 

One major difference between the two platforms is that eRank overall has more analytics and suggestions. It has more to offer you to see how you can improve your shop and find ways to make sure your listings are optimized. This much data can be overwhelming or captivating to some sellers. eRank also offers a free plan, while Sale Samurai does not. 

Something Sale Samurai does offer is a Chrome extension. You can do your research directly on Etsy, rather than on a separate platform. It gives you a lot of ways to find keyword phrases. And see the search volume in such a clear way. eRank does not have a Chrome extension.

Sale Samurai vs Marmalead

Marmalead was known as being the first tool for Etsy focused on SEO. It has added a lot of features and helpful tools since it first started out. It has become a helpful tool for many Etsy sellers. It works to help Etsy sellers optimize their listings and boost their sales. 

Using Marmalead, you can compare keyword phrases to each other, study seasonal trends, break down engagement, and come up with quality Etsy keyword phrases. There’s also a way that you can see how your prices match up with other sellers for a given keyword, and rank the products as Bargain, Average, or Premium. 

One of the features of Marmalead is the Storm. It is a tool that gives you a large list of keyword suggestions that you can save and use, or reject. You can also search for popular keywords. And use a side-by-side comparison tool to help you pick which one works best. 

You will also get to see real engagement and how these keywords work seasonally. Marmalead takes a look at how a keyword phrase has performed over the last 12 months. Then it projects how they think it will perform in the next 3 months. This is something that Sale Samurai doesn’t currently provide and is unique to Marmalead.

Similar to Sale Samurai, Marmalead also does not offer a free plan. But it does have a 14-day free trial where you can do plenty of research for your shop. Marmalead does offer a very wide range of tools. More than what Sale Samurai may offer, but does have a lot of similarities as well.

Sale Samurai vs Everbee

EverBee is an SEO tool that helps Etsy sellers bring in more sales. And how to be found better in searches by improving their SEO. It is a Chrome extension that can be integrated into your shop. Then you will be able to see all of the details you would want to know about listings for a specific keyword.  

EverBee helps you figure out what is doing well, and how you can create something better. 

It also helps with product research, which is one of the main reasons you want to use EverBee! You can see the products with the highest demand. Then you can analyze and see what they are doing best. And how you can apply it to your own products. 

A feature of EverBee is that it provides the estimated revenue for the past month for each listing. This can help you see which listings have a price that people are willing to pay. And if you need to either lower or raise your prices.

Basically, EverBee helps you figure out what items are best-selling so you can create best-selling items yourself. You can see exactly what people are buying and what you can do to bring in this income as well. This platform is something that provides a lot of helpful analytics for Etsy shop owners. It can be especially helpful for those looking for a new direction for their shop.

Compared to Sale Samurai, Everbee is only a Chrome extension and doesn’t have a separate platform that Sale Samurai offers. Everbee offers a free plan, with a limited amount of searches that can be done. But it is more than enough to take advantage of the tool. Sale Samurai and Everbee are very similar, with Everbee just offering a few extra helpful details with its Chrome Extension.

Read our review of Everbee for Etsy sellers here.

Sale Samurai vs Alura

Another powerful Etsy tool that you can choose to use is Alura. It is a product research tool that gives you insights into what is currently selling on Etsy. It helps you do product research to learn what items are in demand and are bringing in the most sales. You can also do keyword research to find the right phrases for your products. Just as you can on Sale Samurai. And it will ensure you have the best SEO. 

It also analyzes your listings and lets you know where you can make improvements. To summarize, Alura does product research, keyword research, as well as listing optimization. To use Alura, you will need to install the Alura Chrome extension. You’ll also need to create an account, just as you do with Sale Samurai. 

Once you do this, you can navigate to Etsy search, and look for a specific type of product. Then you will see all of these details: the shop name, the price of the product, number of favorites, sales, monthly sales, and monthly revenue. 

More tools from Alura

You can also enter a product-related keyword into the app and Alura will create a list of related keywords. It will also show you how much competition each keyword has. This would give you an idea if you are using the right keyword phrases or not. Which is very similar to the keyword tool that Sale Samurai offers.

On Alura’s Listing Helper page, you can also learn how to improve your product listings. As well as how to improve your rankings in Etsy search. They use Etsy’s seller handbook to analyze your listings and then they provide you with a score for each item. Then, based on this score and the handbook, they will provide you with ways to improve your listings.

Sale Samurai and Alura have a lot in common, both providing keyword research and product research tools. Alura does offer a free plan, which is unlike Sale Samurai, so you are able to take advantage of the tools without investing money. 

Sale Samurai or Alura?

These two platforms have a lot in common, but which one best fits you and your business? Learn more about what Alura has to offer.

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Is Sale Samurai Worth It?

Sale Samurai definitely has its benefits. First of all, it is very simple to use and doesn’t take a beginner long to figure out. Which is perfect especially if you are trying to hurry and take advantage of the 3-day trial. 

It actually gives you action steps that you can take to edit your shop. Rather than just only providing the analytics and insights. You can take the information and use it to improve your shop and bring in more sales. 

One benefit of this tool also is that is it fully geared toward Etsy. Rather than being used for other platforms as well. It is fully focused on Etsy and how it works so that it can best benefit Etsy sellers. 

As far as opportunities, the keyword volume is estimated, but you can still use this to your advantage. You can accurately track things like the number of sales and shipping days. Etsy actually does not publish keyword search volume so no tool should claim they have accurate Etsy search volume information. This is not really a downside.

Is there a free version of Sale Samurai?

Again, there is no free plan which means cost could be an issue for many sellers. It’s hard to invest in a monthly expense when you may not be bringing in enough sales. So you may want to focus on the 3-day trial and get everything out of it that you can. 

The Chrome extension is worth it though for the serious seller who wants to see search volume on the go when they are browsing Etsy.

When you are only using the 3-day free trial, Sale Samurai is definitely worth a try!

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