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Many Etsy sellers are looking for a way to bring in more sales to their shop and an SEO tool is exactly what can help! Marmalead is one of the top platforms out there for Etsy sellers and we are going to give our review of it and share everything you need to know. Here is how you can use Marmalead for Etsy!

Marmalead for Etsy

Marmalead is a really helpful tool for SEO and market research that helps give you a glimpse at your Etsy store to find ways to improve. You will see things like your ranking, your competition and their products, monthly and weekly visits for your shop, etc. 

The great thing about Marmalead is it also gives you an in-depth evaluation of your listings to see where you can be better. You can learn what needs to be improved and hopefully help your listing bring in more sales! You can do keyword research to help you ensure your products are using phrases that will help them be found in search. It will also help you see what type of products are in high demand, in case you need to go in another direction. 

This platform has so much to offer Etsy sellers and there is a lot that can be learned about how to use this platform!

Marmalead Free Trial

Marmalead does have a 14-day free trial if you want to test it out first.

We recommend starting with the trial and seeing if you like the tool first before committing to a paid plan.

You can always cancel your plan within that window if you decide the tool is not for you.

How to use Marmalead for your Etsy Shop

Once you create an account with Marmalead and start your free trial, you can then integrate it with your Etsy shop, or even with multiple shops. Once it is set up and ready to go, you will see right away the scores that Marmalead gives to your listings. 

The tool will use colors and a grading system that will let you know whether your listings are doing a good job already, or if they need some improvement. This is just a small part of this platform and we will cover more about how it works.

Can Marmalead help me get more sales?

Serious sellers appreciate Marmalead’s variety of brainstorming tools, keyword ideas, its market research tool, and its SEO tools.

Yes, you must pay monthly but it is an awesome tool that helps an entrepreneur plan for success.

We recommend Marmalead for handmade sellers who want to attract more Etsy shoppers, want to get product ideas, and want to find winning keywords. Those inputs will lead to a higher potential for sales. It cannot guarantee sales.

We think an Etsy seller who sells digital products might want to look elsewhere however since Marmalead does not parse the search results by digital and physical products.

It really is a great tool for Etsy though and has great etsy SEO features. Here are the different features available to Marmalead users and how to use them.

Marmalead Keyword Research Tool

marmalead review
Marmalead has strong options for keyword research for Etsy sellers

This Marmalead tool helps you see the most important details about specific keyword phrases. You will see the stats like the number of searches, engagement, competition level, pricing, number of competing shops, and more. 

At the bottom of the page it will actually analyze your listings that use this keyword phrase and give a red, yellow or green rating on them. This helps you see how specific listings for that phrase are doing, and how you can improve.

It does not give your Etsy listings letter grades like eRank but this is a similar feature.

You will get to see insights on pricing for this keyword phrase, such as the bargain price, midrange, and premium for the listings that rank for these keywords. You can also see similar shopper searches and long tail alternatives that you can use instead. 

This tool also shows you typical shipping days, as well as the average price that sellers charge for shipping for products with this keyword phrase. This can help you see if you are reasonable with your shipping prices, or if you need to make any changes. 

The keyword suggestions from this tool can help you find ways to expand your listings reach and help increase your chance of being found in search. 

Keyword Comparison Tool

In this tool, you can add keyword phrases to compare where you will see their search volume, the competition level, engagement, price ranges, and the best tags used. This can give you a very quick glimpse at how keyword phrases compare and which one may be best for your Etsy listings. 

This is a great way to compare new keyword phrases to ones you are currently using and see if it may be worth it to make some changes and implement these into your listings.

You can also help decide if the phrase you are using is actually a top-performing phrase, and there may be a different reason why you aren’t bringing in sales. 

Marmalead Etsy Listing Optimization Tool

Another key tool on Marmalead is how it will evaluate your listing and give you ways to improve them. It uses statistics such as the number of tags on your listings, if you are using any long-tail keywords, if those keywords are in your tags, etc. 

This tool also takes your numbers of photos used, readability, as well as how well your title is easy to read and the length. It looks at your keyword strength and whether they are long-tail. Then based on all of this information, it will give you a grade on how well your product is optimized.

A really helpful tool is that at the bottom of each listing page, there is a list of all of your tags used for that product. Next to each tag it will tell you the number of searches, the engagement, number of search results, and if it’s long-tail. This really gives you an idea if you should make changes to your tags, or which ones may be performing really well. 

Marmalead Storm Dashboard

marmalead review
Marmalead Storm tool helps you think of new tags to fill the 13 tags Etsy allows with each listing

This tool is a way to help you brainstorm some other keyword phrases that you could use in your title and tags to be found in search. You start by adding in a keyword phrase, and Marmalead will generate a list of other similar keywords that have competition and demand. 

You can then choose to add keywords to your list or delete irrelevant ones. Then, once you add some keywords to your list, then it will generate more similar phrases. It can really help you think of phrases that you may not have thought of on your own. 

The only issue that can happen with this tool is that it can tend to generate a lot of phrases that are not relevant. So you will have to sort through these and find the ones that actually fit your products! 

marmalead review
Marmalead’s trends tool offers helpful graphs to understand seasonality of these trending keywords

This section of Marmalead helps to provide you with an idea of some of the products that are currently trending searches on Etsy. It uses trends on Pinterest to guess on the trends that may be on Etsy. 

They could potentially be similar to Etsy, but it’s very hard to say that what is trending on Pinterest could actually be trending on Etsy. The users of these platforms are typically doing very different things but we do see a strong correlation between the two platforms. Pinterest users are usually using it as more of a search engine for projects or inspiration, while Etsy users are actually looking to buy. 

Is Marmalead accurate?

Any Etsy keyword research tool has this limitation since Etsy does not release their proprietary data to third parties. What this means is that no tool can claim to have real search volume from Etsy.

So in summary, Marmalead infers what is trending on Etsy based on what is trending on Pinterest. This is similar to almost every other tool out there who must make guesses of search volume based on Google, Pinterest, and other results.

What is trending on Pinterest may not necessarily reflect what is selling on Etsy currently. For example, when we selected the trending tab here are some of the first options: 

  • Necklace length chart
  • Winter family photos outdoor
  • Vintage christmas decorations
  • Homemade mac and cheese recipe
  • Winter
  • Blanket storage
  • Purse
  • Toys for 2 year old boys

A few of the trending ideas such as “purse” or “vintage christmas decorations” or “toys for 2 year old boys” can all be taken into consideration for Etsy sellers!

It can be helpful to see what types of products people are currently looking for and make some inferences.

How Does Marmalead Help My Etsy SEO?

To help summarize how Marmalead actually helps your Etsy shop, there are a few key things to consider. Use the scores and grades that Marmalead gives to your listings to see an in-depth look at how they’re doing and where you can improve. 

The Search tool is a great way to do keyword research to start with as you can see a really in-depth look at it’s competition, the category page, and the engagement. This can heelp you find the initial keyword phrases before using the other tools. From here, you can also use the Storm and Comparison tool together to find new keyword phrase ideas, see how they would potentially perform, and add these to your listings to bring in more traffic. 

Finally, you can track keywords to keep an eye on how they perform and decide if you’d like to add them to your listing. Or take current keywords to see how they perform and realize if you may need to change the phrase. 

There really is so much you can take from Marmalead to apply to your shop and start bringing in more traffic!

Marmalead Pricing

Marmalead does not offer any type of free plan for using their platform, but they do have a 14 day free trial which is plenty of time to do take advantage of the platform. You still have access to many of the tools and can do a lot of research that you can apply to your shop. 

But, if you prefer to have more time to spend working on your shop, they have their paid plan that is $19/month and you will have full access for all the tools and the chance to use it as often as you’d like. 

If you aren’t ready to make an investment yet, the free trial is a great way to check out the platform and still have the time to make changes to your shop. 

Is Marmalead Good for Digital Product Sellers?

Marmalead can work for you whether you sell handmade or digital products.

It doesn’t have as many ways to filter specifically for digital products like EtsyHunt does for example.

Other tools have more features that allow digital product or printable sellers to exclude handmade products from the search results.

If you sell digital downloads on Etsy, that will save you a lot of time.

For that reason, Marmalead is not our go-to tool for printable sellers.

Marmalead Free Alternative

If you are looking for a platform that gives you the helpful information that Marmalead gives you, but are looking for a free alternative that gives you more time, there are other options out there.

Let’s cover some of the free alternative platforms to Marmalead. 

Marmalead vs eRank

eRank is another platform that aims to help sellers to improve their position in Etsy search results. It has a large number of tools for SEO that will help sellers to optimize their listings and improve their rankings in a quick and easy way!

It also has a free plan to start out.

The wide range of tools that eRank offers is very extensive and it can really help you analyze your shop in a variety of ways. You can see how you can improve your titles and tags, how to find the right keywords and more. 

How Does eRank Work?

ERank is another SEO tool that connects to your Etsy shop so that it can evaluate each and every one of your listings and find out where you can make improvements. Besides just showing you where you can make improvements, it can also show you what you may already be doing well. This tool can also help you think of new product opportunities to bring more sales to your shop. 

eRank offers many different tools that you can used to your advantage for your shop to make sure your listings are the best they can be. It has keyword tools that help you to find the best keyword phrases, a way to audit your listings, and analytics that go in depth where you need to work. It also features a rank checker and monitor tool. 

Be sure to read our eRank review.

Right away on the dashboard you will be able to see things that eRank suggests you fix, such as spelling errors, missing tags, missing images, etc. Then you can click on each of those individual suggestions to see which listings need to be improved. You can also use the Listing Audit tool to go more in depth to each listing and see a grade. 

eRank overall has a lot of analytics and suggestions. It has a lot to offer you to see how you can improve your shop and find ways to make sure your listings are optimized. This much data can be overwhelming or captivating to some sellers. 

Here at Gold City Ventures™, we love data so we find eRank to be one of the best tools out there for Etsy sellers. There are other tools including Alura and Everbee that we have reviewed on this site as well.

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Pricing of eRank

eRank offers a free plan, while Marmalead does not.

The eRank free plan does have less tools and ways to use this for your shop, but it is more than enough to be able to use the platform.

If you do want more access to the platform, there are paid plans at $5.99, $6.99, and $29.99 per month.

Serious Etsy sellers will pay for keyword research since they know it can help them generate more sales in their shop. For that reason, it’s difficult to compare a paid tool like Marmalead vs eRank free plan.

It makes more sense to compare paid vs paid tools in that sense.

Marmalead vs Sale Samurai

Sale Samurai is a similar platform that helps Etsy sellers understand SEO and how they can improve their listings to improve their rank in the search engine results. It also provides tools that sellers can use to track their progress, fully take advantage of their SEO, and bring in more traffic. 

It analyzes your shop and shares how you can make improvements, similar to how Marmalead does. Sellers can take advantage of keyword research, analyzing competition, and backlink analysis.

Sellers in our Gold City Ventures™ community use Sale Samurai for the Chrome extension which makes it unique compared to an eRank or Marmalead which are dashboard based. The extension provides keyword search volume fast when you are browsing Etsy.

Sales Samurai does have a dashboard too though if you want deeper insights.

How Does Sale Samurai Work?

Sale Samurai helps you do keyword research to find quality keyword phrases that can help you rank higher on Etsy. It will give you a chance to see your competition and what they are doing right. With this tool, you can find high-traffic keywords that you can use to drive traffic to your shop. 

You can understand your competition and really get to see what they are doing well, and how you can take this and improve your listings as well. You can see where you are falling short, or maybe even what you are doing better. 

Sale Samurai also allows you to research Etsy keywords and tags that you can do directly on Etsy, since it offers a Chrome extension! It’s a very easy way to find relevant keywords and tags for your listings right on Etsy itself. 

The Sale Samurai keyword research tool helps you find phrases that will rank well and show you exactly how these phrases are currently performing. You can also use their competition analysis tool to see how well your competition is performing and see what keywords they are using, and if you can apply them to your own shop. 

Pricing of Sale Samurai

Sales Samurai offers two plans, where you can choose from paying monthly or yearly. The monthly plan costs are $9.99, and the yearly plan is $99. Both have the same features, and it just depends how you prefer to make the payment.

But if you aren’t ready to make an investment in the platform yet, they do offer a 3-day free trial where you can get a chance to spend a few days analyzing your shop and taking advantage of these tools. 

Final thoughts

Marmalead offers Etsy sellers such a wide range of tools that they can take advantage of to make improvements to their shop and bring in more income.

If you need more information before making your decision, Marmalead has hosted an Etsy seller podcast in the past with good information.

Overall, it is a simple and user-friendly platform and is quick to learn so you can apply your research right away!

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