The Best Ways to Make Money with Canva

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When it comes to side hustles, the ideal side hustle results in passive income, meaning you make money with little to no work on your part. One of the ways is to make money with Canva.

make money with canva

What is Canva?

Canva is a design and publishing tool that runs entirely online through the website Canva.com. There is a robust free version that offers a lot of options for the beginning designer and a professional version that offers more advanced options for the experienced designer. 

What makes Canva special is it offers thousands of original design templates for everything from social media posts to banners to posters and ebook designs. There are also millions of images, videos, and graphics that users can use to make their own designs.

Because it operates online and stores user creations online, users can share their creations with team members and other Canva users.

That makes it easy for teams to collaborate or for the savvy Canva user to sell their creations to the rest of the world. 

Can You Make Money on Canva?

I know what you’re thinking. Canva sounds like a fantastic design tool, but can I really make money with it? 

The answer is: yes.

The images, videos, graphics, and stickers that designers use to create designs like printables and baby shower invitations were made by people just like you. Every image used results in someone getting paid for their work.

So, again, yes, you can make money on Canva. For someone with a good eye or a creative flair, selling on Canva can be a lucrative side hustle.

How to be a Canva Contributor

One way to make money on Canva is to become a Canva Contributor. 

As a Canva Contributor, you can sell the images, videos, graphics, and stickers that you create to other Canva users. 

The one downside to the Contributor program is that it has become so popular that, as of April 2022, Canva has “paused” new signups. The site tells users to check back later for the opportunity to join.

Just because the program is paused now doesn’t mean that will always be the case. When it opens back up, Canva’s Contributor program is likely to be a good side hustle just like it was before.

How do I Sign Up for the Canva Contributor Program?

Before hitting pause on the Contributor program, signing up was as easy as 1, 2, 3.

You just clicked the “Sign Up” button, uploaded your work, then waited for Canva to review the work. As long as everything went well, your creations would be live on the site within the week. 

After that, there isn’t anything else for a Contributor to do but collect royalties.

Canva Contributor Earnings

For the people that are already Canva Contributors, the royalties aren’t bad.

According to the site Graphic Design Guides, Canva pays Contributors 35% of every sale. That’s 35 cents for every $1 single-design license you sell. 

Canva supports three different payment options: PayPal, Payoneer, and Skrill. The company pays its contributors on the 15th of each month or at the payout threshold. 

Canva has a default payout threshold of $100 and will not pay contributors until they meet the $100 threshold. Contributors can request funds under $100, but Canva will charge a $2 fee for every payout under $100. 

Sell Templates on Canva

One thing the Canva Contributor program does not cover is Canva templates, but Canva is working on bridging this gap. 

The company is currently exploring a way for designers to sell their templates through the website via the Canva Creator program.

What is the Canva Creator Program?

Canva’s Creator program is not to be confused with the Contributor program. They are two separate things, and Canva is working to keep them separate.

The Creator program is in the beta testing phase (as of April 2022) with a small group of creators handpicked by Canva. 

Through the Creator program, skilled designers create templates for Canva. Like the Contributor program, creators receive a royalty each time someone uses their template.

Details of the program are scarce since Canva is still testing it out, but the application process is currently open for designers.

According to Canva’s Help Center, you have to submit your work to be a part of the Creator program. If it’s accepted, Canva will reach out to you.

Find out more about the Canva Creator Program here.

Sell on Canva

All in all, selling Canva templates online can be a fun and lucrative side hustle.

The Side Blogger said she made an average of $2,000 per month selling Canva templates on various websites, including her own.

While Michelle at Making Sense of Cents says she made $2,000+ per month selling her Canva templates.  

We actually recommend selling digital downloads and templates made in Canva on Etsy.

We have had students make five or six figures per year selling digital products they make in Canva on Etsy.

Ways to Make Money With Canva

But selling Canva templates isn’t the only way to make the software work for you. 

The site is versatile, and you can use it to create passive income streams in many different ways.

Create Products Using Canva

One of the best ways to use Canva for a passive income is to create things like printables. 

Printables are digital files. You sell those digital files to people who print the documents themselves. Printables range from wedding invitations to wall art, personal planners, and party games. 

Canva is one of the best places to create printables because it does not take much time to learn how to use the software, and it’s relatively easy to create nice-looking graphics quickly. 

Because your templates are saved on your Canva profile, you don’t have to start from scratch every time you create a new template. You can use a previous template as a starting point, allowing you to create something like a Facebook ad and a banner for your Facebook Page much faster.

The free version of Canva is more than enough to get a printables business started. After you’ve created your printables, you can sell them on sites like Etsy or Creative Market or create your own website and sell them.

Learn more about selling printables made in Canva in our E-Printables course.

Teach People How to Use Canva

Another way to make money on Canva is to teach other people how to use the site. Whether you’re offering personalized, one-on-one lessons or creating an online course, there are people out there who can benefit from your Canva skills. 

Private lessons can be a lucrative way to make money using Canva, though they’re not precisely passive income. 

An online course uploaded to a site like Udemy, Coursera, or Skillshare is a better passive income option. On sites like these, you simply create the class and then upload it. You get paid every time someone purchases the course.

Become a Canva Affiliate

If you’re not into teaching, you can use some of the other passive income assets you have already developed to make Canva work for you. 

If you are active on social media, have a blog or a podcast, or create videos on YouTube, you could consider becoming a Canva Affiliate. 

Through the Canva Affiliate program, you can make money by referring people to sign up for Canva Pro. According to Canva, you can earn up to $36 for every new Canva Pro subscriber that signs up with your referral link.

The best part is that there are no fees or minimum sales required to be a part of the Canva affiliate program. 

With no sales quotas to meet, you can test out the Canva Affiliate program without losing any time or money investment.

Ways to Make Money with Canva Templates

If you’re good at creating original templates in Canva, consider selling your skills or the templates themselves.

Sell Canva Templates on Other Sites

An excellent way to make passive income from Canva is to sell Canva templates and sell them on other sites. The aforementioned Canva Creator program is a good place to start, but there are other options out there.

For example, you can sell your Canva templates on sites like Etsy, Design Bundles, or Creative Market. If you already have a design business and you simply want to create templates for people to use themselves, sell them through your personal website. 

Remember, while the Canva Creator program will connect you to Canva users, it isn’t the only game in town. 

Plus, the benefit of selling templates outside of Canva is you may get a more significant royalty. Etsy might charge a smaller percentage per sale than Canva’s 65%, depending on the sale. If you sell through your personal website, that leaves all the profit to you.

Sell Your Merchandise

If you don’t want to create templates for other people, consider using Canva to create designs for t-shirts, coffee mugs, stickers, etc. 

Use Canva to design your own products and then sell those products through a website like Zazzle, Printify, or a similar website. You can also create the products and sell them on a site like Etsy.

If you use Canva to create commercial products, make sure you operate within Canva’s guidelines. Canva says you’re allowed to sell your creations commercially, provided the designs are your own. However, you cannot take an unaltered Canva design or template and sell it as is. 

In other words, you need to make a design your own before you can start selling it commercially. 

Become a Freelance Canva Designer

Something that’s a bit more labor-intensive but also more lucrative is becoming a freelance Canva designer. 

If you’re the kind of person that likes working with other people, use your Canva skills to help other people create fabulous designs and templates. 

Plenty of people and companies out there need social media posts created or a business card designed. Often, these companies aren’t looking for a full-time graphic designer; they’re looking for someone they can hire once for a single project.

If you like setting your own hours and working as much or as little as you want, becoming a freelance Canva designer is a great way to use the site to make money.

How to Sell Canva Templates on Fiverr

One of the best places to find clients as a freelance Canva designer is a site like Fiverr. 

Fiverr is designed to connect skilled individuals with people who need their skills. Usually, the person offering up the service sets a price for a specific task, and then someone hires that person to complete the job at the asking price. 

Many designers use Fiverr to sell their skills in creating templates in Canva. These designers set a price and offer to make a specific number of editable Canva templates for a customer. They deliver those templates, and the contract is complete. 

There are plenty of Canva services you can offer on Fiverr, including logo design, editable social media templates, ebook covers, social media banners, and posters. 

You name it, and odds are, you can create it.

How to Sell Canva Templates on Etsy

If you would rather create first and then sell, consider selling your templates on a site like Etsy.

Selling Canva templates on Etsy is different from selling them on Fiverr. For one thing, on Fiverr, the templates are made to order, meaning you and the client work together to create the template.

On Etsy, you need a product to list before you sell it. That means you need to create the editable templates before offering them for sale on Etsy.

Most people sell packages of editable templates on Etsy, such as 50 Instagram post templates or 300 social media templates. I’ve also seen bundles like “The Self-Care Bundle,” which includes worksheets and self-care trackers. There’s also the “Coaching Worksheets Bundle” with coaching tools templates, worksheets, and resources. 

In other words, there are a lot of different ways to sell your Canva templates and items that you create on Etsy.

If you want to get started selling printables made in Canva on Etsy, check out the E-Printables course.


One of the best things about Canva software is that you can learn it quickly, and it doesn’t take much time to become a skilled designer. 

With a bit of time and ingenuity, virtually anyone can use Canva to create templates, social media posts, invitations, and more and then turn those into a profitable side hustle.

Best of all, you have many options for selling your final product. You can skip the middle man and sell directly on Canva through the Creator or Contributor programs. You can also use a third-party site like Etsy or Fiverr.

For the genuinely ambitious creator, there’s no reason you can’t do it all. As long as you’re creating original work, you can sell on a site like Etsy while creating custom templates for clients on Fiverr and selling other designs through the Canva Creator or Contributor programs. 

You have options for building your Canva side hustle; you just have to take that first step and get started. 

Good luck!

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Erika Towne

Erika Towne

Erika is a professional writer and journalist who covers Etsy on both Gold City Ventures and Millennial Boss blogs. She has happily found a way to divide her time between her love of writing and her family.
Erika Towne

Erika Towne

Erika is a professional writer and journalist who covers Etsy on both Gold City Ventures and Millennial Boss blogs. She has happily found a way to divide her time between her love of writing and her family.
make money with canva

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make money with canva
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make money with canva

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