How to Use Pinterest for Etsy Shops in 2023

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If you own a shop on Etsy, you want to be able to expand your reach and bring in more buyers and traffic to your shop. Although Etsy provides a lot of that traffic itself, you want to be able to bring in some of your own buyers and the way to do this is social media. 

There are multiple social media platforms that you can use to promote your Etsy shop, but Pinterest is one of the best traffic-driving platforms that you can use for your shop. Pinterest has always been about handmade items, DIY products, etc. So sharing items that are handmade by you on Pinterest is a perfect spot to find buyers that are looking for that type of item.

Here we will cover everything you need to know about how to use Pinterest for Etsy shops!

how to use pinterest for etsy shops

Pinterest for Etsy 2023

Pinterest is an incredible tool that you can use to promote your Etsy shop and get your products in front of more eyes. It takes some extra time and dedication to really ensure you are doing the best practices for promoting on Pinterest, but it is worth it to have that extra traffic to your shop. 

Pinterest is always changing, so it’s important to keep up with the latest updates and ensure you are following the correct practices to use this platform. But we are going to cover the latest updates on how to use Pinterest for your Etsy shop in 2023. 

Create a Pinterest account

The first step to promoting your Etsy shop on Pinterest is to create a Pinterest account if you haven’t already. If you have a personal account, you will need to create a Pinterest business account instead. When creating your account, you will need to add your business name, the link to your shop, and where you sell your items, which is on Etsy. 

Once your account is created you can add in some of the extra details to your profile. This is where you can add your logo as your main image, or it can be an image of yourself. You can also add a banner with a sneak peek at some of your products, or it will manually create a banner with some of your recent pins. 

You can also add a brief description, which is a great location to include some relevant keywords that can help your profile be found. This description can give a glimpse into what you sell and what people can expect from viewing your Pinterest profile. 

Recent changes to the Pinterest and Etsy integration

You’ll notice you cannot “claim” your Etsy shop in Pinterest anymore and that you may not be able to share your Etsy listings directly to Pinterest from your Etsy shop anymore.

There is still a huge opportunity to use Pinterest to sell more items in your shop and it’s worth learning.

How to Create Pins for your Etsy Shop

Want to ensure your pins are standing out and being favored by the Pinterest algorithm? The way to do this is to create your own pins and use the vertical size that is preferred by Pinterest. 

Where can you do this? The best option to create pins for your Etsy shop is on Canva. Here you can use templates that are already the correct dimensions for Pinterest, which makes it very simple. 

To create Etsy shop pins on Canva, you will first need a Canva account. You are able to create the pins with a free account, but if you want access to more fonts, graphics, and other elements then you will want to upgrade to Canva Pro. 

Once you create your account, you will want to create a new design. From the list of options, you will just look for the Pinterest pin option which will open up a template in the correct size needed for Pinterest. 

You can choose to start with a blank canvas and create a design yourself, or choose from one of Canva’s templates to give you some direction. Include either one image or multiple of your product, as well as some text describing what your product is.

You can keep the design simple, but be sure it looks high-quality and displays your product in the best way to attract the buyers’ attention!

Why use Canva?

Although there are other options out there, Canva is definitely the best platform to create Pinterest pins for your Etsy products. Use your own branding and take advantage of a wide range of tools. Learn more about how to use Canva.

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Sharing your Created Pins

Once you create pins, it is time to start uploading your pins to Pinterest and getting them out there! There are a few things to keep in mind about sharing your Pinterest pins for your Etsy business though to be sure that they have traction on the platform. 

Pinterest keywords

Keywords are such a powerful tool when they are used correctly. You want to use phrases that people would use in their searches when looking for what you have pinned. 

These keywords would be included in both your title and your pin descriptions and should use popular search terms that you think your buyers would be using. For example, if you are pinning a photo of one of your Etsy listings that’s a pearl necklace, you can add Pin descriptions like “pearl necklace” or “pearl pendant” but do not use Etsy. 

This is because people will not be searching for “Etsy pearl necklaces” in the Pinterest search bar. You just need to keep it simple and use the phrases for your Etsy listings that your buyers will actually use. 

Pinterest pin titles and descriptions

Once you know the right keywords for your product pins, it’s time to include them in the title and pin descriptions. You can include multiple phrases in both, and use as many of the characters of the title and description as you can. 

You can also include some keyword phrases that include your Etsy shop name because as your business grows there may be buyers searching for your shop’s specific items on Pinterest as well. This is an important way to get your Etsy shop on Pinterest.

Learn these 6 powerful Pinterest Strategies to drive more traffic to your Etsy shop and make more sales.

Creating Pinterest Boards for your Pinterest Account

You will need to add Pinterest boards to your page to add your pins. You’ll want to name them with keywords that you think people will be searching for, and are relevant to the type of products that you create. 

You want to have multiple Pinterest boards because you want the ability to spread the pins across multiple boards. This gives you a wider range of ways to share your pins and get them out there. 

You want the Pinterest boards to be broad enough to contain enough of the product pins that promote your shop. It’s not a good idea to only have a few Etsy products from your Etsy store that fit that board; you want to be able to fill it and have a wide range of products. 

Make sure that the board has a clear name and a description as well where you can include some of those keyword phrases. You want to keep it as natural as possible when including keywords, but it is important that they are there.

You can also add sections to your Pinterest boards, so that if you want to name the board a very generic name then you can separate it into smaller sections for your products. For example, if the board is named “Fashion Jewelry” and you section it into “Necklaces” and “Bracelets.”

Joining group boards

There is also something that you can do to share your pins and get them out there more by using group Pinterest boards. This is where there are a lot of contributors that all pin to the same board. 

This helps you get exposed to all of the followers and is just an opportunity to get in front of more eyes. 

You can find group boards by simply searching in the search bar for the keywords of the type of board you are looking for, then From the dropdown menu, you would select Boards instead of Pins. 

Another way to find group boards that fit your style of products is to go to a competitor of yours and see what type of group boards they are a part of. You can find these by going to their profile, clicking on “Saved” and scrolling through their boards until you see ones that have multiple contributors. You would be able to tell this by seeing some little pictures of other people in the bottom right corner of the board. 

This is a great way to pin your products in front of a lot of other sellers, as well as potential buyers that may be following the board as well.

Etsy’s account on Pinterest

Etsy also has its own official account on Pinterest as well! They feature sellers with their pins regularly, which means that shops promoted by Etsy have a significant chance of driving organic traffic leading to more sales. 

Etsy organizes its boards to make it easy for buyers to directly find what they are looking for. They help sellers promote their Etsy listings by keeping everything organized and easy for buyers. 

Etsy knows that promoting sellers will help bring in more buyers benefits them as well as the seller, and can attract a lot of these craft and vintage sellers on Pinterest.

So how do you get your products promoted by Pinterest? First of all, you need to take a look at Etsy’s boards and their sections. This helps you take note of where yours can fit in on their page. 

Once you find a section that fits your product, take a look at the keywords that are used in the title and description. Apply similar keyword phrases to your product pins to increase your chances of Etsy pinning your items!

Etsy also repins other people’s pins, so follow these people and take ideas from their pins as well! This is another way to promote your Etsy shop on Pinterest.

Using Tailwind for your Etsy Shop

Does the idea of having to manually go in and pin consistently sound overwhelming? There’s a tool that you may want to take advantage of called Tailwind. This is a platform where you can upload a bunch of created pins, add the titles and descriptions, add a link, and then schedule them to your Pinterest account. 

This is a great way to plan everything out and schedule in bulk so that instead of spending time every day or every few days pinning items, you can spend a day scheduling it all out for the month. 

You can even schedule to group Pinterest boards as well, so this would help to take some time out of manually pinning to these boards. 

You can use this tool for free with 20 pins/posts a month until you decide if it is going to work for you, but if you want to pin more than that then you can upgrade to the $10/month plan. 

Gold City Ventures™ has a referral link to Tailwind here.

Pin from other accounts

You’ll also want to be pinning from other accounts. Start following other people and other Etsy shop owners and take a look at their boards to see if their boards match your shop’s personality and taste. 

This can help you build a following of Pinterest followers who will start seeing your pin images in their feed. But you want to be sure that you are sharing pins that fit your style as well so that you are bringing in similar buyers. 

You may think it doesn’t make sense to share product pins from other sellers, but as long as they are not a direct competitor then it will help your Etsy sales. 

People are more likely to follow your boards if they see a lot of beautiful images in their feed and it can add to your profile. If you are selling a type of jewelry like necklaces, you can include pins from other sellers that have earrings, bracelets, or other similar style necklaces that aren’t direct competitors. This gives buyers a wider range of products to look at and more reasons to come to your profile. 

Tips for pinning on Pinterest for your Etsy shop

Here are some other extra tips for ensuring you have success in promoting your Etsy shop on Pinterest!

  • Encourage customers to send in pictures of your products, and the ones that are high-quality can be used on some of your Pinterest pins. This appeals to customers when they can see your product in use. 
  • Spend time on the photography of your products. You want the pictures that you are sharing of your products on Pinterest to be high-quality, otherwise, they may not be click-worthy for buyers. 
  • Pin regularly! Being consistent on Pinterest is so key, as the platform will see you as being a good source of content, but also you want to be present for your buyers. You want to be sure you are not overdoing it though and being seen as spam by Pinterest. 
  • Make your keywords a priority, and use these keywords to make catchy and interesting titles and descriptions!
  • Don’t forget to include a link to your shop, the name of your business, a logo, etc. on your pins so that you do not have your content stolen. 
  • Add a price tag. This will include your pins in the gift section, which will increase the chances of being searched more often. This also gives the option to link your shop directly to the pin.

These are just a few extra ways you can have a better experience with sharing your products on Pinterest!

Idea Pins for Etsy sellers

Idea pins are video pins that you can use to showcase your product, your design process, and yourself as a seller. It is a good idea to start making vertical video pins for all of your Etsy products since all social media platforms are starting to favor video.

You can make one video and use it for Pinterest, Instagram Reel, TikTok, and Etsy promotion.

Idea pins don’t have links unfortunately but the idea is that you can start to gather a following and attention to your profit when you put out good content. Maybe people on Pinterest will follow you to get more information and then they will see your other products and pins with links. Or they will click the link in your profile.

Pinterest seems to be really pushing the idea pins and has started a creator rewards program that compensates some creators for creating videos.

You could consider paying for ads to promote your best-performing videos. Learn more about idea pins here from Pinterest.

Is there a Pinterest Course for Etsy sellers?

It is important for Etsy sellers to understand Pinterest since so many Etsy buyers use Pinterest for e-commerce considerations. Pinterest is a great place to find ideas and gifts and many users use it for that purpose. It’s not easy to learn, however!

We worked with Nadalie Bardo of the Pinterest Popular course to co-host a webinar where we discussed tips for Etsy sellers using Pinterest.

nadalie bardo its all you boo founder clean

by Natalie Bardo

We worked with Nadalie Bardo of the Pinterest Popular course to co-host a webinar where we discussed tips for Etsy sellers using Pinterest. The webinar covers the top mistakes that people make when it comes to using Pinterest to promote their products, blog posts, and services. It also had Live Q&A which is fairly helpful for Etsy sellers. The content could apply to both handmade and digital product sellers. You can check out the free webinar for our audience here where you will get value and she offers a discount to her course at the end.

The webinar covers the top mistakes that people make when it comes to using Pinterest to promote their products, blog posts, and services.

How to Market Etsy Shop on Pinterest

What can you do to really promote your shop and market it on Pinterest? This is a platform you need to take advantage of, but you have to approach it the right way and put in the time and effort. 

One thing to consider is offering something unique and exclusive. People coming to Pinterest usually are looking for something one-of-kind, so be sure to share your exclusive items on Pinterest and give buyers the feeling that they are getting something no one else has. 

Build a community around your Etsy shop and really engage with your users. You can potentially encourage your buyers to re-pin your posts and tag your shop or link to it. This will give potential buyers a chance to see the reviews and feedback on your products and make your products more enticing. 

Another important aspect of marketing your Etsy shop on Pinterest is really creating a brand around your shop. Keep your pins consistent, the logo and banner on your page consistent, as well as any images of yourself that you use. This will really help to identify you on the platform and make your shop stand out. 

Final Thoughts

Pinterest is an incredible tool in the hands of every Etsy buyer, and it just depends if you want to put in the time and effort into taking advantage of it. It is a great way to promote your shop in a big way. You can get your products in front of the eyes of more buyers, instead of only relying on Etsy’s traffic. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity of growing your Etsy shop on Pinterest!

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