How To Use ChatGPT to Generate Game Content Review- by Debbie Gartner and Sasha Hutchison

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When it comes to selling printables, standing out in a crowd is something that will work to your benefit as an Etsy seller. There are many different types of printables that you can design and create to sell in your Etsy shop.

Here at Gold City Ventures™, we love seasonal printables for a variety of reasons, but did you know you can easily create seasonal content, specifically games, using AI models such as ChatGP?

Debbie Gartner and Sasha Hutchison’s course, How to Use ChatGPT to Generate Game Content, teaches you how to merge the worlds of printables and AI. The course aims to teach you how to utilize OpenAI’s ChatGPT to create game content, which can then be turned into printables to sell on Etsy.

In this review, I will be sharing features of the course and how it can majorly transform your Etsy business.

how to use chatgpt to generate game content review

A Quick Look at the ChatGPT Games Course

Both Debbie and Sasha are no rookies when it comes to course creation. Upon enrolling in the course, you’ll immediately notice that a considerable amount of effort was put into the structure of the course, providing everything thing you need to learn and to be successful in creating game content. It’s clear that they have an in-depth knowledge of both the printables world and the workings of ChatGPT.

The course comprises a mix of video tutorials and explanations, ensuring every learning style is catered for, written details, a course workbook, and templates to get you started.

Our Etsy Coach Chelsea Sheltons reviews the course in detail in this 10 minute video!

Why ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is taking the world by storm. in case you are unfamiliar with the tool, ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is a cutting-edge language model that can generate human-like text based on given prompts, and the significance of using ChatGPT for your printables is huge. It can help with your productivity, allowing you to create more printables in a shorter amount of time.

In the context of this course, ChatGPT can be used to create unique seasonal game content for a variety of different types of games.

What’s Inside?

Their ChatGPT games printable course is neatly divided into 3 digestible modules, which ensures learners can go at their own pace, as well as it includes a bonus section and a resource section.

  1. Welcome and Overview: Debbie begins the course by introducing herself and Sasha and reasons why they are experts in what they are teaching. They also include a video explaining how you can get the most out of the course, which includes a downloadable course workbook that is helpful with knowing types of games you can create with AI, prompts used with ChatGPT to help make the process easier, information on trademarks and mistakes to avoid, a calendar of holidays, and plenty of space to fill in ideas for games you might have as you are going through the course.
  2. AI Content Generation For Games: In this section of the course, Debbie and Sasha give you 5 Canva templates that you can use to create games to sell. Those templates include the following: Trivia, Most Likely To, Charades, Who Knows the Host Best, and Would You Rather? These templates are a great starting point if you do not already have ideas and they walk you through step-by-step how to create specific games using AI. In this section, they also discuss the keyword research process and show how to use prompts with ChatGPT to yield the best results with your game creation. Sasha also touches briefly on how to use AI like Jasper for games too.
  3. Marketing Your AI-Generated Games: In this section, Debbie gives marketing tips that can help you sell more games on Etsy, mockup templates that can be used for your listing images, and additional tips that will help get your games to sell.
  4. Bonuses: In this section, Debbie shows you how to reapply and repurpose everything you’ve learned in the course to continue to create additional games to load up into your Etsy shop. She also shares how to use AI for printables beyond games and gives you a calendar of seasonal celebrations and events from around the world.
  5. Resources: The final module makes you aware of other books, courses, and templates that both Debbie and Sasha have created in case you are interested in the future, as well as there is an opportunity to become an affiliate for the course.

What I Enjoyed Most About This Course

One of the things that stood out to me the most is that this course is designed for people of all skill levels. While I am certainly not a beginner in creating games and designing games to sell on Etsy, the lessons in the modules provide insight into things that I was not necessarily familiar with. It also helped sharpen the prompts that I use within the Chat GPT platform and gave me more ideas for content and games I could create for future products and product lines. It also definitely helps that both Debbie and Sasha have the social proof that their game content creation can lead to big success with selling games on Etsy or other selling platforms.

Another thing I enjoyed about the course was the delivery of the content. I do like that videos are modeling exactly what you need to do so that you can follow along, as well as videos that show information that I can read and follow along as I am watching or listening. These modalities appeal to all types of learners and are a plus!

The last thing that I enjoy about the course is while the focus is on ChatGPT, Sasha also shows you how she uses other AI platforms such as Jasper to help with product creation. This is great because it shows how no matter the AI platform you can still use the same techniques and strategies to come up with game content to sell in your Etsy shop.

In addition, they provide you templates to help expedite the process and get you started right away, as well as provide mock-ups to help in that area. You could watch and complete the course and have your first game created and listed in a matter of a day or two!

Considering the in-depth content and the potential ROI from selling games or even creating bundles from the games you create to sell at a higher price point, the course offers immense value. While there are free resources available, Debbie and Sasha’s course brings an easy-to-follow structured approach that’s hard to find elsewhere.

If you are a novice to creating printables in general, you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of information being provided but that’s the benefit of the self-paced lessons and modules- you can revisit them as often as you need!

how to use chatgpt to generate game content

How to Use ChatGPT to Generate Game Content

by Debbie Gartner and Sasha Hutchison

Want to use ChatGPT to create in-demand products for your business?
Then you need Debbie’s and Sasha’s course Create Game Content with ChatGPT!

Learn how to use AI to create products to sell! This course includes 5 Canva Game Templates, FREE mockups to help you sell faster, best practices for creating games, a calendar of various holidays throughout the year, game ideas, and brainstorming tips.

Don’t let the competition pass you by. Elevate your product development game today. Your success is just a click away!

Who Is This Course For?

The course is geared toward a variety of individuals like the following:

  • Existing Etsy sellers looking to diversify and add to their Etsy shops
  • Beginning Etsy sellers just starting and wanted to quickly add items to their Etsy shop
  • Bloggers looking to create freebies for tripwires and opt-ins.
  • Digital Product Entrepreneurs that are not exclusive to Etsy, the skills from this course can be applied to other platforms or even personal storefronts.

In addition, both Debbie and Sasha have additional courses that they offer. Debbie has a Blog Your Way out of Debt Course and Sasha has many courses such as her Fillable PDF course.


If you’re into selling printables on Etsy or just thinking about it, the How to Use ChatGPT to Generate Game Content course is like the secret sauce you’ve been waiting for. There are endless possibilities that ChatGPT can offer you and Debbie and Sasha set up for the best chances of success. Check it out here: How to Use ChatGPT to Generate Game Content.

If you want your Etsy shop to go to the next level, this course is your golden ticket. Debbie and Sasha aren’t just teaching; they’re handing you the keys to a future where creativity meets the latest tech trends. It’s a game-changer, pun intended.

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