How to Set Up an Etsy Shop the Easy Way

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With the new year underway, it’s time to get that side hustle going. However, saying you want an Etsy shop is one thing; figuring out how to set up an Etsy shop is another thing entirely.

how to set up an etsy shop

How to Set Up an Etsy Account

Before launching your new Esty venture, you need to create an Etsy account.

The Etsy account will be the way that Etsy identifies you.

Etsy has a quick walkthrough on setting up your account here, but the process is pretty basic.

You go to Etsy.com and sign in. You’ll fill out the registration form. You can either use your email address to create the account or use another account such as Google, Facebook, or Apple to connect.

Etsy will send you a confirmation email, and you will follow the instructions to confirm your account.

There is a similar process if you’re signing up through the Etsy app.

How to Set Up Your Etsy Account Profile

Once you have created your account, Etsy will ask you to create an account profile. Remember, this profile is public, so only put things there that you want people to know.

You can find details on how to create your bio and profile here. You will find all the details under “Account Settings.”

This account profile will also serve as the profile for your Etsy store, so again, be sure you only include information you want to share with the world.

If you want to include a link to your Etsy shop under your Etsy profile, go to “Account Settings” and click on “Public Profile.” There is a section called “Include on Your Profile.” Check the “Shop” setting and save the changes. Now, your Etsy profile will include the name of your shop and a link to your shop.

How to Add a Photo to Your Etsy Account Profile

The “Account Settings” is also where you can upload a profile picture for your account.

If you plan to include a photo with your profile, Etsy has a few tips.

  • Make sure that the image is at least 400 by 400 pixels.
  • The image must be smaller than 10 MB.
  • No matter the size of the photo, it must be square. A rectangular image will be distorted when used on Etsy.
  • Choose wisely. Etsy will not allow you to delete a profile picture once you have added one. It will however allow you to replace the photo with a new one.
  • Profile photos must be in .jpg, .png, or .gif format.

How to Set Up an Etsy Account to Sell

Once you have an Etsy account, it is relatively simple to set up an Etsy seller account. That’s because your shopping account and your selling account are one and the same.

Once you have your Etsy account set up, visit Etsy.com/sell.

On the front page is a big button that says “Get Started.” Click the button, and you’re on your way.

How Do You Set Up an Etsy Shop?

Etsy has a few requirements for anyone who wants to be a seller on the website. For one thing, you must live in a country that Etsy can send payments to.

There are some countries that Etsy operates in, such as the United States and Canada, but Etsy does not operate in every country in the world. To find out if Etsy is available to you, check out the site’s Countries Eligible for Etsy Payments list here.

Make sure that you have a list of possible shop names before you start the process of creating your Etsy shop. It is much easier to choose the correct shop name the first time than to change the shop name once you have opened your shop.

For details on how to change your shop name if you choose the wrong one, check out this previous post here. There are also tips and tricks on selecting an Etsy shop name that you like.

How Much Does it Cost to Start an Etsy Shop?

The good news is, it’s free to start an Etsy shop.

Etsy makes its money off of fees. There are three standard fees that Etsy charges.

There is an initial listing fee. Etsy will charge you $0.20 for every item that you list. The item listing is good for four months or until the item sells. After that, if you want to relist the item, you will need to pay another $0.20 listing fee.

Once you make a sale, Etsy will earn a small commission based on the listing price. It may also charge a standard payment processing fee.

Etsy sellers also have the option of using Etsy’s advertising services. These fees vary depending on where you want the items advertised.

How to Set Up an Etsy Shop Step by Step

While it can be easy to get excited about setting up your Etsy shop, you want to make sure you do it right the first time.

One of the most important things to do when setting up your Etsy shop is choosing the right shop name.

Your Etsy shop name must be a representation of you, your business, and what you’re selling. Make it fun and make it memorable.

If you need ideas for choosing an Etsy shop name, we have you covered.

how to set up an etsy shop

Step 1: Make a List of Potential Shop Names

This leads us to step one of setting up an Etsy shop. Make sure you have a list of names that you like and rank those names in order of preference.

Etsy only allows a shop name to be selected once. After that, the shop name is unavailable even if the previous shop is out of business.

By coming into the process with a list of potential shop names, you’re making the creation of your Etsy shop much more manageable.

Step 2: Open Your Etsy Shop

Once you have your list of potential shop names, log into your Etsy account and click “Open Your Etsy Shop.” You can also open your shop by visiting Etsy.com/sell and clicking “Get Started.”

Opening your shop does not mean the shop is live; it just means that you’re in the process of setting things up.

Etsy will ask you to choose your shop language, country, and currency. Choose your preferences and then click “Save and Continue.”

The shop language is the default language you will use in your shop. In other words, the language that you are most comfortable speaking or writing when you conduct your business.

The country is the country where you are operating your business.

The currency is the currency you will use in your listings, i.e., the U.S. dollar or the British pound.

Etsy will also ask if selling is your full-time or part-time job. Your answer will not impact your business or your ability to sell. It’s just something Etsy wants to know.

Step 3: Choose Your Shop Name

Here’s where the list of shop names comes into play. You will need to input your shop name and then click “Check Availability.” If the name is available, congratulations, you have your new shop name.

However, if the name is not available, you need to move down the list to option number two. Keep doing this until you find a shop name that is both available and to your liking.

Step 4: Stock Your Shop

Create at least one listing so you have an idea of how to create a listing in your shop.

You can find your listings under “Listings” in the “Shop Manager” section.

Click “Add a Listing.” In the Etsy app, all you have to do is tap the + (plus) icon.

When creating your listing, you will need photos or videos. You’ll want these ready ahead of time, and you should make them look clean. That means your pictures should have good lighting, be in focus, and make sure you retake any images that look blurry.

Once you have the photos added, choose a thumbnail. The thumbnail is what will be featured in searches.

Add listing details and describe your listing. Be descriptive. People will want to have a good idea of what they’re buying.

After that, you’ll need to say how many (quantity) of the item you’re selling and how much you’re selling each item for.

If you’re selling a digital item, this is where Etsy will ask you to upload your digital files.

If you’re selling a physical item, then you’ll need to set up your shipping preferences and price.

Decide if you plan to pay the extra fee to Etsy for marketing or not.

Then you can either publish your listing or save it. If this is your first listing, I suggest saving it until you’re ready to launch your shop officially.

For more details on creating a listing, check out this Etsy post.

You can find 65+ free seasonal product ideas here.

Step 5: Set Up Payment and Billing

Obviously, you’re creating an Etsy shop because you want to make money. To get paid on Etsy, you need to connect your shop to a bank account.

Etsy will ask you for some personal information, including the country where your bank is located. You will need to include your bank account details, including an account number and a routing number.

Then click “Save and continue.”

If you are selling in the U.S., Etsy will make a small test deposit in your account within three to seven days. This is so you can make sure everything is connected correctly.

Etsy also needs a credit or debit card from you. Etsy will use the card to charge you any listing or marketing fees.

Step 6: Get a Business License (Optional)

This step will depend on the rules and regulations within the city and county that you live in. Some cities require that you have a business license even if you’re selling online. Others allow you to operate without a business license.

To run a legitimate business, you should check with your local government agencies before you start selling.

That said, Etsy does not require you to have a business license to run an Etsy shop. Instead, the company says you must “follow any laws” that apply to a small business selling online and that you check with a “qualified professional” if you are unsure.

Step 7: Officially Open Your Shop

Once you have the right shop name, you’re sure the payment methods are set up, and the inventory is ready, it’s time to open your shop officially.


How to Start an Etsy Shop as a Beginner

The steps above make setting up an Etsy shop pretty easy whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned online selling pro. However, as a beginner, you still don’t understand all the ins and outs of the site, so here are some tips.

  1. Pictures matter. An attractive image will encourage people to click on your listing and ultimately buy. Take the time to take good pictures.
  2. SEO is key. Quality keywords will help your Etsy listing pop up in the correct searches making purchases more likely.
  3. Quality customer service. To truly build your shop, you need to treat each customer as your most important customer. Make sure you respond to messages in a timely manner and take proper care to make sure customers are pleased with their product.
  4. Get good reviews. Providing a quality product and excellent customer service are the best ways to guarantee good reviews. Five-star customer reviews will help your shop grow quickly. 

How to Start an Etsy Shop with No Money

The beauty of Etsy is you can start your shop for less than a dollar (i.e., the listing fee).

There are a few ways to create a shop inventory out of nothing.

Sell Printables

The easiest way to create an Etsy shop without any money is to sell printables.

Printables are digital files that consist of many things, including stickers, party games, invitations or cards, and more.

They cost nothing to make, especially if you use free software like Inkscape. What’s more, they’re infinite, meaning you can sell the same file over and over again without having to create more.

Learn more about how to make printables to sell on Etsy with our E-Printables course!

Sell Vintage Items

You can also search your home for things you don’t want anymore. Much like selling on eBay or through Facebook Marketplace, selling on Etsy is an excellent way to make money from things you don’t want anymore.

Just remember, the Etsy crowd tends to be a little craftier, so a pair of plain white crew socks aren’t likely to sell well.

How to Start an Etsy Shop as a Teenager

The one downside of Etsy is that you must be 18 to have an Etsy account. That means you cannot buy or sell on the app if you’re not considered an adult.

However, you can still start an Etsy shop as a teenager; you just need to find a trusted adult to help you out.

If your parent or guardian is willing, have them set up an Etsy account for you to sell through. Then you too can start your own Etsy business.

Final Thoughts

Selling on Etsy is a great way to start a handmade business of your own. You can begin by selling handmade items, digital products, printables, and more!

It is the perfect marketplace for beginners and more experienced creators.

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Erika Towne

Erika Towne

Erika is a professional writer and journalist who covers Etsy on both Gold City Ventures and Millennial Boss blogs. She has happily found a way to divide her time between her love of writing and her family.
Erika Towne

Erika Towne

Erika is a professional writer and journalist who covers Etsy on both Gold City Ventures and Millennial Boss blogs. She has happily found a way to divide her time between her love of writing and her family.
how to set up an etsy shop

Learn how to start a business selling printables on Etsy!

how to set up an etsy shop
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how to set up an etsy shop

Learn how to start a business selling printables on Etsy!

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