How to Make Simple SVGs to Sell on Etsy

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When you’ve looked into ideas for what to sell online, odds are you’ve come across the idea of making SVGs to sell on Etsy.

SVG files are one of the easiest things to sell on Etsy because you have an unlimited supply once you create the first one. Also, SVG files are downloadable, which means that you don’t have to worry about filling orders and shipping.

how to make SVGs to sell on Etsy

What are SVG Files?

Before you get started, let’s explore the concept of an SVG file.

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics according to Adobe. That means the image within a file is based on mathematics, allowing the user to shrink or enhance the image without losing any of the image’s quality.

That’s what makes an SVG file so ideal. You can save an image the size of a stamp, but you can use that data to create much larger images, say the size of a poster or even a billboard.

The graphic’s quality does not deteriorate because the image markers are linked through mathematics.

You can often identify an SVG file because the document name ends in the “.svg” extension.

Where Do You Use SVG Files?

Now that you know what SVG files are, it’s time to talk about what they’re used for.

You can use SVGs for things like website icons and company logos. You can also use SVGs for infographics and illustrations.

When it comes to arts and crafts, you often use SVG files in machines like Cricut and Silhouette.

Where to Sell SVG Files

Creative sites are the best places to sell SVG files. That’s because you’re going to find a customer base that’s familiar with using SVG files and is always looking for new and creative images to use in their designs and artwork.

Sites like Creative Fabrica and Hungry Jpeg are well-known places to sell your SVG files.

A little more popular site is Karimoos, though amusingly, the site created its own blog post about where to sell SVG files and ranked Design Bundles as the top place.

Another option, according to Design Twits, is Creative Market. The blogger says CM, as it’s known, is the best place to sell if you’re a craft designer, especially if you have great designs.

Creative Market is very selective in the designers it chooses. On the one hand, this means you know you’ll get quality every time you buy. On the other hand, this also means your designs can’t just be good; they need to meet the site’s standards.

Best Place to Sell SVG Files

While all the sites listed above are good places to sell your SVG files, most sites agree that Etsy is the best place to start. Beginners will find Etsy easy to use, while more experienced SVG sellers will find the large customer base appealing.

Because Etsy is well established, it can handle the delivery of your digital files with ease. That means once those files are uploaded, they can be purchased by an Etsy user at any time. You don’t have to do anything else.

Because Etsy is such a large and varied marketplace, you can find virtually any SVG type on the site. When it comes to the most popular of those SVGs, you will find that your options are also varied.

I searched Etsy recently to try and track down the most popular SVGs. I found a wide assortment of colors, styles, and messages.

I’ll try to group some of them so you get a better idea of what you can find on Etsy.

Slogans and Sayings

Slogans and sayings are also top sellers on Etsy.

Political slogans tend to do well, especially if they’re current. Religious passages are also popular.

Family-themed wording like “World’s Greatest Aunt” and “Best Uncle” do well on Etsy as well.

Before creating an SVG with a slogan or saying, make sure to check if is trademarked. You can simply type into Google: “is the saying xxxx trademarked?”

Children Themed SVGs

SVGs are also very popular for do-it-yourself events, especially ones involving children.

There are dinosaur SVGs, emojis, and animals. You can find princess themes and sports themes.

There are also popular children’s television shows like Pokemon and PJ Masks and Disney and superhero themes galore.

Holiday Themed SVGs

Another top SVG seller is holiday-themed SVGs.

People are always looking for SVGs that they can use to make cute gift tags for Christmas. Or homemade Valentine’s Day cards that look original.

Halloween is another holiday that gets people’s creative juices flowing. There’s also Thanksgiving when hosts are looking for cute place cards to create or napkin rings that add a little something extra to the place setting.

Programs to make SVG files to sell

To make your own SVG files, you need to start with software that will help you make the files.

SVG Software That Costs Money

One of the most popular and expansive software available is Adobe Illustrator. It has tools for beginners, advanced designers, and many other bells and whistles. It also comes at a price. Adobe charges a monthly fee for the use of its Illustrator program.

Adobe’s Photoshop software will also allow you to create SVGs, but like Illustrator, there’s a monthly fee to use the program.

Other software you can purchase to make SVG files includes Corel DRAW, which provides a free trial, but costs money after the trial expires.

You can also use Affinity Designer, which includes a one-time fee.

Free SVG Software

Of course, there’s also free software available for creating SVGs.

The Our Space Design blog says Krita and Gravit Designer are good programs to use if you’re an artist and skilled at painting. VECTR is another option. It’s software that’s good for beginners.

However, the one that I like the best is Inkscape. I have a whole rundown on Inkscape here, but the main reasons I like this software is that it’s free, intuitive for beginners, and an open-source software that’s well maintained.

Inkscape was first developed in 2003, so developers have had a lot of time to grow and refine the software. You get professional-grade vector graphics software at a beginner price.

How to Make an SVG File

Once you’ve purchased the program, it’s time to get to work. You need to make your SVGs.

Making an SVG is no different than making any other graphic or image. The only difference is the way that you save the file.

Once your design is laid out the way you like it, you will need to save the file as an SVG.

Every program has a slightly different way of doing this, but I’ll discuss how to do it in a few more popular software programs.

How to Create an SVG File in Adobe Illustrator

Using Adobe Illustrator, you will export your file as an SVG.

Adobe has an entire walkthrough here, but I’ll outline the basics.

Start by choosing File, then “Export.” Adobe will ask you what type of file you want to export; select “SVG.”

If you want to only export part of your graphic, then you would select the part that you want to export, click “File,” then “Export Selection,” and then “SVG.”

The video below will show you how to make SVG files for Circut in Adobe Illustrator.

How to Create an SVG File in Corel DRAW

Corel DRAW has its own walkthrough of creating an SVG file here.

The basic process is similar to Adobe Illustrator. Click “File” and then “Export.” Corel DRAW will ask you to choose a folder to export the file. Once you have selected the location to save your file to, choose “SVG” under the “Save as type” list.

Type in a file name and click “Export.”

You will choose the SVG version in the “Compatibility” list box.

Corel DRAW will also ask you to choose an “Encoding method,” and you have an option to decide how you want to export the text. There are also styling options to choose from.

Again, you can find further details in Corel’s help section here.

How to Create an SVG in Inkscape

Creating an SVG in Inkscape has approximately the same steps.

Click “File” and then select “Export as.” Choose “SVG” and find a location to save your file. Name your file and then export it.

It’s that easy.

If you want to learn how to create other items in Inkscape, check out my Inkscape tutorial for beginners.

How to Make SVG Files for Cricut

SVG files are essential for making anything with a Cricut machine. That’s because the mathematics within the file tells the machine how to cut and where to cut.

Use Cricut Design Space to Make SVG Files

The simplest way to make an SVG file to use in Cricut is to use the Cricut Design Space.

When you use the Design Space, you can rest assured that the file you’re creating will work in a Cricut machine because you’re using Cricut software to create it.

However, while Cricut Design Space is the simplest way to make an SVG file to use in Cricut, it is not the easiest way to create SVG files.

Use Inkscape to Make SVG Files for Cricut

An easier way to make SVG files for Cricut is to use Inkscape or another design software.

As I explained before, when you use design software to create SVG files, the creation process is pretty much the same no matter which software you use.

Then, all you have to do is save the file as an SVG.

Once you have the SVG, you can upload it into Cricut Design Space to use with your Cricut machine.

How to Open an SVG file

Before you start selling your SVG files or uploading them to Cricut, you want to make sure they work. That means you have to open them first.

Any software able to create SVG files should be able to open them as well. You can open the files in any software listed above, such as Adobe Illustrator, Corel DRAW, or Inkscape.

According to How to Geek, virtually all modern web browsers will also allow you to open an SVG. If you don’t have design software, use Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Safari to look at your SVG file.

Best Things to Sell on Etsy

Okay, so there are plenty of SVGs on Etsy, and they sell pretty well, but you probably want to know, what are other great things to sell on Etsy?

Handmade and Personalized Jewelry

According to Sara at Gathering Dreams, handmade and personalized jewelry is the best thing to sell on Etsy simply because of its originality.

People search Etsy because they expect to find something unique and one-of-a-kind. They want to give a gift that no one else has received before and will not receive in the future.

There’s also the bonus of finding something that fits the gift receiver’s personality to a tee.

Jewelry and Craft Supplies

If you’re not the creative type, selling jewelry or craft supplies is your next best bet.

I frequently jump on Etsy to look for fabric that I cannot find at my local fabric store.

Some people blow glass and can make original jewelry beads.

Others know how to source craft supplies such as clasps and wiring.


According to the blog LitExtension, one of the best-selling items is stickers because of their versatility. Stickers aren’t just for decorations or arts and crafts for kids.

Stickers can also be used for scrapbooking, decorating notebooks, postcards, and greeting cards. Stickers are useful in day planners and year planners. They’re also just fun to collect.

Printables, Digital Artwork, Etc.

Another top-selling category on the Etsy website is printables, digital artwork, and digital files. This is everything from party games to fonts to clip art images, and it includes SVGs.

Digital files sell well on Etsy in part because they include instant delivery. The minute the order is placed, Etsy sends an email that allows the buyer to download the digital file.

Digital files are also well priced—usually no more than $5, which is a perfect price point for all shoppers.

From a seller’s standpoint, printables and other digital artwork are among the best things to sell on Etsy. That’s because you’re not selling a tangible item. You have an unlimited supply of the item, and fulfillment of the sale is instantaneous. Usually, you don’t have to do any work after making a sale.

Learn how to make printables to sell on Etsy with our E-Printables course.

e-printables course by gold city ventures


Whether you’re designing a graphic for yourself or selling to a broader public, SVG files are handy for creative crafting.

Not only can you expand them to fit your needs, but it is simple to create files small enough to transfer to buyers with ease without losing the quality of the graphic.

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Erika Towne

Erika Towne

Erika is a professional writer and journalist who covers Etsy on both Gold City Ventures and Millennial Boss blogs. She has happily found a way to divide her time between her love of writing and her family.
Erika Towne

Erika Towne

Erika is a professional writer and journalist who covers Etsy on both Gold City Ventures and Millennial Boss blogs. She has happily found a way to divide her time between her love of writing and her family.
How to Make SVGs to Sell on Etsy

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How to Make SVGs to Sell on Etsy
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How to Make SVGs to Sell on Etsy

Learn how to start a business selling printables on Etsy!

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