How to Make Money with PLR Products

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You may have heard the abbreviation PLR before, but never fully understood what it meant. Well, we want to answer that for you and share how you can make an income with PLR products!

It is a growing niche in the online business space and something we get many questions about.

How to make money with PLR products

PLR is basically pre-made content that you can purchase for your business. Some people refer to PLR as done-for-you content. Some other designers made the content and they are selling you the content plus commercial use rights so you can turn it into an end product for your customers.

Typically you will buy PLR products in bulk and get a large discount, which is how you can turn around and make this into a profit. 

This is content that is not supposed to be used “as is,” unless it is something like an eBook that is already created on a very specific topic that is already complete and ready to sell. Otherwise, this content is meant to be used as a template or a starting point to turn into something that fits your business and can bring in a profit. 

Gold City Ventures™ sells private label rights or PLR products in their Shopify store pictured.

Although every PLR website has its own terms and policies, typically when PLR is purchased there is an understanding that you can edit it however you would like, or even publish it as is, although that isn’t recommended. You want to take this content and rebrand it so your buyers can see it as quality and trustworthy content. 

Most PLR sellers do not want you taking their content and selling it to other PLR buyers with commercial use rights. They hope that you will sell to end customers with just personal use rights.

We are going to go more in-depth into what PLR is and how to use it to be profitable!

PLR is an abbreviation for Private Label Rights

PLR is an abbreviation for private label rights. Sometimes it is called done for you or DFY content too. This allows someone to alter existing content, such as planners or videos, and use it as your own. They also allow and require the buyer to take a generic piece of content and customize it, which is when the buyer will own all rights and can use it however you want to.

PLR is a type of Master Resell Rights or MRR, which allows a buyer to resell the product as well as give rights to a product. Basically, resell rights let the buyer resell a product without altering it. The difference between private label rights and master resell rights is simply that with MRR content, the buyer is unable to change the content and has to sell it, rather than giving it for free. 

There are many types of PLR content, with the most common being articles, but it can also include eBooks, courses, videos, audio, etc. Basically, it is content that is right between completely custom and borrowed content; it needs the work to edit, but less work than it would to create it from scratch.

If you want to see an example of PLR, check out the Gold City Ventures™ commercial use Shopify store.

To go more in-depth, here are some of the pros and cons of using quality PLR content: 

Pros of PLR 

Let’s cover some of the biggest advantages of using PLR!

  • Saves you time! Instead of having to spend all the time creating content from scratch, you get to save your time and use already created content. 
  • It’s inexpensive. Usually, quality PLR content is purchased for just a very low price in packages found online and it is cheaper than hiring someone to create from scratch
  • Having extra expertise. There may be topics or types of content that you don’t feel comfortable with or knowledgeable about. This is where PLR content can be helpful as it can help you branch out into an area that you don’t have expertise in.
  • It is customizable. PLR products give you an opportunity to change the content however it fits your business and fully customize it. Add your own business info, call to action, and any other customization to fit you and your brand.
  • You have full ownership. PLR lets you edit, combine content, sell, or even give it away for free. Once it has been edited, you have the same full rights as the person who created it. 

Cons of PLR

Now let’s cover the cons of selling PLR and what you may see as disadvantages. 

  • The quality is unknown. Since you will typically purchase PLR content in a bundle, it can be difficult to see exactly what you’re getting before you buy. So make sure to buy from a quality company!
  • Terms of use vary. You have to be cautious regarding the terms of use of the PLR and buy from a reputable source to be sure they sourced all images and fonts from appropriate places.
  • There may be a duplicate. PLR content is sold to many buyers and it could make selling the content to the end customer more competitive. The products may look too similar if you don’t edit them well enough.

There are ways you can help avoid these potential problems, so PLR products are still a great thing to take advantage of to make money online!

Examples of PLR 

Here is an example of a PLR planner sold by Gold City Ventures™ in their Shopify store.

There really is a wide range of PLR products that you can choose to use, and it depends on the type of content that you feel fits you and your business. Here are some potential PLR products that you can use to sell: 

  • PLR planners: You can take these planners and customize them to fit how you would want them, and then in turn sell them to your buyers. Planners are a booming business and having a starting point is a huge help!
  • PLR digital planners: same as above, you can take digital planners and edit them to fit your business and turn them into a digital planner that you can in turn sell. Digital planners are easy for those who are on the go and want something more convenient.
  • PLR notebooks: Find generic PLR notebooks that can be edited to include extra details. Change any design aspects and add some branding!
  • PLR recipes with images: If you have a food blog and need more recipes, an option is to use PLR recipes. Turn into your own content, which saves you time and work!
  • PLR videos with resell rights: If creating video content isn’t your thing, you can take video content that you can turn into your own personal content to grow your business
  • PLR eBooks with giveaway rights: looking for an eBook to sell to your audience but not wanting to put in the time to create it? Try taking a PLR eBook and customizing it. 
  • PLR journals are becoming more popular as journaling and reflection trends in society.

There are definitely other types of PLR content out there, and the opportunities really are endless! These are just a few of the common types of content that you will see out there. 

PLR Niches

There is such a huge range of PLR content out there, so having a niche in mind will help narrow down which direction you want to go. Here are a few different PLR niches that you can choose from: 

  • PLR for blogs: coming up with a blog post from scratch can be very time-consuming, and can be a challenge for those that aren’t typically writers. Articles that can be used for blog post content are a very helpful form of PLR content.
  • PLR for coaches: There is a lot of different content that goes into being a coach, and utilizing PLR content can help quickly launch a coaching business or run it in a more efficient way. This can mean courses, eBooks, marketing materials, etc. 
  • PLR for teachers: Teachers handle a wide range of materials, and they can have more time back with PLR content. This can mean teaching materials, a planner to stay organized, and more.
  • PLR for authors: An author may be looking for a way to jumpstart their writing, and simply use PLR content as a building block, which can include low-content books
  • PLR for free: Maybe someone is looking for content to create a freebie to collect leads, and PLR content is a perfect way to push one out quickly. This can be eBooks, social media templates, etc. 

Finding a niche to focus on in PLR content is a great way to narrow down your ideas and really target a specific audience. Start brainstorming which niche fits you and your experience!

Common Mistakes with PLR

The problem with PLR is that it can tend to be overwhelming and many PLR buyers often don’t know how to use the content they purchased. It’s important to keep some of these common mistakes in mind while purchasing PLR content.

The first mistake that tends to happen with PLR is buying low-quality content that is coming from unreliable sellers. There is a lot of that out there, and it can tend to be difficult to know who is selling quality PLR. To avoid this, be sure to take the time to do reputable research before purchasing PLR content, and if you are selling PLR content, it’s important to do what you can to create a professional and quality brand. 

Another common mistake is forgetting to rewrite and rebrand the PLR content. You need to be sure that you are customizing the content to make it your own with your own style and voice, as well as making it unique for SEO purposes. You don’t want Google to penalize your content for not being unique. 

A third mistake is just simply not knowing how to market your PLR products. If you purchase your PLR content and rewrite and rebrand it for your business, but then don’t do anything to promote it, then the work you did is a waste. You want to find ways to promote your content and get it in front of the correct audience. 

Can I sell PLR on Etsy?

Sellers don’t check before publishing PLR products on a platform such as Etsy what the requirements are for the platform. And this can be a problem! You want to make sure you are looking into what is and isn’t allowed.

Etsy can be a great place to sell digital products, but it’s important to make sure PLR is allowed. You can learn more about selling PLR on Etsy here.

Is PLR taxable?

It’s important to look into where you live to determine whether digital products, including PLR content, are taxable. Digital products are taxable in some areas, and tax exempt in others. Each area has different restrictions and you will need to do your research and find out the restrictions in your area and be sure you are doing everything legally and correctly. 

Is PLR legit? 

PLR can definitely be legit! It all depends on how you are using it, where you are buying PLR products, etc. PLR is definitely a way to make passive income, as long as you are finding quality and reputable content. 

There are a lot of non-reputable sellers out there for PLR, so many opinions on PLR can be affected by this. So it’s important to ensure that you are taking the time to do your research and find the best spots to purchase PLR. 

Is PLR worth it? 

Yes! PLR can definitely be worth it and it’s all about how you take advantage of it. Using PLR content to create digital products and printables to sell is a great way to make a passive income. For the most part, you are able to purchase PLR content for an affordable price. Then you can be able to sell and make a profit. Which goes into the next question!

Is PLR profitable? 

You can make a profit as long as you are able to purchase the content and find a way to customize it. And add extra content to make it more desirable. Then you can put a higher price tag and make a profit on the product. 

Becky Beach talks about how she made over $10k in profit one Christmas from Shopify in this interview.

You should also be very sure that the PLR you are buying is in demand. That is why we recommend using keyword research tools such as eRank to try to find good ideas for PLR to sell.

You can definitely waste money buying PLR but you can also save yourself lots of time when starting your business.

Many sellers buy PLR product after PLR product but never make any money because they don’t learn how to turn that product into something that is in demand with buyers.

PLR can save you time in building an online business but only if you use it correctly.

Here is how to make money selling PLR and what to sell for the best profits.

Where can I buy PLR?

Here is an example of PLR sheets you can buy in the Gold City Ventures™ store.

Some companies advertise their products as PLR products and others just say they have commercial use rights included. Gold City Ventures™ has dozens of products suitable for PLR in their printables Shopify store Gold City Templates.

We are publishing a guide to buying PLR soon with more options.

Where to learn more about PLR

If you want to learn more about PLR and how to take advantage of this opportunity, there are a lot of ways that you can start to learn more. One of these ways is to take a course on PLR and how to use it. You can find courses on PLR from Faith’s Biz Academy or PLR Beach.

If you’re interested in selling PLR on Amazon KDP check out this course from the Low Content School and this course from Allie Scraps Creativity by the Chapter. Allie also offers a free webinar for creating low-content products to sell on Amazon if you’d like to start with free training.

Or if you’re feeling ready to get started and just want to find a good spot to buy quality PLR content without having to do the extra research, you can always get started with these PLR templates and jump in right away!

Final thoughts

PLR products are a great way to save your time. Get digital products into the hands of buyers much faster! Rather than starting from scratch and creating new items, you can have a building block to help you hit the ground running and rewrite and rebrand to fit you and your business. 

Get started with PLR today!

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