How to Change Your Etsy Shop Name

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When creating an Etsy shop, one of the most complex parts can be creating the shop name. Once you have created a shop name, you may want to change it down the line.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you name your Etsy shop, and change your shop name if it’s not quite what you were looking for.

how to change your shop name on Etsy

Etsy Shop Name Availability

When starting an Etsy shop, you will want to know if the name you have thought of for your shop is available.

There are many ways to find the perfect shop name for your Etsy business.

First, let’s talk about how to search for a shop name on Etsy. You can do this to see if the name you want has been taken.

There are several ways to find a shop name.

The easiest way is to use the Etsy search tool. Type your shop name idea right into the search bar. You will be able to see if it is available or taken.

Note that once a shop name is used, Etsy will not allow you to use it again. Even if the shop is closed, Etsy has barred the shop name from repeat use.

Etsy Shop Name Search with Web Address

Another option is to type in the exact web address. In this instance, you will have to type in your shop name idea as a URL into a web browser search bar.

Simply type https://www.etsy.com/shop/shopname, where “shop name” is the shop name you’re looking for.

Etsy Shop Name Search with Part of the Name

If you only have an idea for part of your shop’s name, you can search for the shop on the shop search page. You can type in a word or words on this page, and Etsy will deliver search results with shop names that include your search terms.

You can also search by shop categories such as “Jewelry & Accessories” or “Art & Collectibles.”

What if I Previously Owned the Etsy Shop Name?

Even if the shop previously belonged to you, Etsy may not allow you to use it.

For instance, if the shop name was attached to a different Etsy account, you are not allowed to use the shop name or reactivate the shop under a new account.

The only way you can reactivate the shop name is to reactivate the old Etsy account the shop was attached to.

Etsy has details on how that works here.

What if Someone has a Shop Name I Legally Own?

In rare cases, someone will have a shop name to which you have intellectual property rights.

In these cases, Etsy suggests that you contact the member to see if you can get the issue resolved amicably. This is really your only recourse if you want the shop name.

If you cannot resolve the issue, Etsy says you have the option of filing an intellectual property infringement notice.

The downside of this is that even if Etsy rules in your favor, Etsy will not allow you to use the shop name.

Instead, Etsy will force the current shop owner to change the name of their shop, and that shop name will be considered unavailable.

You can find more details here.

Best Way to Check Shop Name Availability on Etsy

So, what’s the best way to check whether or not a shop name is available on Etsy?

Start by creating a list of names that you are considering for your shop. You may even want to list them in order of preference.

Then, as you’re creating your shop, you will be asked to input a shop name. Next to that shop name, there will be a button that says “Check Availability.”

Using “Check Availability” is the only way to confirm if a shop name is available or not.

That’s because “Check Availability” not only searches the active shop names but it also searches the inactive or closed shop names.

Etsy Shop Name Change

Sometimes, you choose a shop name, and you’re not happy with it. Maybe the theme of your shop changed. Or perhaps you just decided that you like another name better. That’s fine. You can change your shop name.

In fact, Etsy will allow you to change the name of your shop as often as you like if you have not opened the shop yet.

The rules change once the shop is open to the public.

After you open your shop up to customers, you can only change your shop name up to five times. Once you’ve used your fifth change, you must submit every other shop name change request to Etsy Support. It will be up to Etsy Support to review your request for a shop name change and approve or deny it.

How to Change an Etsy Shop Name Step by Step

  • To change your Etsy shop name on a desktop, click on “Shop Manager” and then click on “Settings.”
  • Then, navigate to the section called “Info & Appearance.”
  • Once there, you’ll click on the “Shop Name” tab.
  • You’ll then see “Change” next to your shop name.
  • Enter your new shop name and click “Save.”

If you need more help, visit the Etsy Help page here.

How to Change Etsy Shop Name on iPhone

Sometimes you don’t have access to a laptop or desktop computer, but you need to change your shop name immediately.

Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, Etsy’s app does not allow you to change your shop’s name from your device.

According to the help center, you can go to “Settings” and change your Shop Title, Shop Announcement, Message to Buyers, Shop Policies, and About Information, but you cannot change the name of your Etsy shop.

Etsy Shop Name Ideas

All of this is well and good if you already know what to name your shop. But what if you haven’t come up with the correct name yet?

Here are some tips and tricks to get you started.

You can find our list of 99+Etsy shop name ideas here.

Brainstorming Etsy Shop Names

Etsy has a dos and don’ts list for creating an Etsy shop name, and the list includes some tips.

The page suggests that you use descriptive words that give off the vibe you want your shop to display. You should also explore words that reflect your style or tell people what your shop sells.

As you’re brainstorming shop ideas, think about abstract names such as foreign words that convey the message and meaning of your shop. You can also do word mashups to help ensure that no one else has your shop name.

Get creative!

Alternative Etsy Shop Names

Because there are hundreds of thousands of Etsy shops out there, odds are your first choice might be taken. Don’t let that deter you.

If there’s a name you absolutely love, consider adding an extra word to the shop name.

Etsy says that adding words like “Studio” or “Design” or “Boutique” might help you find an available shop name. You can also try adding old-timey words like “Shoppe” instead of “Shop.”

There are many options out there that can help you pinpoint an available shop name.

Use Your Name

If all else fails, you can always use your name or some combination of your name. At least then you’ll know that the Etsy shop directly represents you.

If you’re too shy to use your name or it’s already taken, then consider using the name of someone close to you or, even better, a mashup of the names of two people close to you.

For example, if you have three kids, why not name your shop after your three kids? Another option is taking their initials and creating a shop name out of that.

Other Etsy Shop Name Ideas

If you’re still having some trouble or you just need to give yourself a little push, here are some websites that have already brainstormed Etsy shop name ideas.

The website Worth Start has created a list of more than 200 Etsy shop name ideas. Some are cute; some are clever; some are creative. With so many to choose from, there’s sure to be at least one name there that sparks something in you.

If your shop features handmade crafts, you’ll need a crafty name. Tough Nickel’s website has compiled a list of 100 shop name ideas for craft lovers and divided the list into categories like Art, Jewelry, General Crafts and Sewing, Knitting, and Embroidery.

For the mother of all lists, check out the website Soocial. It has compiled 421 Etsy shop name ideas for you to choose from. There’s “Bee Hive Boutique” and “Cherry Bomb Gifts.”

For something that smells a little sweeter, consider “Ambrosia Alchemy Shop” or “Bouquet of Posies.”

Even if one of the names on the list isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, there are enough adjectives, verbs, and nouns compiled in one place to get those creative juices flowing.

Etsy Shop Name Generator

If, after all of that, you still haven’t come up with a list of shop names that you’re happy with, then it’s time to take some drastic measures.

There are websites out there that will help you generate a name for your Etsy shop. You just need to know where to look.

Business Name Generator

The website Business Name Generator will generate a business name based on the word or words that you put in. You’ll receive dozens of options in a matter of seconds.

While most of the name ideas aren’t going to be what you’re looking for, you might get lucky and find a diamond in the ruff.

The one thing that I like about the Business Name Generator is that you can input some of the best words you’ve brainstormed and develop a giant list of word combinations.

Volusion Name Generator

Volusion is another site that offers a shop name generator.

This site asks you to add a few creative or descriptive keywords and then pushes out various shop names that combine those words.

I typed in the words “vintage” and “recycled” and received options like “Sweet Vintage Recycled” and “Little Vintage Recycled.”

While the program isn’t perfect, it’s a great jumping off point, and it may help you think of words and a combination of words that you haven’t thought of before.

Namify Shop Name Generator

Namify’s shop name generator may be the best one of the bunch, if only because it asks you what category you’re looking to sell in.

Once you put in your keywords and the selling category, Namify generates thousands of options good for that category.

For example, I put in the word “dragon” and selected the “gardening” category. I received more than 4,000 name options in a matter of seconds. Some of those options included “Dragon Hive” and “Dragon Palace.”

How to Change Etsy Username URL

Sometimes people mistake the username for the shop name. Don’t. They are two different things. Therefore, changing your username will not change your shop name and vice versa.

When you create your Etsy account, Etsy automatically generates your username. Etsy says that if you add your name to your Etsy profile, you can use that to replace the automatically generated username.

When you replace the automatically generated username, you can also change the username URL.

Etsy will not allow you to create your own username.

Also, once you put your name into your Etsy account, you cannot change your username unless there is a legal reason. If you have a valid legal reason, you must submit a formal request to Etsy to approve the username change.

To create a username based on the name in your Etsy profile, sign in to your Etsy account and click “Your account.” Click “View profile” and then “Edit profile.” Once you have changed your name, click “Save changes” and you’re done.

The Etsy username URL appears like this: etsy.com/people/[your username].


Your Etsy Username and your Etsy Shop Name say a lot about you and your business, so take some time and really think about what you’re creating.

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Erika Towne

Erika Towne

Erika is a professional writer and journalist who covers Etsy on both Gold City Ventures and Millennial Boss blogs. She has happily found a way to divide her time between her love of writing and her family.
Erika Towne

Erika Towne

Erika is a professional writer and journalist who covers Etsy on both Gold City Ventures and Millennial Boss blogs. She has happily found a way to divide her time between her love of writing and her family.
how to change your etsy shop name

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how to change your etsy shop name
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how to change your etsy shop name

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