Gnomes for Every Occasion! Top Trends with Craft with Sarah

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Make money crafting by learning these top trends!

Sarah Edwards, a Cricut crafting expert, discusses the crafting community and the popularity of digital files and finished crafts. 

We Cover: Cricut machine, digital files, finished crafts, SVG files, trends in crafting, selling crafts, crafting, digital files, pricing, layered paper crafts, SVG, sublimation, AI, sublimation printer, Facebook groups, floral craft countdown


The crafting community has grown, especially since the pandemic, with a predominantly female audience. Crafters use SVG files to create their projects, which can be customized and uploaded to the Cricut Design Space. Trends in crafting include gnomes, dog breeds, and personalized items. Selling digital files is more popular than selling finished crafts due to scalability and lower costs. The price of digital craft files can vary depending on the complexity and time investment required to create them. Layered paper crafts command a higher sale price due to the time investment and complexity involved. Sublimation crafting is growing in popularity, especially with the availability of affordable sublimation printers. AI is starting to impact the crafting industry, but there is still a demand for hand-drawn and unique designs. Joining crafting communities on Facebook can provide valuable support, inspiration, and learning opportunities. The floral craft countdown summit is a great way to learn new techniques and try out different crafts.


00:00 Introduction and Overview

01:56 The Crafting Community and its Audience

03:56 The Popularity of the Cricut Machine

08:49 Trends in Crafting

20:31 The Pricing of Digital Craft Files

22:51 The Popularity of Layered Paper Crafts

26:10 The Growing Trend of Sublimation Crafting

32:54 Joining Crafting Communities on Facebook

39:24 The Floral Craft Countdown Summit

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