EverBee Review (Is It Worth It?)

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Etsy sellers are always looking for ways to improve their shop, or even find new products that they can sell to bring in more sales. EverBee is a tool to help with that! Here is our EverBee review and how you can use it to improve your shop.

What is EverBee?

What exactly is EverBee and how can it be used to benefit your Etsy business? It is a market research tool that helps Etsy sellers figure out how to expand their business. You get to see a glimpse of estimated information about all of the listings for a certain keyword that you search for. The Chrome extension puts all of this information right at your fingertips as you browse on Etsy.

You can search a keyword phrase for a product idea or products similar to yours and get to see how the other listings are performing. It can give you direction on how you can improve your own products, or give you an idea of a new product that you want to create. You can also get tag ideas from some of the top listings that you can apply to your own listings to hopefully bring in that same success. 

How Does EverBee Work?

EverBee is a Chrome extension that can be integrated right into your existing Etsy shop. You connect it to your shop, and then you will be able to see all of the details you would want to know about listings for a specific keyword.

These are a few of the things that EverBee allows you to do: 

  • Saves you time. You may potentially be spending time on products that won’t sell or spending time searching for a product that may be a better option, and this can all take up a lot of precious time! EverBee helps you figure out what is doing well, and how you can create something better. 
  • Helps with product research. This is one of the main reasons you want to use EverBee! It allows you to do in-depth product research in no time. You can see the products with the highest demand, so you can analyze and see what they are doing best and how you can apply it to your own products. 
  • Gives you revenue analytics. A feature of EverBee is that it provides the estimated revenue for the past month for each listing. This can help you see which listings have a price that people are willing to pay and if you need to either lower or raise your prices.
  • Make best-selling items. Basically, EverBee helps you figure out what items are best-selling so you can create best-selling items yourself. You can see exactly what people are buying and what you can do to bring in this income as well. 

EverBee is something that provides a lot of helpful analytics for Etsy shop owners and can be especially helpful for those looking for a new direction for their shop.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your Etsy shop, or even find new products that can bring in more sales, EverBee is a tool to help with that! In this video, Taylor is sharing her honest EverBee review and how you can use it to improve your shop.

Why does EverBee need to connect to my Etsy Shop?

When you are creating an account and logging into EverBee, you may wonder why you need it connected to your shop. Basically, EverBee is an app for your Etsy shop. So, connecting it to Etsy will allow EverBee the ability to improve the estimated sales algorithm and give better data, which can help them give sellers more accuracy. 

The more accurate EverBee’s data is, the more that it can help you with your market research and hopefully lead you to more sales! But, know that it does not have any access to change, modify, edit or share any personal or shop information. So don’t worry about that!

You can always revoke access from EverBee at any time. So if you don’t find it working out for you, you are always able to disconnect it from your shop and stop using the app.

EverBee Keyword Research Tool

EverBee Review

One of our favorite features of Everbee is the keyword research tool where you can type in a keyword and it will show you estimated monthly searches. Keep in mind that any of these search tools are just estimates. Etsy does not release this information to the public or private companies. Tools like Everbee use algorithms they create or purchase information from third parties.

Either way, these keyword research estimations can give you a good idea of search volume and demand for a particular keyword.

EverBee Product Analytics Tool

EverBee Review
This tool can help you see details for a particular listing. The estimated monthly revenue is again an estimate so don’t necessarily assume that it is accurate. It’s based on an algorithm to determine the closest possible estimate.

This tool can be helpful in determining whether a product is worth making or not based on search volume and estimated revenue. You can see how popular a product could be before you even spend the time making it.

EverBee Review

EverBee also includes information about the tags the seller put with the listing and an estimated search volume for those tags. Again, these are all estimates so you cannot take them as 100% accurate but even estimates are super helpful in determining search demand.

We have the Growth Plan for Everbee so some of these metrics are not available on the free plan.

New EverBee features

EverBee just released some new features! It’s the all-new EverBee Keyword Research Suite. Here is what’s included:

  • Etsy search bar keyword volume insights.
  • Keyword Finder – See specific keyword insights + related keyword ideas.
  • Tag Search Volume – See the monthly search volume of each particular tag on a listing.
  • Tag Analyzer – Insights of all the tags of each particular listing in one click.

These features can be helpful for sellers who use competitive research before coming up with product and tag ideas.

EverBee Pricing

Now, how much does this really helpful tool cost? It has the option to be completely free! This is helpful if you really only need a little taste of product analysis and don’t want to make a large investment yet. With their free version, you are able to make 10 analytic searches each month. 

EverBee Review

The free plan includes plenty of searches to give you a direction or idea of products, so it can be more than enough for your shop. But, if you decide that you really want to do more in-depth product research and have the ability to do more searches, they have a plan for $7.99/month that gives you 30 analytic searches per month. Or, there is their unlimited plan where you don’t have any limit of analytic searches that cost $29.99/month. 

Basically, if you want to just try out this tool and see how it works, you can do that without making any investment! And, if you find that you like this tool and it is helping you improve your shop, you could always upgrade your plan. Check out the EverBee plans here.

EverBee vs. eRank

There are some other options for Etsy tools out there, and this includes eRank. So how do these two apps compare? What do they do similarly, and how do they differ? Let’s cover this!

How Does eRank Work?

If you don’t have any previous experience with eRank, it is a platform that helps you evaluate your Etsy products by giving you SEO tips and where you can make improvements.

We wrote a review of eRank Free and Pro plans here. It gives in-depth tips on your titles and tags and lets you know which listings are missing and can be improved to bring in more sales.

Here are some of the helpful tools that eRank offers: 

  • Keyword tool: This helps you find the top, most popular keyword phrases that you can include in your listings to bring in more traffic to your products. You can add these to your titles, tags, and your description to optimize your listings. 
  • Evaluating your tags: eRank helps identify which of your listings are not using all 13 of the tags, because these tags are important for being found in Etsy search. So this tool helps you figure out which listings may be missing some of those important tags and that way you can go and optimize all 13. 
  • Bulk rank checker: This tool is the most similar to what EverBee does! You can search a keyword phrase, as well as your shop name, and see how you rank amongst other Etsy listings. It will show you the number your listing ranks within the top 500 listings for that keyword phrase and shows the price of the listings, the number of views, the number of favorites, and a few other small details. 
  • Monitoring changes: eRank allows users to monitor the changes being made to your shop and how it is affecting your success. You can see whether your changes are positive or negative and whether you need to make more similar changes or not. 

Pricing of eRank vs. EverBee

Similar to EverBee, eRank does offer a free plan. This free plan allows you to conduct up to 50 keyword tool searches daily, and allows for up to 5 keyword lookups while also analyzing up to 100 of your active listings. There are some tools that won’t be available to you with the free plan, such as the delivery status tool, access to your competition’s listings and tags, the bulk keyword tool, and the bulk rank checker.

ERank’s next plan at $5.99/month includes 25 Keyword Explorer searches, 100 Keyword tool searches, analyzing up to 200 listings, and access to the tools mentioned above. The Premium plan, costing $9.99/month, offers 200 Keyword Tool searches per day, 200 Keyword Explorer searches per day, analyzing up to 4000 listings per day, and more. 

Basically, if you are a small shop and just looking for a way to improve your shop and bring in more sales, the free plan of eRank would be more than enough.

Should you use EverBee or eRank?

Both tools are helpful for different purposes with some overlap and we actually use both here at Gold City Ventures™.

If you want to improve your current listings and make sure your SEO is top-notch, then eRank is definitely your best option. This will help you figure out where you can make improvements, and also let you see which products are doing well so you can take notes on their SEO practices as well. 

Everbee is a Chrome extension so it allows you to see stats while you are searching Etsy for product ideas. That can be really helpful so you can zoom in on popular now and bestseller listings as you search. eRank is not a Chrome extension so you use the tool by itself. Both can be used for product development.

EverBee vs. Alura

Another powerful Etsy tool that you can choose to use is Alura. Similar to EverBee, Alura is a product research tool that gives you insights into what is currently selling on Etsy. It helps you do product research to learn what items are in demand and are bringing in the most sales. You can also do keyword research to find the right phrases to use for your products and ensure you have the best SEO. 

Alura also analyzes your listings, similar to eRank, and lets you know where you can make improvements. So to simplify, Alura does product research, keyword research, as well as listing optimization. 

How Does Alura Work?

Similar to EverBee, to use Alura, you will need to install the Alura Chrome extension, as well as create an account. Once you do this, you can navigate to Etsy search, and look for a specific type of product. Then you will see all of the same details that you will see on EverBee: the shop name, the price of the product, number of favorites, sales, monthly sales, and monthly revenue. 

Something different about Alura is that you can also enter a product-related keyword into the app and Alura will create a list of related keywords, and will also show you how much competition each keyword has. This would give you an idea if you are using the right keyword phrases or not. 

On Alura’s Listing Helper page, you can also learn how to improve your product listings and how to improve your rankings in Etsy search. They use Etsy’s seller handbook to analyze your listings and then they provide you with a score for each item. Then, based on this score and the handbook, they will provide you with ways to improve your listings. 

Pricing of Alura vs. EverBee

Again, similar to EverBee, Alura offers a free version, with two paid versions as well. The basic plan, which is the free option, gives you basic access to all of the tools on the platform. This gives you a chance to explore the platform and make sure you like it before you make any type of investment. 

The premium tools, which are priced at $19.99/month or $29.99/month, offer a larger volume of searches for each of the tools, and the higher plan offers an unlimited amount of searches. You can also use the Listing Helper for up to 200 listings or unlimited listings, rather than only 10 listings on the free plan. 

Their free plan is perfect for getting to know the platform and how it works, before starting to make payments. 

Should you use EverBee or Alura? 

We recommend testing tools and seeing whether they work for you and your particular shop needs. Most keyword research tools have free trials and you can commit some time to giving them a try.

Etsy vs. Marmalead

Marmalead was known as being the first tool for Etsy focused on SEO. It has added a lot of features and helpful tools since it first started out and has become a helpful tool for many Etsy sellers. It works to help Etsy sellers optimize their listings and boost their sales. Marmalead has also had an Etsy seller podcast for years where they publish content to help sellers increase sales.

Using Marmalead, you can compare keyword phrases to each other, study seasonal trends, break down engagement, and come up with quality keyword phrases.

There’s also a way that you can see how your prices match up with other sellers for a given keyword, and rank the products as Bargain, Average, or Premium. The amount of features that Marmalead has is definitely impressive and can tend to be a learning curve, but it provides a lot of helpful information for Etsy sellers to apply to their shop. 

How Does Marmalead Work?

So what are some of these helpful tools that you can use on Marmalead? We are going to cover just a few of the helpful resources. 

A great place to start on Marmalead is the Storm, which is a tool that gives you a large list of keyword suggestions that you can save and use, or reject. You can also search for popular keywords and use a side-by-side comparison tool to help you pick which one works best. 

You will also get to see real engagement and how these keywords work seasonally. Marmalead takes a look at how a keyword phrase has performed over the last 12 months and projects how they think it will perform in the next 3 months. 

You can also get to see grades on your listings and your shop to determine if you have everything set up as best as possible. It will provide you with a quick SEO and sales tip for each listing so you can see which areas need work. 

Marmalead makes its accuracy a priority and it claims to have a 95% accuracy rate with its predictive data, but this data will differ from the estimated sales information that EverBee is providing.

Pricing of Marmalead vs. EverBee

The difference of using Marmalead is they do not offer a free plan, although they do have a 14 free day trial where you can see if you like the platform and find it helpful. After the trial, you only choose from one plan where you can pay $19/month, $53 quarterly, or $190/year.

So with this tool, it is a larger investment, but it is also because it is a very in-depth tool with a lot more resources and ways to improve your shop.

Should you use EverBee vs Marmalead?

Which tool is right for you? If you are looking for an easy-to-understand product research tool, EverBee is the better option. Anyone can figure out how to use this tool in just a few minutes and you can get started analyzing right away. The free plan gives you more than enough information and is great for people on a budget.

Final EverBee Review?

To conclude, is EverBee a helpful tool to use for your Etsy shop? The simple answer is yes! It can definitely be a helpful tool if you’re looking for direction on what type of product to sell, or see which products similar to yours are doing well so you can make improvements to your own. 

There are some limitations, for example, the number of searches that you receive for the free plan. You will really have to be specific and make sure you are searching for the keyword phrases that matter and will make a difference for your shop. 

This tool is also lacking in information to analyze your own listing and see how you can make improvements and rather you would have to do this on your own. 

If you are looking for an easy-to-use tool to show you which listings are most in demand, then EverBee would be a great option. Sign up for EverBee here.

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