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Etsy sellers are often looking for a way to optimize their listings, improve their rankings in search, and simply bring in more traffic and sales. But it can be difficult to find the best tool to do this and get the help that you need! 

EtsyHunt is one of those tools that help Etsy sellers improve their rankings in search and make them easier for your buyers to find. It has a lot of helpful tools that you can use and bring in more sales for your shop. Here is our review of EtsyHunt for Etsy sellers!

What is EtsyHunt?

EtsyHunt is a free analysis tool, with some paid plans as well, that was created for Etsy sellers to improve their visibility and ranking in Etsy search. It can help you get an edge over some of your competitors by seeing insights like product research, keyword research, shop rankings, and Etsy reviews. 

These tools help you perform high-quality market research on other Etsy stores that are performing well and can help you boost your listings in results. These tools also will do a majority of the work for you, rather than spending hours finding all of this information on your own!

It can also help you find a new product that you can start selling if you see that it is in high demand and is fitting for you to create. You can find inspiration in some of the top-selling stores to see what they are doing right, and what your shop may be missing. 

So let’s break down some of the tools that EtsyHunt provides for Etsy sellers to use and improve their shops.

EtsyHunt Review

Product Research

The first tool that EtsyHunt provides is a product research database. It allows you to access over 50 million of the best-selling products that you can find on Etsy, so you are able to evaluate and see what they are doing right. 

On this page, you can enter search terms to see a specific type of product, or even type in a shop name to see all of that shop’s products. There are also detailed filters that can help you narrow down your search if needed, such as average reviews, shipping origins, number of favorites, pricing, and more. 

Once you search for a certain type of product, you can also click on a product and get a more detailed description. You will see all of the product’s tags, the product’s performance by month, the total number of sales and favorites, and much more. It really breaks down the product and it’s a great way to see what you can be doing to improve your own product!

You can select ‘bestseller’ to only see those products returned and export to CSV if you want. Digital product sellers take note because you can also check off “digital” products only!

There is also the Etsy Product Chart that shows you what products are currently best selling, as well as the Rising Chart with items that are currently popular and bringing in more sales. This can give you inspiration and potentially know where to go with your products!

EtsyHunt Review

Keyword Research

This helpful tool allows you to explore Etsy’s top searches which can guide you in finding the best phrases and tags to use in your Etsy listings. This tool is very detailed and shows a summary of the week’s trending tags that are always being updated. You can search for your type of product or a keyword phrase you use, and then you will see related phrases that perform well. 

You will get a complete analysis of the phrase that you search, including the number of views and sales, and the competition you will have if you use it. It also provides you with other helpful information, like the top-selling products using that keyword phrase, the country where the products are selling best, similar category ideas, etc. 

The Hot Word Cloud is a compilation of the most frequently used keywords that are similar to the phrase you used. This really is helpful for seeing related words, which could potentially help you come up with other related products to sell on your Etsy store!

There is also a box that gives an analysis of the products that use this keyword phrase and gives the average price, the number of shops you are competing with in the main category, and the average processing time. This really gives you an idea of whether the niche you are in or trying to get into is too competitive or not. This is especially helpful for new sellers to see why they may not be getting any orders, or if their idea of a new product is worth it or not. 

Using the free plan, you are limited to only 10 keyword phrases per day, but this could easily be enough for doing the simple keyword research that you need.

EtsyHunt Review

Shop Analyzer

Another tool that EtsyHunt offers is the Shop Analyzer, which lets you see the top-performing shops on Etsy and gives a glimpse at what these shops are doing well. You can also search for a specific shop and see its stats, including number of sales, total reviews, total favorites, as well as when the shop was started. 

Then, you can click the direct link to their shop to view their shop and the listings and get an idea of what makes them a best-seller. You can also click on a product list which will redirect you to the product research tool that will give an analysis of that shop’s products on EtsyHunt.


The next tool you can use on a paid plan is Listing Optimization and Follow-Up Reminder. Unfortunately, you are unable to use these on the free version. The Listing Optimization tool allows you to get a glimpse at your listing and how it is performing. It shows you the number of views, number of sales, conversion rate, and tips for SEO. 

You can also see an overview of your Etsy store with the same details and get an idea of how you are performing in general. This is a great tool to take advantage of in the paid version, just to get extra help in how you can improve your listings. 

The Follow-Up Reminder tool is a way to let you know your total reviews, average review rating, review rate, and how many people you can send a follow-up reminder to. Most of the tools on here can only be used on the paid plan, but you can at least see the basic stats for your shop.

EtsyHunt Toolkit: Etsy Tags Extension

Etsy Tags is another tool from the Tool Kit that you can use for your shop. It is a Chrome extension that lets you scan and check your competitor’s tags directly on Etsy. You can navigate through Etsy with this tool and use it on a product listing page, a competitor’s shop page, the homepage, and more.

This lets you see what some of the tags your competitors are using, or tags that some of the best-sellers on Etsy are using. So you can take this and apply it to your shop to be sure you are using the best tags to improve your rankings!

You can download the EtsyHunt Chrome extensions here.

EtsyHunt Toolkit: Etsy Fee Calculator

Another really great tool is the Etsy Fees, Profits, & Pricing Calculator! It helps you break down exactly how many fees will be taken out of your profits based on the price you have set. You can also add in your labor costs, costs of materials, shipping costs, etc. This Etsy fee calculator helps you see exactly how much you will actually make in profits.

There is also an explanation of each of the fees that Etsy takes so you can understand exactly why these are being taken out of your profits. This is a great tool to help you figure out if you need to raise your pricing, or potentially if you should lower your pricing to attract more buyers if you still are making a good profit. 

In this video, Taylor shows you how EtsyHunt works and gives you her honest review of this software.

EtsyHunt Pricing

EtsyHunt Review

With EtsyHunt, you can choose from three different subscription plans: Free, Basic, and Pro. We will give you a breakdown of what each plan includes, and help you decide if the free plan is enough for what you need. 

The Free plan includes: 

  • 10 daily shop searches
  • A partial shop chart
  • 10 daily product searches
  • A partial product chart

The Basic plan, for $3.99/month,  includes: 

  • Unlimited shop searches
  • Unlimited shop chart
  • Unlimited product searches
  • Unlimited product chart
  • 100 daily keyword searches
  • 50 daily Listing Optimization
  • 150 daily Follow Up Reminders

The Pro plan includes all of the above, plus includes access to Amazon Handmade, Inactive Products, and Multi-Store Binding sections. This plan is $20/month and is more for a large shop looking to find even more success.

EtsyHunt vs. eRank

ERank connects to your Etsy shop so that it can evaluate each and every one of your Etsy listings and find out where you can make improvements. Maybe it can even show you where you are already doing well, so you know to continue this with future listings.  It can also show you product opportunities and help you come up with new ideas of what to make!

Overview of eRank

ERank has a wide range of tools to take advantage of for your Etsy shop to optimize your listings. It features keyword tools that help you figure out the best phrases for your Etsy listings, listing audit, and analytics to really go in-depth on where you need work, as well as a rank checker and monitor tool. 

There are really so many aspects of eRank that you can use to apply to your shop and improve your listings. Here are some of the pros and cons of using eRank.  We reviewed the free and pro plans of eRank in depth here.


  • Free plan
  • Consistent, in-depth tools
  • Popular keyword data


  • Can be complicated
  • Limit on number of searches

Pros of eRank

First of all, it has a completely free option, just as you will find on EtsyHunt! This is perfect if you are trying to improve your shop, but don’t necessarily have the budget to spend on expensive tools.

It also has simple tools that are user-friendly and it is consistent. And it also works directly with Etsy which makes things so easy!

It provides popular keyword data and has the option to see competitor sales data available with upgraded packages. 

Cons of eRank free plan

There are some downsides to using eRank of course. One is that the platform can be slightly complicated for new sellers. EtsyHunt is a bit more user-friendly and less complicated to use. eRank can be a little difficult to navigate at first. But once you have more experience it will begin to make more sense. It can also help you make more sales!

You do have a limit on how many searches you can do per day with the free package. You also have fewer features that are included in the paid plans. But, you can still take advantage of many features of the site with the free package as well. 

Using eRank

First of all, you can see on the dashboard the basics of how your Etsy business is performing. You will see right away how many sales your shop has and how it ranks globally. Then you will start to see more of an in-depth look into your shop, your listings, and how the improvements can be made. 

You will be able to see errors that eRank believes should be fixed, such as spelling errors, missing tags, etc. Then you can click and see which listings need to be improved. You can also navigate to the Listing Audit tool, which is one of the best tools that eRank has to offer. There you will get to see a grade for your listings. Then if it is a low grade, it will give suggestions for improvements. 

You will see the statistics for your listing with the total sales, conversion rate, total views, number of favorites, and more. Then it will go more in-depth with a title analysis of what you can do to improve. As well as suggestions for your tags and the competition of the keyword phrases. 

Other tools eRank offers

On top of the listing tools, you also have a few tools for your shop that you can use. The first is a tag report where you can see how often the tag is used in your shop. You can also see how well they are performing. 

You can also see a map of your sales across the country. This can be an interesting outlook to see where your sales are coming from! Although it may not make a difference in making changes to your Etsy business, it still can be something to use. But, it does only show your 300 most recent sales, not your all-time sales.

You can also use the spell checker to find any errors in your shop. As well as a monitor that can track keywords on Etsy. There are other tools that can be used on the Premium plan. It includes a sales report, delivery status of past orders, and in-depth traffic stats.

We’re big fans of eRank here and wrote this guide on using eRank for your Etsy shop.

Should you use eRank or EtsyHunt?

These two platforms do have quite a bit of the same features, but a few key differences as well. Which you can do on EtsyHunt. With EtsyHunt you can search for a specific type of product and get to see trending products that fit those search terms. 

EtsyHunt also offers a Chrome extension for product tag scanning. eRank does not currently have a feature that does something similar. But, eRank does have a tool that EtsyHunt doesn’t offer, which is the Hashtag Generator. It converts words and phrases into hashtags that can be copied and pasted into social media posts. 

Something that is a big difference between the two platforms is the analysis of listings. On eRank, you have a long list of tools to use to edit your listings. And make sure your products are optimized. To get anything like this on EtsyHunt, you will need to upgrade your account to a paid plan. So this is something that may make a decision for you if you are choosing between the two!

Both platforms have their strengths and trying the free plan of both is a good idea.

EtsyHunt vs Alura

Another powerful Etsy tool that you can choose to use is Alura. Similar to EtsyHunt, Alura is a product research tool that gives you insights into what is currently selling on Etsy. It helps you do product research to learn what items are in demand and are bringing in the most sales. You can also do keyword research to find the right phrases for your products. And it will ensure you have the best SEO. 

So basically, it is a very similar platform to EtsyHunt and does many of the same things! It also analyzes your listing and lets you know where you can make improvements. To summarize, Alura does product research, keyword research, as well as listing optimization.

How does Alura work?

To use Alura, you will need to install the Alura Chrome extension, as well as create an account. Once you do this, you can navigate to Etsy search, and look for a specific type of product. Then you will see all of these details: the shop name, the price of the product, number of favorites, sales, monthly sales, and monthly revenue. 

You can also enter a product-related keyword into the app and Alura will create a list of related keywords. It will also show you how much competition each keyword has. This would give you an idea if you are using the right keyword phrases or not. Which is very similar to the keyword tool that EtsyHunt offers.

On Alura’s Listing Helper page, you can also learn how to improve your product listings. As well as how to improve your rankings in Etsy search. They use Etsy’s seller handbook to analyze your listings and then they provide you with a score for each item. Then, based on this score and the handbook, they will provide you with ways to improve your listings.

Should you use EtsyHunt or Alura?

Both platforms give you a way to see trending products and help you to see some of your competitors. Or they can give you an idea of a new product to create. Both platforms also offer keyword research so you can find the best keyword phrases for your products to rank best. Trying the free trial of both could make sense.

EtsyHunt FAQ

It can be a little overwhelming to decide which tool to use to improve your Etsy shop. It may leave you with a lot of questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about EtsyHunt. 

When should I upgrade from a free EtsyHunt account?

The free plan is more than enough to get you started and really make an impact on your shop. As you will have access to many of the tools. But, if you want to dive deeper into your shop and be able to utilize the other tools that EtsyHunt offers, you may want to upgrade. You will be able to use the Listing Optimization tool on the paid plan. This is a great way to evaluate how your listings are doing. You can learn more about the EtsyHunt plans here.

How can EtsyHunt help me find what to sell?

When you use the Shop Analyzer tool, you are given an incredibly large list of Etsy stores that you can use to analyze and pull inspiration from. You can also use the Product Database to see what that store is selling and see more of their stats. You will be able to see their keywords, product tags, sales, shipping estimates, etc. So you will be able to get an idea of what is performing well. As well as how you can better your listings, or create new ones!

How will EtsyHunt help my Etsy store?

You are able to use their tools to boost your performance and get an edge over your competitors. You’re able to do this by providing you with the details from top-performing shops. You can take this information and improve your own listings and help your listings appear higher in searches.

EtsyHunt Review

Whether you are using it as a product database to find your next big product or to find ways to make your listings appear higher in search – EtsyHunt is able to help with that. If you are a new seller, this tool gives you a way to find a direction for your shop. And, you can learn from some of the top shops that are out there. 

The tools that EtsyHunt offers are simple and easy to use. They can save you time on product research providing you with all you need to know. This platform is a great way to make sure your shop is doing the best it can do and help it bring in more sales!

Sign up for EtsyHunt here.

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EtsyHunt Review

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EtsyHunt Review
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EtsyHunt Review

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