Etsy Views vs Visits (Clearly Explained)

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Whether you are an Etsy printables seller or sell other items on Etsy, it’s important to understand Etsy stats, which can be a helpful metric that can help you measure your Etsy shop’s success. Two commonly used metrics on Etsy are views and visits, but what’s the difference between the two, and how are they related?

While both metrics relate to the amount of traffic you shop and listings receive, they represent different aspects of that traffic.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the differences between Etsy views vs Visits and explore how these metrics can help you understand and improve your shop’s performance.

etsy views vs visits (explained clearly)

What are Etsy Stats and Why are they Important?

Etsy stats is how Etsy provides shop analytics to each seller. Understanding how your Etsy shop is performing is essential for making informed decisions about marketing and optimizing your listings.

Etsy sellers can use their analytics to track the success of their stop and gain insight into where their buyers are coming from, how they are interacting with their listings, and which products are generating the most interest.

By analyzing this data, you can find areas for improvement, such as listings that need to be reworked, and adjust your marketing strategy as needed. Using your Etsy stats also helps you to optimize your shop and drive more sales, which makes it a very valuable tool for any Etsy Seller.

Types of Etsy Stats

While understanding the differences between views and visits is important for tracking your Etsy shop’s performance, there are many other valuable Etsy stats that can help you improve your shop.

By taking a closer look at these metrics, you can gain insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your shop and identify opportunities for growth.

So, before diving into the nuances of views and visits, it’s worth exploring the range of Etsy stats available and how they can benefit your shop.

etsy dashboard snapshot
A look at one of our students’ Etsy dashboard


Orders are pretty straightforward, as they are the total number of orders that your Etsy shop has, but they should not be confused with the number of items that have sold, as those two metrics are different.

For example, a customer who orders from you might purchase 6 items within that order. This stat would only consider this to be one order that was placed at the same time by the same person.

This is why you can typically see a different number of orders and sales on your Etsy shop page vs your Etsy stats page. 


A conversion rate is a percentage that tells you how many people out of your total number of visits are actually buying from your Etsy shop.

This stat is incredibly important to many Etsy sellers because it informs them on how often people are seeing their products, but choosing not to buy them.

What’s a Good Etsy Conversion Rate?

Have you ever wondered what makes a good Etsy conversion rate? We’ve got you covered!

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Revenue is the total amount of money your Etsy shop has earned over a specified period of time. It does not include any fees that are subtracted from each individual sale. If you want to see what your net profit is, look under the finances tab.


Looking at the stats page, Etsy provides information about how your shoppers find you. This information is broken into the number of visits that Etsy brought to your shop which includes 3 categories: Etsy app & other Etsy pages, Etsy search, Etsy marketing & SEO, the number of visits you as the seller brought to your shop includes and also includes 3 categories: Direct & Other Traffic, Social Media, and Etsy Ads.

etsy how shoppers found you graphic
A look at one of our students’ traffic sources

Here’s a breakdown of what each of these stats means:

  • Etsy app & other Etsy Pages– the traffic you have received only from the app and excludes traffic from the Etsy search
  • Etsy Search– the traffic you have received from people searching on Etsy using the search bar 
  • Etsy Marketing & SEO– how much traffic you have received from Etsy’s offsite ads and other search engine searches, such as Google, to your shop.
  • Direct & Other Traffic– how much traffic you have coming in from buyers that may have typed in your exact URL link or clicked it if it was posted somewhere such as an email list, or blog.
  • Social Media- how much traffic you have coming in from social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, or Pinterest.
  • Etsy Ads- how much traffic you have coming in from the paid Ads that you have set up on Etsy for your listings.


Etsy provides a detailed look into the individual listings, showing the ones that are receiving the most views first. Additional information included is the number of favorites, the number of orders, and the total revenue of that specified listing.

This metric is very helpful to Etsy sellers as they can clearly see which of their listings are receiving the most traffic, as well as if the visits they are getting are actually converting to orders versus favorites.

What are Etsy Visits?

Etsy Visits refer to the number of times a person has visited your Etsy shop or store. This metric counts the number of unique visitors that have clicked through to your shop’s page or listings. For example, if you have 380 visits one day, that would indicate that 380 people viewed your shop or one of your listings that day.

Etsy explains visits as the following:

“Picture each visit you receive as a shopper visiting a boutique. That person might walk in, take a quick glance, and leave right away, or maybe browse around, picking up multiple products during the visit. Measuring traffic in visits is an industry standard because visits represent each opportunity you have to make a sale.

Etsy does refresh this stat a few times a day, as it is filtering out bots, a software program that does automated, repetitive tasks that try to imitate human user behavior. Some Etsy sellers will notice their stats looking odd or their numbers aren’t matching up, which is usually an indication that bots were looking at your listings.

Etsy sellers also notice towards the end of the day, their numbers may start decreasing and this is due to Etsy filtering out those bots from earlier. So while it may seem that your visits are going down, it is actually Etsy working in the background to get rid of the bots.

What are Etsy Views?

Etsy Views refer to the number of times a particular listing on Etsy has been viewed by a visitor or a potential customer. This metric is based on the number of times a listing’s page has been loaded in a web browser, regardless of whether the viewer is a unique visitor or not. In other words, if a person refreshes the page, it will count as an additional view.

Here’s a scenario: a potential customer was searching for a digital planner and found the one that they liked in your shop, but was curious about if you offered different style options. The potential customer then navigates to your Etsy shop page. The potential customer then proceeds to click on four additional listings, looking at the other types of digital planners.

This potential customer movement described above would count as only one visit but also would count as a total of 5 views- one being the initial view of your shop listing, then 4 additional views of the other listings in your shop. 

Etsy Views vs Visits Explained

To summarize, visits and views are two distinct metrics that provide insights into the performance of your Etsy shop. Visits represent the number of shoppers who visit either one of your listings or your shop page, regardless of how many listings they view. In contrast, views reflect the total number of listings that buyers look at. While visits and views can often be the same number, a buyer may visit your shop and view multiple listings, resulting in a higher number of views than visits.

Understanding your views is particularly important because it can indicate the level of interest that buyers have in your products. If a buyer views multiple listings, it suggests that they are engaged with your shop and may be more likely to make a purchase. By monitoring both visits and views, you can gain a better understanding of your shop’s performance and identify areas for improvement.

If you want to learn how to get more views and more sales in your Etsy shop, you need to understand what’s working and not working in your Etsy shop and what your Etsy shop’s data is telling you. You’ve probably taken a look at your Etsy shop stats and felt a little confused about all of the different categories of traffic, the difference between Etsy views and visits, and what it all means, so in this video, Taylor breaks them down for you and so you can understand your own shop’s stats and what you can do to increase your success on Etsy.

So, now that you understand the difference between visits and views, you may be wondering how to use this information to improve your shop. We’ll explore this topic in more depth in the following section. 

How to Use Stats to Improve Your Shop

Stats can be such a powerful Etsy marketing strategy that you can use to improve your shop, and that includes analyzing your views and visits. What is the difference between your views and visits? Are shoppers actually staying around your shop to look around? Are they viewing other listings? Or do they view just the one listing and keep on shopping elsewhere?

If you notice that visitors aren’t staying on your shop page for very long or aren’t viewing multiple listings, it could be an indication that there’s room for improvement. One way to address this is to work on linking your listings to related products in your shop.

You can do this by adding related products to your listing descriptions or by creating collections that showcase complementary items. By making it easy for shoppers to navigate through your shop and discover new products, you can encourage them to stay longer and potentially make a purchase.

Example of How to Use Your Stats

Let’s say that you sell a digital planner in your Etsy shop and you also sell digital stickers that could pair well with your planner, you can mention this in the description and add a clickable link to this listing! This will get shoppers to explore more of your shop and see that you have other listings to go with each other. 

Even if the listing isn’t an “add-on”, you can also link to products that are similar because maybe they are looking for a different style or design and what you list might meet the criteria of what they are looking for. Linking to similar products is a great way to keep buyers on your shop page rather than looking elsewhere for items to purchase.

Watch this quick video of one of our students, Sasha, explaining how to put a link that does not cross-promote other products and a shortened URL in your product descriptions.

Use your Photos

Another way you can redirect buyers to some of your other listings is to use one of your photo slots. Add an image or two of some of your related listings and you can even use a program like Canva to add text to these images and let customers know these are related products that can be found in your shop. You can even mention that the links to these products will be in the listing description.

Want to Learn More about Canva?

Canva is the #1 tool that all printable sellers should learn. You can make designs for free very quickly using Canva. Want to learn more about Canva?

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If your listing does have matching items, definitely include an image of the two together and mention that the matching item can be purchased separately. 

How Can I Increase my Etsy Views to Visits Ratio?

Visits are potentially a more important stat for your shop since it is how many people are interested in your listings or shop in general, but it’s equally important to increase the number of views to your listings. When you drive more traffic to your shop, you will increase your chance of making a sale and reaching a broader audience of potential customers.

Ways to increase your views:

  1. Link to other items in your product description. Using your description to direct buyers to your other products is not only great for increasing views but also for increasing your average order value. This is actually known as cross-selling and is an opportunity to make more money with the same number of visitors. 
  2. Update your titles and descriptions to be appealing to buyers and bring them in initially. 
  3. Have beautiful product photography that can not only encourage a buyer to look at that one listing but encourage them to look at your other listings as well. 
  4. Utilize the photo slots to draw more attention to other products. Surprisingly a lot of buyers don’t read the product description but they will sit and look through each and every image. So directing buyers to other listings with your images is a great opportunity.
  5. Keep your branding consistent so that it is obvious that your listings are related. If a buyer likes what they see in that first initial listing, it will make them want to look at your other listings as well.
  6. Make sure your products are unique. If your products look like everyone else’s then why would someone click on your listing and want to see more when they see items just like yours in the Etsy search? You want your products to be one-of-a-kind showstoppers that stop and get the buyer’s attention.

Getting more views on your Etsy shop is important for making more sales. By looking at your views and visits stats, you can see which listings are doing well and which ones need improvement. This information can help you make your shop better and attract more customers. So, don’t forget to use these stats to improve your shop!

Check out our friend Taylor showing you one-way Etsy sellers can increase their Etsy shop views – through consistent branding.

Common Questions about Etsy Views vs Visits

Maybe you still have a few questions about Etsy views and visits and that’s okay! Our aim is to provide you with all the necessary information, hence we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions that might be of help.

Which one is more important, views or visits?

There isn’t a clear answer to this one! Both can be important for analyzing your shop and just knowing that one can affect the other. So having visits means having views, but you can take steps to increase those views so it is more than just 1. 

Does Etsy count your own visits? 

Nope! Etsy knows when it’s you visiting your own listing pages. So it does not count your visit when you are logged in. 

How many times do your Etsy visits update per day?

The total visits refresh a few times per day. This gives Etsy the chance to eliminate that bot traffic and give you a more accurate number. It will typically give you a timestamp of when the last time it was updated. 

How often do your Etsy views update per day?

Listing views are updated in real-time, so this means you can always look to see the current total number.

Why are my visits lower on Etsy at the end of the day? 

Etsy filters out the bot traffic again at the end of the day, so this may lower your visit count. 

Is it possible to have Etsy views and no visits? 

Yes, this can typically happen when there is an issue with updating the numbers. If one was updated right at that current moment and one hasn’t updated in 4 hours, then the numbers could be incorrect and confusing.  

How many views are good on Etsy?

Really, it all depends on whether your views actually convert into sales. If they aren’t, then the number of views really doesn’t matter too much. It’s better to focus on having a good conversion rate and learning how to convert views into sales.

Final Thoughts

Etsy views and visits provide valuable insights into the traffic your shop receives. By monitoring these statistics, you can determine if buyers are showing interest in multiple listings or just browsing through one.

Knowing the difference between these metrics can help you improve your shop and you can leverage this information to boost your page views. Consider trying some of our suggestions in your shop and watch the increase in your numbers rise!

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Etsy Views vs Visits

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Etsy Views vs Visits

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