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Cody and Julie here from Gold City Ventures and together we have three Etsy shops, TheSwagElephant, PintoPrintables, and GoldCityTemplates. The third Etsy shop name was easy to come up with since it is our company name plus the word template which is the product we sell.

The first two Etsy shop names we completely came up with from scratch. Julie went with a random animal name for TheSwagElephant and Cody went with a horse breed plus the product he sells (printables) for PintoPrintables. It was actually Cody’s second shop name since he changed his mind a few months into making his shop after he decided he didn’t like his first name anymore.

You can take a similar approach for your shop name and choose either an animal or your company name plus the product you sell. Or, you can take our advice here and read our list of 99 good name ideas below.

How to Pick Your Etsy Shop Name

First, before we get into our list of name ideas.. here are some rules to follow when picking your Etsy shop name.

  1. Choose a name under 20 characters
  2. Pick something easy for the customer to remember
  3. Check to see if what you want is already taken or close to it
  4. Think if you are building a brand beyond Etsy
  5. Don’t use another company’s trademark in the name
  6. Know you can change the name later so don’t overthink it!

A lot of people really let picking the name serve as a form of procrastination in opening their shop. Don’t let the shop name hold you back!

We highly recommend just picking something to get the shop open and rebranding later if you choose. We’ll get into how to change the Etsy shop name later in this article.

Ideas for Good Etsy Shop Names

Julie of Gold City Ventures picked her Etsy shop name randomly and has kept it!

If you are getting stuck on the Etsy shop name, here are some ideas that might spark an idea of your own. Don’t overthink it!

  1. Put the product you sell in the title
  2. Put your first name in the title
  3. Use your blog name if you have one
  4. Use your first and middle names combined
  5. Name it after the closest city to where you live
  6. Include your favorite animal
  7. Name your brand after your kids
  8. Pick your favorite color plus flower combination
  9. Pick an adjective plus a noun
  10. Name it after a holiday around when people might buy your product
  11. Name if after the closest niche to what you sell
  12. Name it after something that terrifies you
  13. Name it after a hobby you love (SingingMama)
  14. Name it based on your relationship to others (YourFavoriteAuntie)
  15. Include your mood in the title
  16. Use repeating letters (PineappleParties)
  17. Pick a name that describes your ideal customer
  18. Describe your favorite movie character
  19. Completely make up a word that sounds cool to you
  20. Pick two opposites and put them together
  21. Name it after a shade of color that you love
  22. Pick the funniest name you can think of
  23. Pick a name that your ideal customer would think is funny
  24. Ask your friends and family for ideas
  25. Use an online random name generator
  26. Put your day job in the title if you have one
  27. Put your dream for the business in the title
  28. Put where you’d rather be in the title (RatherBeOnTheBeach)
  29. Put why you are saving money in the title (MyCollegeFund)
  30. Use a username that you’ve had for awhile
  31. Pick your Instagram, TikTok or other social media handle
  32. Spell a common word a little differently
  33. Pick a weird hobby you are into and include it
  34. Describe your celebrity crush
  35. Pick your favorite food
  36. Incorporate your dream travel destination
  37. Add “The” plus an adjective plus a noun (TheBarkingDalmation)
  38. Create your own superhero and name your shop after that
  39. Describe yourself in a weird way (NailBitingNeil)
  40. Make it rhyme
  41. Think of a word that describes your favorite person then use the opposite of that word
  42. Think of something spiritual that calls to you
  43. If your products will be spicy, pick something spicy
  44. Ask a partner to describe you and use that
  45. Open a random page in the first book you see and use a play on that word
  46. Include where the products are made
  47. Include a reference to shop, designs, products etc
  48. Include the word store
  49. Include a body part plus an adjective (RustedElbow)
  50. Complete this sentence “I’m Always___” and choose Always__
  51. Do the same for Never
  52. Include a mythical creature
  53. Pick your favorite holiday decor plus shop (Oh hey, Christmas tree shop!)
  54. Smush two words together into one
  55. Smush three words together into one
  56. Invent a dreamland like Candyland and call it ___land
  57. Imagine a planet where they only had your product __Planet
  58. Use a title plus something else MissLashBusiness or MrBeadedNecklaces
  59. Think of something keyword friendly
  60. Think of something from your childhood plus your product (BraceletDoll)
  61. Name it after your pet
  62. Name if after your town
  63. Name it after a grandparent
  64. Include your college mascot in the title
  65. Make it sound like a tv program (TheBeadedBraceletShow)
  66. Describe the material you use to make the products (RusticWoodenThings)
  67. Pick something that reminds you of home
  68. Pick a smell that you love plus something else
  69. Pick a childhood crush’s name
  70. Fill in this sentence.. I made stuff for__people and turn that into something (CraftyPeopleLoveMe)
  71. I Love ___
  72. Put something ironic
  73. Search on Reddit in the niche that you’re interested in and see if anything catches your eye
  74. Pick a cheesy name that sounds almost fake like an infomercial
  75. Pick a super serious name that makes your brand sound elegant if required for the niche
  76. Pick something that is one word long
  77. Add Co to the end of the name
  78. Imagine your bestselling product and describe it
  79. What will you buy with your first Etsy sale proceeds? Include that
  80. Pick an animal that you love but add a mood to the front (StubbornHorse)
  81. Describe a neighbor on your street
  82. Think about how long it takes you to make the product and incorporate that (100Hours)
  83. Add a color in front of a noun (TheGreenWizard)
  84. Describe your checkout experience (SwiftPurchase)
  85. Pick your dream city to visit (MeltOverMadrid)
  86. Think of how you answer the phone (HelloMother)
  87. Ask your Facebook friends to give you ideas
  88. Go to a random word generator and keep going into you find something you like
  89. Google random letters and see what words pop up
  90. Pick a word in another language
  91. Include a household object
  92. Include something trending on Google Trends
  93. Search Pinterest or TikTok for Inspiration
  94. Describe a current event in other words
  95. Describe how you want your customer to feel (SatisfiedSally)
  96. See what your competition named their shop and go in the opposite direction
  97. Use a common phrase
  98. Pick words from something in the public domain
  99. Just pick something because you can always change it!

Hopefully, the ideas above got your brain thinking about something that you can possibly go with for your Etsy shop name. People really do pick names all across the board and it doesn’t change the results for their shop very much in either direction.

Etsy Shop Names of Successful Sellers

We use the tool eRank here at Gold City Ventures to help us boost our shop listings and eRank says the shops that sold the most yesterday were the following:

  1. Beadboat1
  2. CaitlynMinimalist
  3. HeatherRobertsArt
  4. KJewelryMetal
  5. Ilovelotus
  6. Spoonflower
  7. ModParty
  8. HappyKawaiiSupplies
  9. LuckyHeartDesignsCo
  10. SartorMasks

You can see these are pretty random names and one even includes a number! So don’t stress about picking your Etsy shop name. Just do it so you can get started and start seeing the sales roll in.

How to Change Your Etsy Shop Name

The best thing to know is that you can totally change your Etsy shop name if you decide you hate it down the road.

That is what Cody of Gold City Ventures did with his original shop name before he changed it to PintoPrintables. He just decided a few months into his shop that he didn’t like it.

His customers didn’t care and it was still early enough that it was easy to rebrand.

That is why we think just picking a name in your shop at first should be somewhat quick since you know you can always pick something you love more later down the road. Of course, that is if you haven’t invested tons in the packaging that says the brand name.

According to the Etsy Seller Handbook, you can go to Settings > Info & Appearance > Click change next to Shop name.

No one can use your old shop name even if you choose to change it so don’t worry about anyone taking your old brand. You still are limited to the 20 characters when you change the name.

You can change your shop name up to 5 times says Etsy but any more than that, you need to contact Etsy support and have them help you change it manually.

Personally, we recommend changing the name just 2-3 times if you need to change it. Julie has never changed her Etsy shop names and it hasn’t been a problem for her yet.

Of course, a rebrand could always be something she pursues down the road and loves that Etsy gives that option should she need it.

How to Know if Your Shop Name is Trademarked

The Etsy Seller Handbook also has some tips on how to check if your shop name is trademarked. This means that another company has filed for rights to use this name and you may be infringing upon their rights if you choose to use it as well.

They recommend using the trademark search tool in the US and searching your local trademark authority if located outside of the US.

The results when you search the US Trademark database for “Beautiful Designs”

An example of something that would be a definite “no-no” to use in your Etsy shop name would be anything Disney-related or Harry Potter-related. Those are definitely trademarked names and those companies regularly facilitate the removal of shops and products that infringe upon their trademark.

This is not something to worry about if you used our ideas above since the name you will pick will hopefully be so unique to you that it is not used anywhere else.

If you are really stuck here are some more examples of how to pick your shop name.

Checking Social Media for Your Shop Name

Even beyond checking for trademarks, we recommend finding out if your shop name was used on social media accounts or someone else has created a blog or website with the name. It may not matter for copyright but it may be confusing for customers who try to look you up for repeat sales and then find their accounts.

If you do find your shop name was used before, don’t stress! Sometimes, you can purchase the domain name (or website name) from the previous seller if you message them. Don’t do this with social media accounts though since passing social media accounts to a new person for money is not allowed in many terms and conditions.

Once you do get your shop name, we recommend grabbing the related Instagram and other social media handles so you always know you have them if you choose to build out your marketing later.

Need Help with Your Etsy Shop?

Be sure to check out the products and courses we offer at GoldCityVentures.com. We have a free ebook of 65 product ideas to sell in your Etsy shop to help you get started.

We’ve been selling for years now and our focus is on digital products that help you better scale your time and give the greatest return in terms of money.

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Julie Berninger

Julie Berninger

Julie Berninger earns over $1,000 per month in her Etsy Shop for printables, The Swag Elephant. Julie also has a lifestyle blog, Millennial Boss, and hosted a financial independence podcast, Fire Drill. She co-founded Gold City Ventures with Cody Berman to help others start profitable online businesses.
Julie Berninger

Julie Berninger

Julie Berninger earns over $1,000 per month in her Etsy Shop for printables, The Swag Elephant. Julie also has a lifestyle blog, Millennial Boss, and hosted a financial independence podcast, Fire Drill. She co-founded Gold City Ventures with Cody Berman to help others start profitable online businesses.

Learn how to start a business selling printables on Etsy!

Meet Julie & Cody

Julie Berninger and Cody Berman of Gold City Ventures have made thousands selling printables and digital downloads in their Etsy shops and on Shopify. They help others start printable businesses with their programs and templates.

Learn how to start a business selling printables on Etsy!

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