Black Friday Sales Roundup for Etsy Sellers 2022

Etsy reported nearly 96M users this past year which means the opportunity to make money on Etsy is huge right now.

Despite those big customers numbers approximately 65% of Etsy sellers are earning less than $100 per year. What??!

Here are 5 categories of products that Etsy sellers might need next year in order to have the best chance of results on Etsy.

And there are Black Friday product sales for all of these categories to help you get started more affordably.

We are digital product sellers here at Gold City Ventures but most of these products can help both handmade and digital product sellers improve their sales.

The links below may be affiliate links which means Gold City Ventures may receive a commission should you choose to purchase.

Keyword Research Tools

Etsy shops that do keyword research are more likely to hit four and five figure monthly revenue numbers.

We don’t have a stat on this but at Gold City Ventures we’ve taken over 9,000 students through our E-Printables course which teaches how to start an Etsy shop selling printables for near passive income.

The most successful shops not only do keyword research to find good tags to attach to each listing after they have made the product.

They also do keyword research up front so that they pick the best products from day 1.

This means that every product they make and list in their shop has the keyword volume to justify the time spent producing the product.

The successful sellers don’t even think about making products where they see low search volume and high competition.

If your keyword research and SEO game needs an upgrade, check out these tools below which have Black Friday Sales.

Sale Samurai for keyword search volume – $39.99 for 6 months with code

Etsy Seller Resources
Quick and easy keyword search volume estimates with the Sale Samurai chrome extension

Sale Samurai has both a Chrome Extension that makes browsing on Etsy easier and a dashboard where you can dig into insights more deeply.

We love the Chrome Extension for seeing quick keyword search volume estimates while you are browsing Etsy.

This can help with product research before you even commit to making the product.

Until Cyber Monday, get the Sale Samurai membership plan for 6 months at $39.99 with our special coupon. This is like paying $6.66/mo!

Sign up here for the Sale Samurai Black Friday deal. Use code goldcityventures to get the special pricing from now until Monday, November 28th.

And if you’re not quite ready and want to read more about it, we have a full review of Sale Samurai features here to explore.

We love the Chrome Extension.

Insightfactory for trend analysis – $149.99 for one year of premium

Etsy Seller Resources
Search on ‘christmas’ and ‘digital products’ to see what is trending on Etsy this week.

This tool is a newer tool to us and one that was recommended by our international seller friends but it’s good for U.S. sellers too.

You can do trend analysis fairly easily and affordably AND best of all you can filter on digital products.

This tool can give you ideas of what products to make that are hot on Etsy right now.

The Black Friday deal is $149.99 for one year of access to the premium version of the tool. Deal is open now and closes Monday, November 28th and no coupon code needed.

Sign up for Insightfactory here.

This deal expires on Cyber Monday.

EtsyHunt keyword research tool – 50% off the pro plan for 3 months with code

Etsy Seller Resources
Using Etsy Hunt’s keywords tool to search on Google web search trends.

EtsyHunt is another tool that has some great options for digital product sellers.

We love that you can actually filter on digital products when you are using the dashboard since sometimes it can be cumbersome to dig through all the handmade search results with keyword research.

The Black Friday deal is a 50%-off discount on the PRO plan. Customers need to redeem the code between Oct, 24th to Nov, 25th to enjoy the deal for the next three months.

The code is: EH2022 until November 25th.

Sign up for the EtsyHunt deal here.

Not ready to commit to EtsyHunt just yet?

We published a review of the EtsyHunt tool with more screenshots here.

Make sure to use code EH2022 when signing up.

Alura keyword research tool – 40% off your first month with code

Alura is another great tool for product research that provides estimated monthly revenue for certain listings.

Many sellers use it to see what is currently selling on Etsy before they invest their time and energy making a new product.

Like any keyword research tool, the monthly revenue estimates are just estimates but this can be hugely helpful and save you lots of time later.

You can use code ALURA-BFCM-40% which gives Gold City Ventures readers 40% off their first month.

Sign up for Alura here and don’t forget to grab the code.

The code expires on December 31st.

We’re guessing that most Etsy sellers skip tracking their financials in a spreadsheet. Don’t do this!

Not only does it make it super annoying to add up the totals around tax time but you also may be burying good information that would help you make more informed business decisions about your shop.

Etsy Seller Spreadsheet by Paper + Spark – 30% off

Etsy Seller Resources
This Etsy shop financials spreadsheet will be 30% off making it $68

This product is a new one that we recently fell in love with here at Gold City Ventures. It’s an Etsy Seller spreadsheet created by Etsy seller and CPA, Janet LeBlanc, over at Paper + Spark.

If taxes and bookkeeping kind of worry you, this spreadsheet has you covered.

Here is what you can do with this magical wizard of a spreadsheet.

  1. Quickly import Etsy data – Save time by quickly importing your Etsy sales each month, along with some of your Etsy fees & sales taxes collected. The spreadsheet takes the data it needs for you, making less work for you.
  2. See all your sales in one place – You can also manually input your sales from all your other sources, such as Paypal, eBay, your own site, craft shows, etc.
  3. Plug in business expenses & receipts – Your spreadsheet keeps track of your expenses, too. Expenses categories each have their own tab. As you make purchases or pay bills throughout the month, you can enter your expenses in the matching category. Now you’ll have precise tracking of your expense totals for tax time and your accountant will love you!
  4. Make tax time a breeze – The spreadsheet is set up to make tax time simple for you. The revenue & expense categories roughly correlate to the ones on your business’ tax forms, making the process of doing your taxes a lot more streamlined and less stressful for you or your accountant.
  5. Calculate net profit or loss each month – Know instantly whether your biz is making a profit or a loss throughout the year, enabling you to make smarter budgeting and goal-setting decisions.
  6. Deal with sales taxes – The Etsy Seller Spreadsheet includes a tab that will quickly tell you some of the most important data for your state sales tax return, including total in-state sales each month, and sales per state for economic nexus tracking.

If this is something you’ve wanted to organize for your business, grab the spreadsheet here.

All spreadsheets will be 30% off November 22-29th with no coupon code needed. The Etsy Seller spreadsheet we recommend will be $68.

We always regret the scramble that happens around tax time to sort through our finances so love the idea of getting this organized sooner with Janet’s spreadsheet.

Legal Templates by Dr. Lucrezia Lapichino – 50% off with code

Etsy Seller Resources
This bundle includes a template for Etsy sellers of digital products and a bonus for $98.50.

Lucrezia worked as an international lawyer and university lecturer (LLB, LLM, PhD) for over 15 years in different countries. She has helped over 20,000 business owners protect their business legally with her courses and templates.

Lucrezia is running a Black Friday sale from Monday, November 21st till Monday, November 28th, 11.59 pm EST.

The deal is 40% OFF on all courses and templates with coupon code BLACKFRIDAYWEEK.

Her legal bundle for $98.50 with code includes the following:

  • Done-for-you Privacy Policy Template
  • Done-for-you Terms & Conditions Template
  • Done-for-you Disclaimer Template
  • Done-for-you Disclosure Template
  • Done-for-you Copyright Notice Template
  • Terms & Conditions for Printables – perfect for the listing description and terms on your Etsy shop, Shopify shop, your own website, and all other platforms to sell printables (value $157)
  • Cookie Policy Template (value $47)
  • Refund and Return Policy Template (value $157)
  • Governing Law Clause (value $97)
  • Mandatory Arbitration Clause & Class Action Waiver (value $157)
  • Cease-and-desist Letter Template (value $197)
  • DMCA Takedown Notice Template (value $197)

Check out her offering of legal templates for 50% off here.

Don’t forget the coupon code BLACKFRIDAYWEEK.

Templates to Make Products Faster

We are huge fans of using templates here at Gold City Ventures to speed up our digital product creation process.

Many templates labeled PLR or those that come with commercial use rights allow you to purchase them, edit, tweak and then resell on your site to customers for personal use.

Gold City Ventures Commercial Use Templates – 50% off

Etsy Seller Resources
All templates in the Gold City Ventures store are 50% off through November 30th!

We have dozens of Canva template bundles for you to browse as well as some Illustrator templates.

All were chosen based on potential for sales using keyword research.

Some of the newer templates include:

  • travel packing lists
  • family tree charts
  • tooth fairy kit bundle
  • baby shower kit bundle
  • ADHD planner
  • & more!

Our entire templates store is 50% off through November 30th at Midnight. All templates come with commercial use rights.

No coupon code is needed and 50% off discount applies at checkout.

Check out the commercial use templates for our 50% off sale here.

Tip! Don’t be worried about market saturation with templates because you can use each template set to make dozens of other products. No need to create your own lines and checkboxes when you can get started with our templates.

Your Frugal Friend courses and templates – 40% off with code

Sasha’s courses and templates are 40% off now through Nov. 28th

Sasha Hutchison is a good friend of ours and member of the Gold City Ventures team. She was a student back in 2019 of our E-Printables course and went on to become a top 1% seller on Etsy.

Now she has launched her own line of commercial use templates and courses.

Her specialty is helping sellers turn printable PDFs into fillable PDFs that they can sell of more on Etsy.

Here are Sasha’s Black Friday deals (all courses and templates now 40% off):

  • Fillable PDF Course
  • Create Videos to Sell More Digital Products Course
  • 85 Handprint and Footprint Crafts
  • In Case of Emergency Binder
  • 12 Canva Templates to Make Fillable
  • 264 Lunch Box Notes

Use coupon code BLACK40 to grab the 40% off sale that ends November 28th.

Check out her Black Friday sales page here before Cyber Monday ends.

PLR Printable Store – 50% planner template pack with code

Etsy Seller Resources
50% off this 188 page pack through November 28th

This planner template pack has 188 pages – wow!

Get started with helping your customers with financial planning, daily planning, & more. There is also a quickstart Canva training included with sale.

Be sure to use the “50offorder” coupon code active during Black Friday week storewide including on this product to get the discount.

The sale is active November 21st – November 28th.

Check out the template pack for 50% off here through Cyber Monday.

Pro Planner Template Pack by Carmia Jordan – $29

Etsy Seller Resources

We’ll say it once, we’ll say it again. We love templates.

With the Pro Planner Template Pack, you’ll have access to 36 done-for-you planner pages that you can use to create your own printable planner in one day or less.

Carmia is currently running a 40% off holiday promotion making her templates just $29. No code needed.

Check out the Pro Planner Template Pack here.

Using templates to create your planners is seriously such a time saver.

Etsy Seller Trainings and Courses

We know it’s frustrating to have to spend money to make money but the best Etsy sellers know this can be a shortcut to success.

It’s also a way to exchange ideas with other motivated sellers. The vibe in paid trainings is just much more serious and supportive than in free groups.

We have a series of free and paid courses to help Etsy sellers add digital products to their shops. Over 9,000 students have taken our paid program, E-Printables.

Here are some great Black Friday week sales on courses from our friends in this niche.

PDF Glow Up by Michelle & Aimee – 50% off with code

Etsy Seller Resources
We love their branding and their amazing courses!

We have business crushes on Michelle Rohr and Aimee Johanan because their branding is just so, so beautiful. They spend time making their digital products, their courses, their sales pages, and their templates just look great – and it feels like a luxury experience for the student.

We have taken the Digital Planner Template Kit, their Canva Templates Kit, and Passive Income Planner Girl and LOVED them.

Their holiday sale is 50% off on the courses above and one you don’t want to miss! One of their courses, PDF Glow Up, is on sale for just $25 this shopping season and we just had to tell you about it.

PDF Glow Up is the starter course to creating a digital planner if you are looking for something more affordable but still giving you the tools you need to create your own digital planner.

Check out PDF Glow Up here. Code HOLIDAY is provided on sales pages.

For $25, it’s an absolute steal and just in time for the digital planner market to take off in January for the new year’s rush.

Email for Etsy by Lauren Keplinger – $30 off

Etsy Seller Resources
This email marketing course will be $117 on November 22nd only

Lauren Keplinger hosts a popular Etsy seller podcast and made it big selling six figures of handmade products in her Etsy shop.

Her course Email for Etsy teaches you how to grow an email list to earn more revenue is on sale for November 22nd only on her website.

The bonuses for her course also include an email planning calendar, subject lines, and content ideas which can help you if you get writers block.

Lauren’s promotions Black Friday week include daily sales on her 3 courses:

  • Email for Etsy ($30 off) on Tuesday, November 22
  • Canva Graphic Bundle (52% off – $19) on Wednesday, November 23
  • Traffic Accelerator ($50 off) on Friday, November 25

No coupon code needed.

Check out Lauren’s Black Friday deals here.

Email is definitely something sellers overlook but can be a big revenue driver for your shop.

Create Digital Planners with One Note by The Better Grind – 50% off

Etsy Seller Resources
Michelle’s course on One Note planners is just $74 through November 28th

Michelle Watson of The Better Grind has made five figures selling One Note digital planner templates on Etsy.

They are a high priced product that is perfect for sellers who are looking for a product to make and sell that will have a high return on their time. No $2 sales with this product!

Michelle took our E-Printables course and has evolved as a business owner into a course creator and seller too!

The course will take you from zero knowledge of Microsoft OneNote to having your first OneNote Notebook listed on Etsy in a weekend!

The course will teach you…

  • What Microsoft OneNote is. No experience needed!!
  • How to create a OneNote notebook step-by-step with commercial use templates included!
  • How to export and package OneNote notebooks for sale on Etsy (more templates included!!)
  • And more!

From November 25 – 28, her signature course, Create Digital Notebooks with Microsoft OneNote, will be on sale for $74 (regularly priced $148). No code needed.

Join the One Note course here.

These templates can go for $20+ on Etsy and are an example of a profitable product you could sell.

Create Digital Stickers for Non-Artists by Wild & Solo – 50% off with code

Etsy Seller Resources
Michelle of Wild & Solo is known for her best-selling digital stickers course!

This is one of the top courses we’ve shared with our community because everyone loves stickers. It’s from Michelle Simpkin of Wild & Solo who is a planner and digital stickers lover and expert.

Michelle’s Digital Stickers for Non-Artists course is super comprehensive and her video tutorials are easy to follow. Typically, the course is $247 but will be 50% off through November 29th.

Julie first took the course two years ago one Friday night with a glass of wine when she was having “me time” and became obsessed with digital stickers. Her Etsy shop sold digital stickers every day last holiday season so it was a good investment and a fun course experience.

In the course you will learn how to:

  • Create beautiful, fun digital stickers for digital planners (think planners you use on a tablet)
  • Examples include:
    • Post it notes
    • Washi tape
    • Word and quote stickers
    • Basic shapes
    • Charms
    • Widgets
    • Picture frames
    • Creating stickers with clip art while respecting the designer
    • Turn your own photos into digital stickers
  • Package up your digital stickers so your customers are happy (and keep coming back for more!)
  • Set up your digital stickers in Etsy, then market your digital stickers in a way that embraces who you are

These are the sales Michelle is running until the 29th with codes.

Check out the Digital Stickers for Non-Artists course here for $50 off.

You won’t regret learning how to make these stickers and you might even start using a digital planner yourself going into the new year!

Website by Number by Christie Etter for $97

Etsy Seller Resources

Christie Etter is a Canva Creator, self-taught website designer and printable shop owner and has come up with an incredibly fun and easy way to build your own website!

Her Website By Number in Canva includes 5 templates you can quickly and easily publish:

– One Page Website

– Sales Page (long-form)

– Opt-in Page

– Thank You Page

– Tripwire Page

That’s a whole website and funnel for just $97! The regular price is $147, which is still an incredible deal, but for this week November 24th through November 28th at midnight PST, you can get $50 off the regular price! 

Grab the Website by Number course deal here.

No code needed because it auto-applies at checkout.

Get Your Keywords Together by Pay at Home Parent – $32.90 with code

Etsy Seller Resources
Trinity gets north of 200k pageviews per month on her blog and shares her secrets

Trinity Owen of Pay at Home Parent has put together an ebook to help those with their own website figure out how to drive organic traffic from search engines with keywords.

And all the keyword tools she uses in the ebook are free.

The sale will be from Nov 22nd to 29th, 30% off of $47 making it $32.90 with code.

Check out the ebook deal here with code GOLDCITY.

This product is best for shop owners with a blog too although learning how to keyword research for Google is helpful for any online business owner.

Julie of Gold City Ventures has earned over 6 figures with her blog so she knows this type of training has high ROI for bloggers.

Pinterest Popular by Nadalie Bardo – 50% off at $297

Etsy Seller Resources
Every course of Nadalie’s is 50% off and we recommend Pinterest Popular

Nadalie Bardo gave a very informative Pinterest workshop to our members and we were blown away!

From now until November 28th her flagship course, Pinterest Popular is 50% off.

Understanding Pinterest can help you drive more traffic to your Etsy shop since many shoppers browse Pinterest for ideas.

Sign up for Pinterest Popular here. No code needed.

Our favorite phrase is that Pinterest and Etsy go together like peanut butter and jelly!

Kindle Creation Challenge by Share Your Brilliance – 50% off with code

Etsy Seller Resources
$73.50 with code BlackFriday50 for this course

D’vorah of Share Your Brilliance helps creators with commercial use templates and courses.

We were intrigued by the Kindle Creation Challenge program.

Get ready to publish your first or next book!

In this program, you’ll discover how to quickly and easily create, format, publish and market highly attractive Kindle books – from New or Existing Content.

You’ll discover a variety of ways to transform your words into attractive, well-formatted, Kindle eBooks.

The Share Your Brilliance entire product suite of 18 workshops is 50% off now with BlackFriday50 coupon code until November 30th.

Check out Kindle Creation Challenge here for $73.50 with coupon code BlackFriday50.

Kindle is another income stream and platform for Etsy digital product sellers to checkout for selling digital products.

SEO Blog Post Training by Out and Beyond – 30% off with code

Etsy Seller Resources
Well worth the $68 for this class!

Aisha Preece of Out and Beyond is an expert blogger who gets thousands and thousands of pageviews to her blog.

We are very picky about blogging courses and offerings and wholeheartedly recommend this affordable one because we know Aisha knows exactly what she is talking about!

In this masterclass you’ll learn:

  • What is SEO and how does it work?
  • How to find topics that Google loves?
  • How to create a great blog post outline?
  • How many words should my blog post be?
  • How to find excellent SEO keywords without an expensive keyword tool? 
  • How do I SEO optimize my blog posts?
  • What are the EXACT steps I need to take to start getting organic traffic from Google?
  • How do I write the perfect blog post that will drive traffic to my site?

Grab the $97 masterclass training for 30% off now through the 25th with code FRIYAY.

Check out SEO Blog Training here by Aisha before Black Friday ends.

If you have a blog this can be a great way to drive traffic to your Etsy shop if you link to your listings.

Unstoppable Etsy Seller Bundle by Shop Studio Sisters – $499

Etsy Seller Resources
Get the courses in this mega bundle deal above plus the bonuses listed below on Black Friday

The Shop Studio Sisters are six-figure Etsy sellers that just crush it in all aspects of the game. We love stickers and they sell stickers in their Etsy shop. They have alot to offer digital product sellers who want to next level their shops too.

Their new Unstoppable Etsy Seller Bundle is on sale just for Black Friday (no code needed), including the best-selling Etsy training course, Dream, Create, Sell, where Etsy sellers have joined and made 3-4 Figure+ months in just 6 months of being in their program…

Their Unstoppable Etsy Seller Bundle includes the following courses:

  • Dream Sell Create
  • The Creative Reel Mini Course  
  • Canva for Etsy Sellers Mini Course*
  • Email Marketing for Etsy Sellers*
  • Etsy Seller Organization Kit*

Note: The Shop Studio Sisters are one of the only sellers in the niche right now offering a Reels course for makers that we are so excited about and luckily The Creative Reel is included in the bundle!

The starred * courses above are pre-sale at a discount and will be available December 26th.


  • New Etsy Seller Secrets guidebook
  • Handmade Product Content calendar membership
  • 2023 Etsy Shop Planning masterclass
  • Plus a bonus product bundle

This bundle for Black Friday is $499 here.

If you haven’t seen them around, you’ll also be pleased to see that their branding is always on-point too. We’re super excited in the value offered in this mega bundle of their courses, guidebooks, and masterclasses.

From Planners to Profits by Karen Kohn – 50% off with code

Etsy Seller Resources
Just $98.50 for Karen’s flagship Planners business course!

Karen of Determined to Love Mondays turned her 2 planner shops into a five-figure business and teaches others to do the same in her course, Planners to Profits.

You’ll learn:

  • Product Development Strategy
  • Bundling Strategy
  • Low-Risk Pricing Strategy
  • Sales Strategy
  • Etsy Ads Strategy
  • Customer Reviews Strategy
  • Testing Strategy to Increase Sales
  • Keyword Search Strategy for Etsy Ads
  • Data Collection Strategy

Planners to Profits will be 50% Off from November 23 – 28. Coupon code is SAVEBIG.

Sign up for Planners to Profits here. We’re excited to see more growing planner businesses.

PLR Templates and Courses by Simply Couture Designs – 40% off with code

Etsy Seller Resources

Carmen Chan of Simply Couture Designs offers super affordable courses and PLR templates for digital product sellers.

She’s offering 40% off all products including PLR templates, clip art, line art packs and Canva product mockup templates, from 11/24/22 to 11/28/22 at 11:59pm PST.

Use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY22 to save.

Check out Carmen’s templates and courses here.

This is a super affordable way to get started selling printable products on Etsy. If you catch the sale before the 23rd, you can get 50% off the same products with the code PREBLACK22.

DIY Sticker Guide by Love From Mim – 30% off for $19

Etsy Seller Resources
Very affordable pricing for this stickers mini-course at $19

Mim Jenkinson has a passion for sticker-making and has turned her love of stickers into an online business.

This month she is doing 30% off her sticker-making mini course – the DIY Sticker Guide.


  • Tutorials to start making stickers in Silhouette Studio or Cricut Design Space
  • Tools & Equipment Guide
  • How to use Colours, Patterns + Fonts + Resource Guides
  • Printable Sticker-Making Ideas + Inspo Guide and Tracker
  • Printable Trackers and Checklists to get started FAST
  • BONUS Pre-made Sticker Sheet Templates! (value $55)
  • BONUS Weekly Kit Tutorial + Template (value $37)
  • BONUS Lifetime access

So it’s $19 instead of $27 now until November 30th. No coupon code needed.

Check out the DIY Sticker Guide here. We love stickers and know this will be a fun one.

Plus it’s a super affordable price for just getting started.

Printables SEO Academy by Becky Beach – 50% off with code

Etsy Seller Resources
Grab Becky’s course for $73.50 with coupon code HALFOFF22 through December 1st

Becky Beach has made 5 figures selling printables for personal use on her blog, Mom Beach.

She uses SEO strategies to drive organic traffic to her blog to sell the printables on her site.

In her course Printables SEO Academy, you will learn how to:

  • Use SEO to sell printables
  • Use free and low-cost SEO tools
  • Learn YouTube SEO
  • Create flipbook videos for YouTube and Etsy using PowerPoint, Canva, and other tools
  • Google keyword research
  • backlinking for SEO
  • on-page SEO
  • how to get mentions in top media like Forbes, Business Insider, the Huffington Post, and others.

Her course (and all her courses) are 50% off November 24th – December 1st with code HALFOFF22.

Check out the Printables SEO Academy here for $73.50 with code.

This is a good course since it focuses on selling printables through a blog which isn’t covered as much in other printables courses we have seen.

Digital Planner Design Courses by Cupcakes & Haystacks – 50% off

Etsy Seller Resources

Jayme Ballard of Cupstakes & Haystacks sells some beautiful templates and has great courses to match!

Her focus is on digital planners which have been exploding with popularity over the past couple of years.

This design course will show you exactly how to create realistic landscape-style digital planners and journals from scratch using Apple Keynote (Mac) or Affinity Publisher (Mac or PC).

Her holiday sale runs November 21st – December 3rd and includes:

  • The Extraordinary Digital Planner Design Course: 50% off
  • The Extraordinary Landscape Digital Planner Template Bundle: 50% off
  • The Extraordinary Digital Advent Calendar Template Bundle: 50% off
  • The Extraordinary Sales Page Design Course: 25% off

We’re eyeing the digital advent calendar template bundle and the sales page design course since those are two products that aren’t commonly seen in our niche and super useful to know how to make!

Her courses range from $69 – $300+ each with coupon codes provided on the sales pages.

If you’ve been thinking about designing and selling digital planners, this is one of the top creators out there.

Check out Jayme’s holiday sale page here.

In addition to teaching you all about digital planners, you’ll also receive a bunch of bonuses with each purchase like Etsy listing templates and social media templates.

Learn Brush Lettering by Lemon Thistle – 30% off with code

Etsy Seller Resources
Want to learn brush lettering for under $100?

Some of you may be interested in handmade creative pursuits so we thought we would mention that the Lemon Thistle Learn Brush Lettering course is 30% with code FRIYAY November 24th through 28th.


  • A 50+ page practical workbook PDF you can print over and over (full of examples, traceables, and lots of variations)
  • 7 Course Modules break down learning into bite-size pieces to take you from picking a pen to flourishing
  • Video tutorials and examples ranging from holding your pen to connecting letters to reworking a composition to finished design

Check out Learn Brush Lettering here with code FRIYAY.

The Etsy Entrepreneur by Sharon Tseung – 20% off with code

Etsy Seller Resources

Sharon took two years off corporate America to travel the world as a digital nomad. She grew her Etsy shop to over $1,000 per month to help her fund her travels.


  • LIFETIME ACCESS to 65+ video modules, with over 4+ hours of content
  • 10+ worksheets and templates including:
    • Descriptions
    • Customer support canned responses
    • Photoshop and MS Word instructions
    • Font lists
    • And more.
  • Bonus material
    • Social media strategies from her blogging course to boost traffic and conversions on your Etsy listings.
    • Access to exclusive interviews of successful Etsy sellers that discuss effective PR strategies, include comparable case study information, and provide overall strategies on how to make this business succeed.

Sharon’s online course, The Etsy Entrepreneur, is 20% off with code BLACKFRIDAY22 making the course $118 instead of $147.

Check out The Etsy Entrepreneur here.

We love Sharon’s simple and effective approach to SEO and keyword research.

Passive Income with Canva Course by Alicia Rafiei – $100 off with code

Etsy Seller Resources
Just $97 for this Canva templates course!

For the month of November, Alicia’s course “The Passive Income with Canva Course”, will be available for just $97.00 (regularly priced at $197).

In this course, you’ll learn how to research mico-niches and how to make Canva templates for sale. You’ll also learn SEO and how to set up your Etsy shop.

Here are the details:

Sale start: November 1

Sale end: November 30


Check out Alicia’s Canva course here.

We absolutely love the plan to sell Canva templates on Etsy and other platforms and think this is a great option for those also excited to get into that business.

Email Marketing Membership Yearly Pass by Liz Wilcox – $108

Etsy Seller Resources
Never think about what to email your list again with Liz’s pass!

This product is a fun one for all of you looking for help in determining what to send out in emails to your email list. Liz Wilcox is an email copywriter with products and services to help other business owners write awesome emails.

Liz’s annual membership is on sale for $108 this Black Friday week. And anyone who buys gets ALL of her product suite for free with purchase.

The sale starts on November 21st (Monday) and ends Sunday the 27th at midnight eastern.

No code needed. Check out the Yearly Pass membership here.

Email is a great way to drive traffic and revenue to your business so highly recommend getting some affordable help in writing copy that converts.

Blog Your Way Out of Debt by Debbie Gartner – $100 Off with code

Etsy Seller Resources

Debbie is a multi-six figure entrepreneur who specializes in blog traffic and affiliate marketing. She paid off over $200,000 of debt and now earns over $20,000 per month for the past 42 months. Impressive!

This week she’s offering the following deals: Monday 11/21 – Monday 11/28 midnight PST.

$100 off Affiliate Marketing Compendium and Blog Yourself Out of Debt courses (Marked down from $197 to $97 each.  Use coupon Code BF100.

Blog Yourself Out of Debt includes:

  • Full course…in bite-size segments. Includes audio and captions
  • Savvy tips to fund your business for growth while saving and earning in other areas
  • Inspiration to motivate you and keep you going during the toughest times.
  • 2 calculators…that make it easy to determine your budget and how to build up to your goal
  • Bonus section on overcoming obstacles
  • All future updates…will include a spreadsheet calculator and budget and goal planner

Affiliate Marketing Compendium includes:

  • 93 Insider tips that no one else teaches you so that you can market like a pro.
  • How to sell without sounding like you’re trying to sell (and without selling out)
  • Why banner ads stink and what you should use instead to make more conversions.
  • 3 Videos that show you how to create tracking IDs so you can improve conversions
  • The best types of posts to generate affiliate commissions
  • The 3 best ways to generate affiliate income passively and consistently (and avoid wasting your time on activities that won’t get you anywhere!

Check out Blog Your Way Out of Debt here and check out Affiliate Marketing Compendium too here.

The latter has advanced and intermediate affiliate marketing tips.

SVG Superstar for iPad by Jav Sid – 75% off with code

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Just $127 for Jav’s SVG course through Nov. 30th!

Jav Sid is a SVG expert who has a Black Friday sale going on for her iPad course that teaches you how to make your own SVGs you can use for crafting or sell online.

In her course, you will learn to design SVG cut files on Affinity Designer (iPad). Master the Affinity Designer iPad app to create gorgeous SVGs on your iPad from the comfort of your couch. 

Included in this course are 5 modules and 23 step-by-step tutorials to help you learn:

  • How to create beautiful text based SVGs 
  • Steps for working with shapes and creating cake topper SVGs
  • How to work with pen and pencil tools to create unique SVG designs by drawing

The course is normally $497 but until November 30th, it is 75% off making it $127 with code BF22.

Check out SVG Superstar here. Code is BF22.

The SVG niche on Etsy is always super big so I’m really curious about this course.

Clip Art & Summit Passes by Kimberly Costa – 40% off with code

Etsy Seller Resources
40% Clip Art and All Access Summit Passes through Nov. 30th!

Kimberly Costa is a creator, summit host, and printable seller. She actually hosted the Creative Spark Summit from the Fall!

For Black Friday, Kim put her product suite on sale and it includes:

  • My Floral Planner
  • Pretty Big Bundle of clip art, stickers, and digital papers
  • Holiday Bundle of clip art, stickers, and digital papers
  • Create a Seamless Pattern in Adobe Fresco
  • Clean Up & Beyond in Illustrator
  • Spark Pass April 2022
  • Spark Pass September 2022

All products that offer clip art, stickers, and/or digital papers/patterns come with a commercial license.

Check out Kimberly’s Black Friday sale page here. Code is CREATE.

Sale ends November 30th at Midnight.

Learn How to Draw Kawaii with Tatyana Deniz – 30% off with code

Etsy Seller Resources
Learn to draw and sell kawaii drawings for $189/year!

Tatyana Deniz is an expert at drawing in this super popular drawing style and her membership is 30% off this Black Friday week!

Her membership includes:

  • Step-by-step process for drawing your own original kawaii art, and selling it online with print-on-demand services.
  • Fun drawing projects, so that you ENJOY the learning process.
  • Community of like-minded creatives, who are eager to see your progress, provide input, and share the love of kawaii art.
  • Share-worthy artwork for your social media, online shop, gifts, and friends.

Beyond just the drawing skills, you also learn:

  • How to set up your print-on-demand shop from scratch
  • How to find profitable niches
  • How to identify trends
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social media strategies
  • Way to grow and scale your business

This is a really cool opportunity for someone looking to get creative. The 30% off is for her annual membership with is $189 after discount (down from $270).

Check out Tatyana’s membership here.

Offers valid until – 9pm, November 29th with code KAWAII30.

Reminder Cards Cash by Karon Thackston – 50% off with code

Etsy Seller Resources
This mini-course will be $23.50 during the sale!

Karon Thackston has owned and operated the Marketing Words blog for over 20 years! She has added focus on selling digital products on Etsy in the last two years.

In Reminder Cards Cash, you will learn:

  • What Reminder Cards Are and Why They Are So Popular
  • 5 Types of Cards You Can Make in About 5 Minutes or Less Each
  • Step By Step Through Making Reminder Cards
  • 6 Ways to Make Money From Your Reminder Cards

Check out Reminder Cards Cash here for 50% off with code JULIE.

Code is valid Thanksgiving 11/24 – Cyber Monday 11/28 at Midnight.

Software, Clipart, & More for Etsy Sellers!

Design Bundles clip art – $1 Sale

Design Bundles usually has their annual $1 sale starting Friday of Black Friday weekend where you can get hundreds of clip art packs for just $1. We heard a rumor it’s this year too although we can’t confirm just yet!

This can be an amazing way to stock up on the graphics you need for the entire year for a very cheap price.

We buy from them every year during the $1 sale period just to take advantage of the ridiculously low price point. Fonts are often on sale too!

See what Design Bundles is offering for $1 here.

Other Font & Graphic Sales

  • Creative Market is running a holiday sale right now and it has more expensive but more premium fonts and graphics. Many sellers buy consistent looking mockups from here.
  • Creative Fabrica runs holiday sales as well and worth checking out.

Some sellers choose to stock up on mockups, graphics, and fonts from these Black Friday sales and it lasts them the whole year! Just be sure to organize your storage so you can remember license terms and find things easily later!

Good luck with your Black Friday shopping!

Overall, any of these products and tools can be great for Etsy sellers to get started. If you want to learn more about Gold City Ventures, check out our free workshop where we teach how to get started selling printables on Etsy.