16 Best Etsy Alternatives for Sellers

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If you’re an Etsy seller looking to expand your online presence and reach new customers, there are plenty of alternative platforms to consider.

While Etsy is a popular choice for handmade and vintage items, e-printables, and digital products, other online marketplaces and e-commerce platforms can offer unique opportunities for growth and exposure.

From Shopify and Amazon Handmade, there are many ways to sell your products and connect with customers outside of Etsy.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the best Etsy alternatives for sellers looking to diversify their sales channels and expand their reach.

16 best etsy alternatives for sellers

What is Etsy?

Etsy is an e-commerce platform that focuses on handmade crafts, craft supplies, and vintage items. It’s known as a makers’ market that includes everything from handmade jewelry, clothing, personalized gifts, home décor, toys, art, and more. It is also becoming increasingly popular for selling e-printables and digital products.

Etsy is home to more than four million sellers and over 82 million active buyers and is one of the most popular platforms out there for sellers.

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Etsy Alternatives for Digital Sellers

Although Etsy is a popular platform for selling digital products, some Etsy sellers are hesitant to rely on it solely. This is because Etsy is a third-party platform, meaning that sellers are not fully in control of their businesses and may be subject to any changes Etsy decides to make, such as increasing transaction fees or experiencing payout issues. In other words, sellers are essentially operating their business on “borrowed land,” which can be a concern for some.

As an Etsy seller, there are many Etsy alternatives for selling your e-printables and digital products.


Shopify is a top-rated e-commerce platform for small businesses, offering a broad set of tools to help you establish and operate your online store.

shopify site

It’s a popular choice for creators because it enables them to fully customize the look and feel of their online store.

Unlike other platforms, Shopify doesn’t charge a sales commission. Instead, you can choose which monthly subscription fee plan you feel is best for your business. Prices for these plans range from $29/per month to $299/per month, all of which include unlimited inventory listings. This means that once you know your overhead costs, everything else you earn is profit.

With Shopify, you can easily manage your online business and expand your customer reach.

Learn How to Sell on Shopify

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If you already have a WordPress site, WooCommerce may be your next step.

WooCommerce is a user-friendly WordPress plugin designed to help you create and manage an online store. Being open source, it offers an affordable option for setting up an e-commerce business.

One of the advantages of WooCommerce is that it can be used for free once you’ve paid for hosting and domain fees. If you already have a WordPress site, you don’t need to spend anything extra to use WooCommerce.

Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers (Tpt) is a widely used educational marketplace that caters to teachers and other professionals in the education sector.

teachers pay teachers site

The platform is also popular with homeschool parents and childcare centers searching for activities and resources for children.

Unlike Etsy, Teachers Pay Teacher does not charge any listing fees, only transaction fees which are outlined in the two different plans they offer.

The Basic Seller plan is free, but TPT takes a 45% fee for each sale and charges an additional 30 cents transaction fee for each resource sold.

If you’re a high-volume seller, you may want to consider becoming a Premium Seller.

Premium sellers pay an annual fee of $59.95 but enjoy a reduced 20% fee for each sale and a transaction fee of just 15 cents per resource for orders totaling less than $3. This plan also includes marketing tools that can be used for your store.

Learn How to Sell on Teachers Pay Teachers

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Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica is an Etsy alternative that allows sellers to list their fonts, graphics, patterns, and other printables. Launched in 2016, the site has quickly gained popularity with crafters.

creative fabrica home page

Creative Fabrica’s seller payment structure is a little different than others. You will earn up to 75% for each buyer you refer to the site and 50% for every sale that Creative Fabrica brings in. You will also earn a small royalty (of an unknown amount) for every download made by a Creative Fabrica subscriber.

There are no fees involved in creating a Creative Fabrica seller account.


If you’re selling ebooks, then Amazon KDP is probably an even better choice than Etsy. Through Amazon, you can reach millions of readers every day. When you include your book in the Kindle Unlimited program, you will also receive payment for each page read of your ebook.

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However, Amazon’s royalty fee structure is more complex than a simple fee or percentage per sale, so if this is something you are interested in, be sure to read about how their E-Book royalties system works.

Design Bundles

Design Bundles is an online marketplace that offers “premium design resources” at an affordable price. SVGs, graphics, patterns, and fonts are all available to buy and sell.

According to the 2022 rates, designers receive a 75% royalty for non-affiliate sales and a 50% royalty for affiliate sales. Affiliates receive the other 25%.

Creative Market

Creative Market calls itself a platform for “handcrafted, house-made design content.” It was created to sell graphics, stock photos, and other digital items. 

To sell on Creative Market, you must submit an online portfolio and have it approved by the site. Once approved, designers pay no listing fees but pay a 40% transaction fee for each item sold.


IndieMade is an e-commerce platform that offers a wide range of tools to help you create an online store for your products.

Compared to Shopify, IndieMade’s pricing plans are more affordable, but there are some limitations to consider.

For instance, the Basic plan, which costs only $4.95/month, only permits ten listings and up to five images per product. At the other end of the spectrum, the top tier plan is the Plus plan, which costs $19.95/month and allows unlimited listings and images per product.

The Standard and Pro plans fall somewhere in between. Depending on your needs and budget, IndieMade may be a viable option for creating and managing your online store.

Tired of Etsy, or just looking for more ways to expand your handmade business? Here are 7 great Etsy alternatives for makers, artists, and handmade sellers.

Etsy Alternatives for Handmade Sellers

While there are many great platforms available for digital creators to sell their products, there are also plenty of options for sellers of handmade goods.

Many people turn to platforms beyond Etsy when it comes to selling handmade items online.

Whether you’re looking for a platform with lower fees or one that’s more tailored to your specific niche, there are a variety of Etsy alternatives for handmade sellers that may fit the bill. Let’s explore some of the best options out there.

Amazon Handmade

Etsy may be the go-to platform for makers looking to sell their handmade goods, but it’s not the only player in the game.

amazon handmade

One of Etsy’s biggest competitors is none other than Amazon Handmade.

With Amazon’s vast resources and reach, it’s quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the crafting community.

Amazon Handmade prides itself on being an artisan-only community, offering high-quality handmade items in various categories such as baby, beauty, clothing, jewelry, and more.

However, selling on Amazon Handmade requires a professional selling account with Amazon, which comes with a $39.99/month fee, plus selling fees of $1.00 or 15% of the sale price.

While these fees may seem steep, they give sellers access to Amazon’s massive customer base.

Sell Your Printables on Amazon

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Big Cartel

Founded in 2005, Big Cartel remains a strong player in the e-commerce marketplace, positioning itself as a 100% independent platform dedicated to helping artists, makers, and small businesses sell their products.

big cartel site

Unlike Etsy, Big Cartel does not charge listing fees but instead offers tiered pricing plans. The basic plan allows users to list up to five products on the site for free, while the next tier allows for up to 50 products for $9.99/month. The highest tier, which costs $19.99/month, offers the ability to list up to 500 products per month.


Bonanza’s slogan, “Everything but the ordinary,” embodies the site’s wide variety of products, ranging from household items to clothing, gardening, and jewelry. According to the site, Bonanza boasts lower listing fees compared to Amazon and Etsy, which holds if you opt out of advertising.

Bonanza based its fee structure on the Google Ad rate, which means if you choose to pay a 9% commission, you’re paying the 3.5% base fee and an extra 5.5% for Google Ads. The tiers include 9%, 13%, 19%, or 30%.


While not a massive marketplace, Aftcra is starting to gain some attention. The site’s creators wanted to help sell handmade American goods to people worldwide.

To sell on Aftcra, you must be a creator based in the United States.

You can list for free on Aftcra, but the site will take a 7% fee for every sale.

Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods is another Etsy alternative site that prides itself on finding the most original and unique products on the market. That’s why it’s the perfect place for handmade crafters.

Uncommon Goods operates differently from other e-commerce platforms. To sell on the site, you’ll first need to submit your products for approval. Uncommon Goods carefully curates its product offerings, and only those that meet its standards are accepted for sale on the site.

However, Uncommon Goods has earned a reputation for having quality handmade products, so, if you’re accepted, you’re likely to see more sales in the long run.

Handmade Artists Supporting Handmade

A smaller site, Handmade Artists Supporting Handmade, is another option for Etsy sellers looking to reach a new audience.

Sellers on the site pay a subscription fee to list their products. The pricing structure is simple, with two options available: a monthly fee of $5 or an annual fee of $50, both of which provide sellers with unlimited listings.

Other fees are not required to sell on the platform and there are no royalties for selling.

Many handmade sellers are switching over to digital products because of the profit margins and ease of selling the products. Learn more about How to Sell Printables on Etsy for Beginners.

Other Etsy Alternatives for Artists

While Amazon Handmade and Big Cartel are great choices for artists seeking a platform to sell their creations, there are other options available that cater specifically to artists’ needs.


Zazzle is a good Esty Alternative option for artists because it offers two different opportunities to artists.

zazzle site

As a Creator, you can use your artistic skills and then apply them to existing Zazzle products. When you list your items in the Zazzle marketplace, Zazzle fulfills each order, and you receive a portion of the sale.

Zazzle does not charge you to list your items in the Creator program. You will receive a royalty for each sale. You set the royalty into the total price of your item, so you control how much money you make.

You can also sell as a Maker on the Zazzle platform. A Maker will create and fulfill the orders themselves. Zazzle simply acts as a platform for the sale. For every sale that you make, Zazzle pays you 70% of the sales price, fewer taxes, and a shipping services fee.

Free Etsy Alternatives

A few of the sites mentioned above are great free Etsy alternatives. Remember, Big Cartel will allow you five listings for free. If you’re just starting, that might be a good option.

Aftcra is also a good option since you don’t pay anything unless you make a sale.


If you’re looking for something completely free, try the startup Storenvy.

store envy site

The site is not just about selling the product itself but the story and people behind the brand.

According to the Storenvy site, there are no listing fees or monthly fees. You only pay for what the company can do for your business.

Final Thoughts

There are many Etsy alternatives for selling both digital and handmade items and other crafts online. Each platform offers unique features, pricing plans, and target audiences, making it essential to research and choose the best option for your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a well-known brand like Amazon Handmade or Shopify, there is a platform out there that can help you reach your audience and sell your creations.

By taking advantage of these alternative platforms, Etsy sellers can broaden their reach and find new opportunities to connect with customers and grow their businesses.

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Etsy Alternatives

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Etsy Alternatives
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Etsy Alternatives

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