Student Success Stories

“I went through your course and it’s fabulous! Lots of actionable videos and in-depth content! I know my new sales are entirely because of your course.

– Jacqueline Gilchrist,
Mom Money Map

case studies

Sasha is an accounting professional and mother of two who sells budgeting printables to help families reach their money goals.

Since taking the E-Printables course, she now has ~10,000 sales in her shop, Your Frugal Friend!

Sasha has also started a blog and become a member of the Gold City staff. Cheers to Sasha!

Sasha H.
Jen G.

Jen took the course in 2019 and made over 7,200 sales since then with her wedding-themed shop, Edenwood Paperie.

Her style is elegant, sophisticated printables that help brides make a great first impression to guests with her signature wedding invitations.

We are so proud of Jen and her accomplishments!

Kevin started his shop, Modern Printable Shop, about 16 months ago as part of the first incarnation of the course. He spent about 3 months building it and then it became very passive.

On average, he has $400 – $500 in sales a month, but he hit $1,500 in January!

Overall, he has sold more than $10,000 worth of product with around $7,500 being profit.

Kevin J.
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Cody & Julie love celebrating student wins in their Weekly Live Q&A sessions in the VIP E-Printables group!

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