How to Add $10,877 of Income from Canva Templates

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At Gold City Ventures we teach people how to create and sell digital products on Etsy. You don’t have to create every product from scratch though to start making sales. We recommend you start with commercial use templates.

These templates are perfect for beginners in that they have most of the design elements filled in already. This saves you time because then you don’t have to learn how to make a new design from scratch. You only have to learn how to tweak the design to be your own.

In fact, we have an entire Shopify store dedicated to selling commercial-use Canva templates. These templates are editable by you and then you can sell them as finished products to end customers on sites such as Etsy, Shopify, or your own website.

So what does that do for you to buy pre-made templates? Let us show you.

How much you could earn listing done-for-you printable products?

Let’s pretend you bought the following 4 templates from our ​Shopify store​ for around $50 total.

  • housewarming games
  • treat tags
  • garden planner
  • tooth fairy kit

You then edited those templates to make them your own before listing them on Etsy.

Here is what could happen:

Your new housewarming games could be better than this person’s Etsy listing which the popular Etsy data tool, eRank, estimates has made $4,706.

The housewarming games template also comes with mockups so you can make the listing images on Etsy faster.

Your new treat tag made from our templates could be a huge hit too.

You could make your own spin on a teacher appreciation treat tag and beat out this person who eRank estimates has made $285.

Treat tags are super easy to edit. You can make a treat tag for every gifting holiday of the year. Think Christmas treat tags, Valentine’s Day treat tags, and even Halloween treat tags!

From one inexpensive template purchase, you can potentially make over a dozen profitable products!

The treat tags template pack also comes with thank you tags and mockups to make listing easier.

What about the garden planner template you bought from us? You could make a product like this bestseller who eRank estimates has made $4,951.

Gardening is a trending hobby for younger generations and these planners have sold well the last few years.

They also do really well shared on social media although promoting on social media is not required to make money with this side hustle.

This garden planner template is over 30 pages which gives you a lot of planner possibilities.

You can also reuse the planner page designs to make other planners unrelated to gardening.

Oh, and that tooth fairy kit template? You could potentially make a product that is better than this seller’s product which eRank estimates has made $945.

The tooth fairy products are super cute and making these products can be heartwarming.

We love to see customer pictures when they use the tooth fairy templates in their homes to spread happiness.

This tooth fairy template pack is super adorable and a great purchase for those wanting to sell products to families.

So from the $50 template purchase from our shop, you could add $10,887 worth of revenue.

Sound good?

All you have to do is check out our Shopify store for printables.

Go shopping and buy some templates that can jump-start your Etsy shop!

What else do I need to know when purchasing pre-made Canva templates?

There are two main things to know when buying commercial use Canva templates.

One is that you cannot sell the template to other business owners as a competing product!

You can, however, sell the templates as finished products to customers who will use them for personal use.

For example, you can purchase our housewarming games template, edit it, and then resell it on Etsy to customers who are hosting a housewarming. This meets our terms and conditions of the templates.

You could not edit the template and then resell it to another Etsy seller as a housewarming games template that they could then sell on Etsy themselves. The latter use is sometimes called reselling templates as PLR and that is against the terms of our templates. Some sellers allow that but we don’t!

Two, you need to tweak the templates before listing them on Etsy.

Etsy defines tweaks as more than a simple font and color change.

You need to materially change the product.

Not only is it required to do so on Etsy but it’s in your best interest to do so!

We recommend thinking about what features or design changes could make the product better and add those.

Want more resources on how to use pre-made templates sometimes known as PLR? Check these out.
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How can I get the most out of buying done-for-you Canva templates?

You can get the most return on your investment if you use Etsy seller data tools to determine how you can niche down your template to create something better. This article used eRank data to determine how much money someone could make selling products from templates.

We also use eRank to determine little spins on the product. In the examples above, we proposed turning a tag template into a teacher appreciation tag to sell on Etsy. You can get ideas of niched-down products like that when you use tools such as eRank.

We cover all of these things in our E-Printables course.

Learn About Etsy Data Tools

Want more help using Etsy data tools such as eRank? See these posts.

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Getting started with Canva PLR templates

Most of the templates in this shop are under $10 to purchase. You can get started by checking out our commercial-use PLR shop here. Practice editing the designs in Canva and see if this side hustle is for you.

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