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Here at Gold City Ventures™, we love all things e-printables and focus on selling those printables and digital products on Etsy.

While our love of Etsy is our main focus, we also believe in learning and diversifying.

I recently stumbled upon a course that is designed with teachers in mind and for those that are also selling on Teachers Pay Teachers. The course is by Lisa Fink of the Think Tank called Cloaked in Fun.

I had the privilege of taking this new upcoming course before it was released to the public.

Here’s my in-depth review of it!

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What is Cloaked in Fun?

As Lisa herself puts it, Cloaked in Fun is an innovative course geared towards helping educators and teacherpreneurs expedite the creation process by using fun and engaging templates to create printables and digital resources with a twist of fun and a dash of mystery.

The course is designed to help Tpt sellers transition to becoming stand-out sellers with their products in a minimal amount of time.

With the templates, sellers can create fast rate, fun, and engaging opportunities for the classroom without having to start from scratch.

What is Included in the Course?

Cloaked in Fun is all about creating fun and engaging resources to use within your classroom or sell on whatever platform of your choosing.

It shows you step by step how to take each template that consists of fun puzzles and other activities and make them your own.

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Lisa is a top 1% seller on Etsy and Teachers Pay Teachers and has made both 6 and 7 figures respectively selling these activities and digital products. She knows exactly how to take these templates and make money with them.

Here are some highlights of the course:

  • The course includes 25 editable and ready-to-use PowerPoint templates that are easy to adapt and adjust to meet your needs.
  • Some of the activity templates include but are not limited to mystery matching, escape rooms, scavenger hunts, color by number, digital activity generators, and more!
  • Each template includes a step-by-step video tutorial on how to use the template, as well as it includes detailed instructions to follow when creating content for your store.
  • A commercial use license is included with your purchase so that you may use your templates to create new end products to sell on Tpt or other platforms. It also includes doodle fonts, print fonts, clip art, and page borders for your to use in the products you create. Lisa created them herself so you don’t have to worry about obtaining the licenses for them.
  • The course includes printable PDF notes for your read-through as well as other tips and tricks to help you as a seller.
  • The course includes customizable printable and digital resources and activities. With so much variety, the possibilities are endless for what you can create.

Take a look at what’s inside the Cloaked in Fun course.

Lisa Fink made over $400,000 selling printables on Teachers Pay Teachers. She launched Cloaked in Fun, a course that provides 25+ templates and instructions on how to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers.

There are so many great features of this course that are sure to have your Tpt store standing out from your competitors.

In addition, if you are an Etsy seller or even sell on other platforms, these templates will work great to sell in those places as well.

The best part about the templates is that it is easy to turn into educational-related content that can be used in the classroom to make learning fun or create seasonal products that can be used in or even outside of the classroom.

math logic puzzles templates
Using one of the Cloaked in Fun templates, I was able to create this math logic product that I sell both in my Tpt store and Etsy shop.

In addition, each template can be used for multiple ideas and resources again and again where you can “cloak” the fun.

Other Benefits of Cloaked in Fun

Cloaked in Fun offers so much in terms of adaptability. With 25 different templates, you can easily create various product lines on any topic of your choosing whether it is educational or seasonal.

Cloaked in Fun can be had for $297. While the price seems high, the potential ROI makes it absolutely worth it.

Many of the games and activities can be sold both in your Tpt, Etsy shop or even your own website from $5-15 dollars, generating a nice steady income stream the more you add and sell.

As you develop product lines, you can bundle activities together and sell those bundles for even more.

In addition, Lisa offers a 3-month and 6-month payment plan that is affordable and can align with your budget.

No matter your skill level, the course will help you be successful in creating more engaging products to sell on the platform of your choosing.

While the course shows you how to design in Powerpoint, it is easy enough to follow to be replicated with whatever platform you are most comfortable designing with such as Canva.

The course is packed with information that might feel overwhelming for absolute beginners. Taking it step-by-step and revisiting modules can help.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a seasoned TPT seller, an Etsy seller, or a newbie, Cloaked in Fun offers a refreshing approach to selling fun, educational resources online.

While the principles of GCV for selling on Etsy remain close to my heart, I genuinely appreciate and recommend this course for those looking to expand or begin their journey on TPT.

If you truly want to differentiate yourself from other sellers, give Cloaked in Fun a try and level up your printables business.

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Cloaked in Fun

by Lisa Fink of Think Tank

An online course to help teachers or teacherpreneurs EXPEDITE the creation process by harnessing the power of templates to create professional, engaging printable and digital resources with a TWIST of FUN.

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