35 Christmas Cricut Crafts to Sell

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so why not help people celebrate? One of the great things about a Cricut machine is that you can create just about anything if you have a little inspiration. So, share your joy. Below are some of the best Christmas Cricut crafts to sell, whether online or at your local craft fair.

Christmas Cricut Ideas to Sell

Sometimes the most challenging part about launching your Christmas craft shop is figuring out what to sell. Below are some ideas for what you can make with a Cricut machine.

Christmas Ornaments

The Cricut is one of the best tools for making Christmas ornaments because it can create things in all shapes and materials.

For example, you can create round, ball-shaped, or flat ornaments stickers. Or, you can use your Circuit to create 3D ornaments out of balsa wood.

The only limit is your imagination and creativity. To get you started, check out blogger Sarah Maker’s site for a list of Christmas Cricut ornament ideas.

Christmas T-Shirts

Another idea for your Cricut machine is one-of-a-kind t-shirts with holiday sayings and images.

Come up with a few catchy phrases or cute images, and then print them out on your Cricut machine. Once you have your idea, you can make it for shirts in all shapes and sizes.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Digital Christmas Files

One of the hardest things as a Cricut user is coming up with the right design. If you have an eye for design or are especially good with digital design software, then creating digital Cricut files to sell is a great way to make extra money.

Take your best Christmas designs and turn them into downloadable files for other Cricut users. Sell your files on sites like Teachers Pay Teachers and Etsy, or create a shop through Shopify.

Learn more about starting a digital downloads business on Etsy in this free Etsy workshop here. This could be a great time to start a new side hustle.

We also have an article on how to make Simple SVGs to sell on Etsy here.

Christmas Countdown Sign

Counting the days down to Christmas is always exciting, whether you’re young or old. Offer people a unique way to countdown to Christmas or even offer custom Christmas countdown signs with a family name on them. 

The blog Jennifer Maker shows you how to create a Christmas countdown sign that looks like Santa. Use the idea to make countdown signs to sell in your shop, or come up with something entirely your own.

Gift Card Holder

Handing someone a gift card seems very impersonal if it’s just the gift card. However, when you wrap the gift card in something cute, like a coffee cup dressed like Santa or a stocking or a Christmas present, it can go from bland to extraordinary instantly.

Gina Creates has a great tutorial on creating several different gift card holders. Sell them as a set online or at your local craft fair.

Holiday Magnets

People need something to help hold up all those cute Christmas cards they receive in the mail. Why not help them out with the use of your Cricut machine?

Create custom holiday magnets with your Cricut and then distribute them as a package or individually. You can create cute sayings or familiar holiday images like candy canes, gingerbread men/women, mittens, and more.

Crafter Angie Holden has a video on YouTube to teach you how to make custom holiday magnets with your Cricut machine.

Holiday Jewelry

It’s not a complete holiday ensemble without the right accessories.

The blog Amy Romeu Crafts shows you how to use faux leather and vinyl to create cute Santa Claus and candy cane earrings.

Once you learn the basics, you can create any design you want.

Gift Basket

Create a collection of items with a theme and put them in a gift basket. For example, book lovers might love to get a basket with a custom bookmark and customized mug for their tea/coffee. Use the Cricut machine to create matching items and then sell them as a collection in a gift basket.

You can create a series of themed gift baskets and sell them through a local online marketplace like Facebook.

Easy Cricut Christmas Projects to Sell

Using a Cricut is supposed to make life easier. The following projects are a piece of cake when you use your Cricut machine.

Holiday Gift Bags

Sometimes, you just need a cute gift bag for the teacher in your life. Use your Cricut machine and create simple bags that are easy to make and easy to sell.

The blogger WhiskyNSunshine used her Cricut machine to create festive “Fa La La” gift bags with sparkle letters for that extra touch.

Teacher Gifts

Remembering the teachers, aides, and front office staff during the holiday season is important. After all, they spend more time with your kids on some days than you do.

Show them you appreciate the love and dedication they show your kids with teacher gifts. I really like this “In Case of Emergency Break Glass” gift created by blogger Burton Avenue.

It’s simple to make, doesn’t hurt your budget, and moreover, it’s fun.

Personalized Gift Tags

Once you create the pattern, it’s easy to personalize gift tags for your customers or sell basic designs of your own creation. Gift tags are an easy Cricut craft that you can make quickly.

This tutorial on the Cricut blog shows you how to make personalized gift tags for a birthday party, but if you simply switch the design, they work just as well as Christmas gift tags.


Add a little extra touch to a holiday get-together. Personalized coasters can add that unique flair to any party. Create basic holiday designs or customize them to order.

Cricut makes ceramic coasters that you can infuse ink onto. For a complete tutorial on creating coasters you design, check out this post on Hey Let’s Make Stuff.

Wine Bottle Bags

One of the most popular gifts during the holiday season is a bottle of wine or other liquor. Even if they’re not attending a gift exchange, most people bring a bottle as a gift to the host or hostess.

Use your Cricut machine to create festive wine bottle bags. They can have cute sayings like “Jingle Juice” and “Full of Holiday Spirit,” or they can be as simple as “Cheers.”

Michelle at the blog Our Crafty Mom teaches you how to use infusible ink to create a line of wine bottle bags.

Holiday Pillows

For some people, that holiday décor isn’t complete without some holiday pillows. Whether you choose an image or a saying, help others make the holidays festive.

You can create just about anything on a Cricut machine and then iron it onto a pillow. When you’re done, sell them online or sell the digital download. It’s up to you.

For ideas about what you can create with your holiday pillows, check out this post on the Ruffles and Rainboots blog. Designs include Christmas trees, reindeer, and more.

Holiday Pillow Covers

If you don’t want to do the work of selling the pillows, then consider selling just the pillow covers. You can buy pillow covers in bulk and create bundles of two to four to sell.

The process is the same as creating holiday pillows; you’re simply creating pillow covers instead.

The nice thing about pillow covers is people can change them out when the holiday is over, store them quickly and then pull them back out on the next holiday.

Personalized Christmas Stockings

The Cricut machine is perfect for creating custom Christmas stockings for the whole family. Sell them as a custom creation on Etsy, or create stockings with a first initial on them.

Doodle Craft Blog shows you how to create custom Christmas stockings with iron-on gold foil.

One of the more popular holiday gifts is cookies or other sweets like peanut brittle and homemade peppermint bark.

However, finding something to package the treats in can take time and effort.

Use your Cricut machine to create holiday tins and cookie containers and then sell them online. You can create a cute saying like this blogger did on Craft E Corner.

Christmas Cricut Projects to Sell

There are other adorable Christmas projects to sell on Etsy or another online store. Some of the ideas below include kitchen accessories and clothing. 

Holiday Baby Clothes

Decorate a onesie with a cute saying like “Official Cookie Tester” or something as simple as “My 1st Christmas,” and you have a winner. Moms and dads are always looking for that perfect holiday outfit for the newest little one in their lives.

The Cricut can help you make iron-on images and sayings to help make the holidays that much better.

Matching Christmas Tops

For some families, matching outfits is one of the best things about Christmas. Help them make custom shirts or pajama tops for the whole family with your Cricut machine.

You can feature the family name or a basic design. The best part about this idea is you’re not just selling one item at a time. You’re selling bunches of them.

Kitchen Accessories

My grandmother loves decorating for the holidays by pulling out her holiday potholders and dish towels. She has a set for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Halloween; you name it. Each holiday, she pulls one of her sets out of storage.

Create custom Christmas kitchen accessories and sell them as a set. You can pull together a pair of potholders and matching kitchen towels and then use the Cricut machine to decorate them.

Blogger Angie Holden has DIY Christmas pot holders here.

Custom Party Plates

Help people make their holiday soiree’s a little extra special with customized party plates. All you need to do is create a design, print it out with your Cricut machine, and then apply it to your plate.

You can create a single holiday serving platter or a whole stack of holiday plates. 

Soiree Event Design has a tutorial to teach you how to create customized plates. You can find the steps here.

Custom Holiday Casserole Dish

File this one under things you don’t see every day. The site The Best Vinyl Cutters shows you how to create an etched Pyrex serving dish with your Cricut machine.

Create a design that’s cute or includes a festive message, and then apply it to your dish. This project is perfect for a round dish you serve pie out of or a casserole dish for serving up those Christmas morning cinnamon rolls.

Holiday Boxes

When it comes to the holidays, a suitable gift wrap is key. Use your Cricut machine to create holiday boxes of all shapes and sizes and then sell them online or locally.

All you need is some cardstock and a pattern. The Cricut will do the rest.

The blog Daydream Into Reality has a walkthrough to get you started and some tips to make the task a little easier.

Holiday Doormat

Use your Cricut machine to create cheerful and practical holiday doormats. Once you create the pattern, you can make to order. If you sell your holiday doormats online, consider offering an option to customize the order with the buyer’s family name.

You can also sell your holiday doormats at your local craft fair. I sometimes like this idea because you save a lot of money on shipping.

For details on creating a custom doormat with your Cricut machine, check out this post from Cricut.

Felt Christmas Wreath

One of the cool things about some of the Cricut machines, specifically the Cricut Maker, is that you can cut fabric. That makes creating amazing fabric Christmas wreaths super simple.

Everyone wants something to hang on the front door during the holidays, which is why a holiday wreath is a great Christmas craft to sell.

Avanti Morocha has a very informative video on creating a beautiful Christmas wreath with your Cricut machine. Use that to get you started, and let your imagination run wild.

Custom Makeup Bag

Turn an ordinary makeup pouch into something cute and sassy.

Find a zippered fabric pouch and use your Cricut machine to iron on a first initial. If you want, add an inspiring quote instead, such as “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful” or “Hello Gorgeous.”

This Pinterest page has a bunch of ideas to get you started. Once you’ve created your bags, add a few bottles of nail polish, and suddenly, you’ve made a gift set.

Christmas Crafts to Make with Cricut

Wooden Farmhouse Signs

For some people, the holidays are a chance to make the whole house festive. With a Cricut machine making those wooden farmhouse signs is simple.

Pineapple Paper Co shows you how to create a wooden farmhouse sign with your Cricut. Once you have the basics, you can make any saying or image you want.  

Christmas Wall Art

Santa down the chimney or Rudolph leading the sleigh, there are all kinds of Christmas wall art you can create with a Cricut machine.

Megan at the Homes I Have Made walks you through creating wall art with a Cricut. All you need is cardstock and some adhesive spray.

Christmas Cricut Candles

Create custom candles or cute holiday lights. You can buy candles at your local thrift store or purchase them in bulk and add vinyl decorations to make them unique.

Buy scented candles such as peppermint, gingerbread, or pine to add a little extra touch.

Holiday Phone Case

For most people, their cell phone is as much an accessory as the shirt on their backs. So, why not offer them a way to make their phones festive?

Creating a holiday phone case is a lot easier than you think. Blogger Abbi Kirsten has a walkthrough to teach you how to make a DIY phone case from start to finish.

Christmas Village

There is something quaint about a Christmas village during the holidays, but sometimes it’s hard to find the right one. That’s where the Cricut comes in.

Create a Christmas village to sell at your local craft fair or online. The Happy Scraps blog will get you started. Once you know what to do, you can modify the plan to create your own village.

Papercut Holiday Cards

One of the great things about the Cricut is the terrific cutout designs you can make. You can create something simple or incredibly intricate, and both will turn out beautiful.

That’s why the Cricut is one of the best tools for creating holiday cards. You can create intricate papercut holiday greeting cards and let the Cricut do the heavy lifting.

Lia Griffith has a tutorial here to teach you how to create cutout wreath cards that are elegant in their simplicity.

Hot Cocoa Mug

One of the hardest things to find during the holiday season is a well-priced gift set for those coworkers, teachers, and other acquaintances in your life. So why not create something that everyone can use?

Customize a basic mug into something extraordinary with your Cricut machine and some vinyl. The blog Leap of Faith Crafting has a tutorial.

Once the mug is complete, add hot chocolate mix, a candy cane, and a bow.

Mission accomplished.

Plant Pot

Poinsettias are the go-to holiday gift, but you can help people add a little extra flair with holiday-themed plant pots.

Use your Cricut machine to make holiday pots featuring Santa and his reindeer or everyone’s favorite snowman, Frosty. Then sell them online or at your local hardware store.

Reversible Holiday Cutting Board

The great thing about a reversible holiday cutting board is that you can use the idea for several different holidays, not just Christmas.

Blogger Lydi Out Loud shows you how to create a reversible holiday cutting board for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Not only is it an easy Christmas craft to make, but it’s also one that you can create a whole Etsy shop around with different holiday themes and sayings.

Sell Cut Files for Cricut and Silhouette

Many crafters are starting Etsy shops to share their best Cricut and Silhouette cut files.

These are digital files that you can create on your computer once and sell to an infinite number of potential customers.

The holidays are a great time to start an Etsy digital product shop since so many crafters are looking for interesting designs to make and give as gifts.

Right now, SVGs for Retro Ugly Christmas Sweaters are trending but you can imagine how crafters are looking for files to put on gifts for teachers, coaches, friends, and family.


Whether you’re making something for the kitchen or creating a small gift for the people in your life, the Cricut machine can help you along the way. 

There are tens of thousands of ideas out there; you just need to find the one that works best for you.

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