35 Christmas Crafts to Make and Sell

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When it comes to the holidays, it seems like people spend the most money during Christmas. They’re always looking for something new and creative to decorate the inside and outside of their homes with. That’s why homemade Christmas crafts can be a great side business. Below are some of the best Christmas crafts to make and sell this holiday season.

35 christmas crafts to make and sell

Where to Sell Christmas Crafts

Before we get into what to make, you should consider where to sell your Christmas crafts.

A holiday craft fair may be your best bet if you have a few weekends to spare. When people attend holiday craft fairs, they’re more likely to impulse buy, which can work to your advantage with some of these crafts. Also, when you attend a holiday craft fair, you don’t have to worry about shipping larger or more delicate items. 

If you’d rather set up an online store, consider a crafting website like Etsy. Hundreds of thousands of people shop on Etsy every day. But Etsy isn’t the only game in town. Consider a site like Amazon Handmade or Big Cartel if you want to branch out.

Want to learn more about other sites you can sell on? Check out our post 16 Best Etsy Alternatives for Sellers.

What Christmas Crafts Sell the Best?

While no specific Christmas craft is guaranteed to make you rich, some crafts sell better than others.

Categories like jewelry, art, photographs, soap, and candles all have large profit margins, but these are also oversaturated markets.

That’s not to say you should avoid them altogether, but you should make sure you pick a good niche if you plan to sell in one of these categories. You need to differentiate yourself from other sellers.

So what Christmas crafts should you make and sell? Below are some of the best ideas for this year. 

Christmas Crafts with Wood

Not only are wooden crafts gorgeous, but they’re also durable, which means they can hold up for many holidays to come.

Below are some holiday wood crafts that will bring you a little more holiday cheer.

Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are a great way to count the days until the big day. Jen Woodhouse shows you how to create a simple wooden advent calendar that fits perfectly on the mantle or on top of a bookshelf.

The best part about this advent calendar is that it’s simple and adaptable enough for many different audiences. There’s a space at the top of the advent calendar to fit an ornament of your choosing, allowing each person to give the calendar a special touch.

Wooden Snowman Game

Sometimes you need a cute craft to keep the kids busy at the kids’ table while dinner is served. The site Chica and Jo created an easy-to-make and easy-to-sell Christmas snowman game.

It’s a homemade version of the game Left, Right, Center, which makes it suitable for kids of all ages.

Learn more about this fun activity and view the complete tutorial.

Wood Bead Garland

Garland can be one of those small items that make your decorations seem a million times more festive. If you’re not looking for the typical garland you find in the store, consider this wooden bead garland by Inspired by Charm.

Putting it together is relatively simple, something even your youngest kids can help you with.

Balsa Wood Christmas Trees

I like this project because it can fit in a small space, perfect for a bedroom or an apartment. Lia Griffith shows you how to make a balsa wood Christmas tree.

They’re perfect because you can make them bigger or smaller based on your needs. You can also decide if you want just one or half a dozen.

Twig Tree Ornament

Another great craft for kids of any age is the twig tree ornament.

Laura at The Turquoise Home shows you how to create a holiday ornament made of twigs and ribbon. While Laura purchased the wooden twigs for her project, you can also make it a fun outing for the kids.

The best part about the ornament is it can stand alone on your mantle, or you can use it to help decorate your tree.

Personalized Santa Sign

A little something for the kiddos, a wooden “Thank You Santa” sign created by Colleen at Lemon Thistle. The sign says “Santa, thank you for the gifts” and has a chalk area where the kids can write their names.

The best part about this craft is Colleen used a Cricut machine. That means all you have to do is purchase the materials and put them together.

If you are also a Cricut fan, check out the Best Cricut Christmas Crafts to Make and Sell.

Christmas Crafts with Mason Jars

Mason jars are a classic in crafts because they hold up well and add a special touch to whatever they’re holding inside. Here are some of the best Christmas crafts with mason jars.

Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrub is a wonderful holiday gift because it encourages people to pamper themselves. Seaside Sundays have a recipe for a peppermint sugar scrub that both looks like a candy cane and smells like one too. Or you can try Tidy Mom’s cinnamon and vanilla sugar scrub recipe.

No matter which one you pick, a mason jar is a perfect vessel for your craft.

Mason Jar Lid Wreath

If you have too many lids and not enough jars, consider putting those lids to good use.

Homemade Heather has a terrific tutorial that walks you through gathering up all those unmatched mason jar lids and turning them into a beautiful holiday piece for the front door.

Mason Jar Candles

Because they’re made from glass, mason jars hold up well to fire. That’s why they make great containers for candles.

Not only are mason jars durable, but they come with a lid, making mason jar candles portable even after use.

A Pumpkin and a Princess have a recipe for DIY peppermint candles in a mason jar.

Snow Slime in a Jar

What kid doesn’t love a jar of slime? Add an extra layer of cuteness to this holiday craft by storing it in a mason jar.

The blog No Time for Flash Cards will teach you how to create snow slime in a jar.

The best thing about this craft is that if you want to sell it, it won’t take much work to double or even triple the slime recipe.

Winter Air Freshener

Offer a cool scent to go with the cool weather. Melissa at Shaken Together Life shows you how to create a winter air freshener using a mason jar and a few essential oils.

I like this craft project because you can create different scents simply by switching up the oils you use. Consider peppermint, gingerbread, or apple cider.

Christmas Crafts in a Jar

Sometimes the gift of keeping kids busy is even greater than the gift itself. Below are some cute kits in a jar that make lovely Christmas gifts and give the kids something to do.

DIY Christmas Slime

Slime will be messy no matter what, so why not teach them the science of it all while you’re at it?

Laura at Mom Envy has created a great DIY Christmas slime kit that you can gift to the kiddo in your life.

Cookies in a Jar

Kids love baking projects, and cookies are one of the easiest ones of all.

Celebrating Sweets makes an easy M&M cookie mix-in-a-jar recipe. Not only is it something that will make young eyes light up with joy, but it’s also quick and easy to make.

Hot Chocolate in a Jar

There are a lot of hot chocolate in-a-jar recipes out there, but this peppermint one from Everyday Savvy is nice because it comes with the bonus of adding a peppermint candy cane for a decorative effect.

Hot chocolate in a jar is a simple craft for young kids and adults that are young at heart.

Pancakes in a Jar

Breakfast is taken care of.

The Skip to My Lou blog shows you how to create shake and pour buttermilk pancakes in a jar. The best part, you don’t have to get a bowl dirty; the jar will do it all.

Christmas Crafts with Wine Corks

Wine bottle corks can have a use after the wine is gone. Many crafters have found unique and beautiful ways to upcycle those wine corks into holiday craftspeople will love.

Wine Cork Ornament

Not your average use for wine corks. The wine cork pine cone ornament by Salvage Sister and Mister is excellent partly because it looks like a pine cone. The crafters cut the wine cork into slices and then arranged them to create something beautiful.

Learn more about wine cork ornaments by viewing this tutorial.

Wine Cork Wreath

A wreath is one of the more classic crafts to make with wine corks. Take your massive pile of corks and arrange them into a full-sized wreath.

I have seen wine cork wreaths sell for good money on Etsy, so if you have the stash and the time, creating wine cork wreaths to sell can be worthwhile.

If you need help getting started, the blog Anne Marie Holt Creative Adventure has a tutorial for you to follow.

Wine Cork Corkboard

What better way to display those holiday cards than with a Christmas corkboard? Use that collection of wine corks to create holiday corkboards in the shape of Christmas trees, a snowman, or a candy cane.

You can even paint the board for that extra flash of color. Not only is a wine cork corkboard decorative, but it’s also practical.

Christmas Crafts with Pine Cones

One of the best things about crafting with pine cones is, depending on where you live, you may have a whole stock for your craft shop right in your backyard.

Below are some unique crafts you can make with pine cones that are easy to sell as well.

Pine Cone Gnomes

As you know, pine cones come in all shapes and sizes. While the round ones are good for some crafts, the long and lean ones are perfect for helping you create pine cone gnomes.

Jennifer at Home Talk shows you how to create a simple pine cone gnome that will work well as an added decoration for those wrapped gifts or a cute decoration for around the house.

The pine cone makes the perfect beard.

Bleached Pine Cones

Who says that pine cones have to be brown and dark? Sometimes, offering something different is the best way to make a sale.

Bleached/painted pine cones offer that winter feels in a different color scheme.

The blog Sand & Sisal tells you how to make beautifully bleached pine cones.

Pine Cone Topiary

Sometimes you want to decorate your space with something other than pine needles. That’s where the pine cone comes in handy.

Creating a pine cone topiary is very simple. All you need is a hot glue gun, a Styrofoam ball, and, of course, pine cones.

The Somewhat Simple blog walks you through the steps to create this work of art. The suggestion is to start small and work up to a bigger topiary later.

One of the nice things about this craft is you can offer topiaries in all shapes and sizes, making it the perfect art to sell at a craft fair or local farmer’s market during the holidays.

Felt Pine Cones

This craft is pine cone adjacent, which can be good and bad. The upside is this pine cone can last for many holidays to come. The downside is that this pine cone isn’t a real pine cone.

Lia Griffith teaches you how to create a pine cone out of felt and some hot glue. While it’s not a must-have, a Cricut machine will make this craft much easier to manage.

The felt pine cones are quick and easy to make, plus you can mix them with real pine cones to create some unique garland.

Paper Pine Cones

If felt isn’t your thing, then try creating paper pine cones. All you need to do is cut up some patterned paper (scrapbooking paper will do) and then get to crafting.

This tutorial at Gathered uses pins to hold the paper in place, but you can probably use other adhesives, such as tape or hot glue.

Tin Can Christmas Crafts

Upcycling is a growing trend worldwide as more and more people become concerned with what will happen to our planet in the coming decades.

Old soup cans and other tins are among the most versatile items to upcycle. Below are some classy crafts you can create that are good enough to put in your home or even sell.

Sardine Can Ornaments

Claire at Pillar Box Blue has figured out a fantastic way to upcycle old sardine cans into works of art that anyone would be proud to place on their Christmas tree.

She uses the can to create unique 3D ornaments. Use her tutorial for inspiration, and then start creating your own works of art.

Not only are sardine can ornaments a great creative outlet, but they can also be a phenomenal holiday item to sell to make some extra money.

DIY Butterfly Christmas Ornament

Pillar Box Blue has another great upcycled ornament to share, this one out of an old tuna fish can. She takes the can and creates 3D ornaments featuring butterflies.

Claire wraps the can in holiday paper and displays the paper butterflies in a way similar to how butterflies are displayed in museums.

Succulent Christmas Tree

This craft is great because it offers a Christmas tree alternative and a holiday plant that will stick around past Christmas and possibly for many Christmases to come.

The succulent Christmas tree is an arrangement of several different cans in a tree shape. Each can serves as a small planter. The tree is tiered so that the finished product scales upward like a pine tree.

A Crafty Mix has a tutorial on how they created the succulent Christmas tree.

Tin Can Snowmen

Blogger and crafter Creatively Beth discovered how to turn old cans, including old coffee cans, into adorable snowmen.

She gave one a stovetop hat, and another one had earmuffs. These snowmen are fantastic for that little something extra under the tree. They also make great crafts to sell at your local craft fair.

Tin Can Snowman Toss

The tin can snowman toss is a great idea to help you keep the kids busy while they wait for dinner to finish cooking. Gather ten old soup cans of about the same size and then paint them white. Paint on two eyes that look like coal and a carrot nose, and you have yourself a mini Frosty.

You can also get creative with a painted-on scarf.

Just like the carnival toss games, the kids stack up the snowmen and then toss a ball at the stack to see if they can knock them all down.

Many of the trending Christmas craft items have been trending for several years now. Most of them have to do with self-care or making the holidays merry and bright around the home.

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs continue to be popular sellers during the holidays, most specifically as gifts for a loved one. You can create bath bombs with specific holiday scents such as pine, peppermint, and gingerbread, or you can go with the old standbys like lilac and lavender.

The site Byrdie will walk you through how to make a bath bomb.

Holiday Candles

Candles are another popular seller during the holidays. Not only does candlelight make for a more festive atmosphere, but it also saves on the electricity bill!

Use mason jars to create festive holiday candles with cute holders, or choose holiday scents to make any room smell fresh.

Lip Balm

When the weather gets cold, lips get chapped.

Lip balm can be very easy to make at home, and you can use all-natural ingredients. 

Eco Living Mama shows you how in this tutorial.

Hot Chocolate Bombs

Turn that average packet of Swiss Miss into something extraordinary. Hot chocolate bombs wrap hot cocoa mix with marshmallows, sprinkles, and other toppings into one tidy package.

Liz at Sugar Geek Show teaches you how to create the ultimate hot chocolate bomb. These make great gifts for kids of all ages.

Learn to Sell Printables on Etsy

Hot chocolate bomb gift tags are a huge seller on Etsy right now so if you’d like a more passive craft to sell that is trending – consider these!

Related Post:

How to Sell Printables on Etsy

Christmas Wreaths

The Christmas wreath is a holiday treat that never seems to go out of style. Whether it’s made of ribbon, paper, wood, or some other materials, there’s a Christmas wreath for everyone.

One of the best things about this Christmas craft is the ability to allow your creativity to shine through.

Printable Gift Tags

Sometimes the outside of the gift is just as important as what’s on the inside. One of the easiest things to create for the holidays is gift tags that people can download and print at home. Then, all you have to do is sell the file. There are no orders to fulfill on the backend, though there may be questions to answer.

Create printable gift tags that people can personalize or cute gift tags that stand all on their own. We recommend using Canva to create your printables.

Coffee Gift Card Holders

hand holding coffee gift card holders printable
These gift card holders are easy to make and sell on sites such as Etsy!

These printable coffee gift card holders make great appreciation gifts for teachers, clients, coaches, staff, friends, and family!

They can be customized to the receiver fairly easily and so many people give gift cards for the holidays that this is a great idea.

We have coffee gift card holder templates that are okay for commercial use in our store if you want to get started with a pre-made template and customize it for your needs.

Printable Christmas Wall Art

Along the lines of printable gift tags is printable Christmas wall art.

Come up with cute holiday images, sayings, or something personal to the purchaser, and then create downloadable files.

One of the best things about printable wall art is that when you create images with vector graphics, the user can make the image bigger or smaller without ever distorting the image. That means they can create the wall art they desire in the size they desire.

We have a great blog post if you are wondering how to make different size art prints to sell.

Good luck with monetizing your passion for the holidays and be sure to have fun with it!

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