10 Best Things to Sell on Teachers Pay Teachers

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Selling on Teachers Pay Teachers, also known as Tpt is a great way to earn extra money each month and diversify your selling platforms if you are a printable or digital seller. Learning how to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers is not difficult at all and can be very rewarding.

Below you will find a list of the 10 best things to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Where Should I Begin as a Teachers Pay Teachers Seller?

Once you have set up your Teachers Pay Teachers seller account, you are ready to begin making products for your store. Keep in mind that your first resource must be a free product.

Many buyers use their freebie as a way to assess the quality of your work, so don’t hesitate to make it an awesome resource. Having amazing freebies is what creates loyal buyers that will return to your Tpt shop to make a future purchase.

Determining what to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers may seem like an overwhelming task, but there are some great categories and ideas that are easy to find with a little research. Below I outline the 10 best things to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers, so be sure to read there for ideas.

Choosing a Niche

It can be helpful to determine a niche or category that you want to focus your store around. Are you a high school teacher with a great math interactive notebook that you use for your classroom? Are you a middle school teacher with expertise in building classroom community? Do you specialize in Speech-Language Pathology and want to help others by creating resources that save them time and energy? Do you want to focus on a specific grade level such as 4th grade and specific state standards or subject areas?

The possibilities are endless for choosing a niche. Whatever you decide for your store, be sure that you are delivering high-quality resources to your buyers that will keep them returning to your store for more.

When I was in the classroom, I taught in 1 of 2 states that do not teach from the Common Core curriculum. When I would look on Tpt for resources, there were only a handful of sellers selling products that focus specifically on our state standards.

Their stores were very popular and other teachers that I knew used them for lesson plans, interactive notebooks, worksheets, and so much more. These sellers’ stores were known by name and anytime we needed resources for something specific, we knew exactly where to look.

This is one of the great benefits of niching down your Tpt store.

What Sells the Most on Teachers Pay Teachers?

Every Tpt seller wants to know the answer to this commonly asked question so that they can make Tpt products that will earn them more money.

The truth is that what is popular on Teachers Pay Teachers changes pretty frequently, especially with the seasons. There are ways to look to see what’s popular on Teachers Pay Teachers to know what kind of products you might want to add to your store if you do not have a specific niche.

However, there are some common categories to consider that typically sell well throughout the year. Doing research and thinking about exactly what you want to create will help you figure out things to sell.

How Can I Figure Out What to Sell on Teachers Pay Teachers?

One of the greatest ways to figure out what is trending on Teachers Pay Teachers comes directly from their site: the search bar.

The search bar lists items that are popular or frequently searched. The items that appear in the search bar change with the season, so as you are creating products, this is a great place to start for inspiration.

tpt search bar query

Looking at this search bar, I can see that the current popular searches that buyers are looking for on Tpt are for black history month, valentines day, the 100th day of school, reading comprehension, and Australia.

Each one of these appears to be seasonal with the exception of reading comprehension, which would be something that could sell throughout the school year.

tpt search bar query drop down menu

Next, I can select one of the topics from the search and hit the space bar and I will see additional things that buyers are searching for related to the topic I selected.

For black history month, I now know what types of resources buyers are searching for and create products based on the search query.

Getting Ideas from Clip Art

Another way to come up with resources to create would be to look at clip art or graphics that you have and determine what you could make from it. There are a lot of free clip art and graphics that can be purchased and downloaded from Tpt.

A lot of it is also freebies you can download from Tpt. In addition, you can get graphics from sites like Creative Fabrica or if you’re creating your resources within Canva, that can be an option as well. Starting with graphics is a great starting place to create great ideas for resources and products to sell.

If you have spring-related clip art, you could make write-the-room activities, task cards, or even math games using your clipart. Looking at what clip art you have can also help you create product lines, especially if you decide to design classroom decor.

Use Your Expertise

If you are or were a former teacher, you can get ideas from thinking about the things you utilized in your classroom and what worked well for your students.

If you’ve already created any teacher resources, you just need to get them listed. If not, you can easily create them. With anything you create, you want to be sure that it will save teachers both time and energy.

10 Best Things to Sell on Teachers Pay Teachers

Below I have outlined the 10 best things to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers. It is important to note that trends change with the seasons, but these items sell consistently throughout the year and are a good starting point to focus on what you might want to create for your store. These ideas are not in any particular order in terms of popularity and are all products to consider if you plan on selling Tpt products.

  • Teacher Planners
  • Classroom Decor
  • Printable Task Cards
  • Morning Work
  • Sub-Plans
  • Worksheets and Activities
  • Digital Items
  • Clip Art
  • Fonts
  • Seasonal Products

1. Teacher Planners

Teacher planners are a widely popular resource. Teachers are very particular about what they like inside their planners. Year after year, I would search the stores to find the perfect teacher planner to only be disappointed.

I eventually found a planner that I could customize to my liking on Teachers Pay Teachers. The planner that I purchased, I could edit in PowerPoint or using Google Slides, which was great because I could pre-add my student’s information, add in grade book information, and anything additional I needed or wanted to change, I could really customize to my liking. Canva is gaining in popularity amongst teachers, so it is worth exploring creating items for teachers using this platform as well.

Teacher Planners can be very profitable if you add a lot of customization options such as cute covers and different sections. Some of the top-selling teacher planners on Tpt right now sell for as much as $50.00 and include over 5,000 pages. This will take a lot of dedication and hard work to create, but the end result will be well worth it with buyers returning year after year to purchase your Tpt product.

2. Classroom Decor

Having the perfect classroom decorations is very important to teachers. They want to create a warm and inviting space for their students without spending a fortune at the specialized teacher stores (I’ve done this- it’s not worth it).

One year I wanted a donut-themed classroom and there was no decor on Amazon or even in my local teacher specialty store. I was able to turn to Teachers Pay Teachers and find a ton of items to create the perfect themed classroom.

Themes for classroom decor can vary from year to year, but there are some themes that are constantly popular such as bright colors and polka dots, bees, ocean themes, and more.

boho rainbow alphabet and numbers posters

I created some boho-themed alphabet and number posters, which can be popular in elementary classrooms.

If you decide you want to create decor, you need to think about what you want to offer the teachers. You can get ideas from Pinterest if you are not familiar with things teachers like to have in their classrooms.

You will want your products to be high quality and time-saving, as teachers are looking for things to simplify their busy back-to-school preservice schedules.

You can create bulletin board kits, alphabet and number charts, word walls, birthday displays, wall art, and so much more! All these items can be adapted to fit any theme you want to do.

There is more value in creating a bundle with all of the decor resources inside, so that is something to consider when creating products. Some of the best classroom decor bundles on Tpt sell for as much as $71.00 and include 21 products bundled together.

3. Printable Task Cards

Teachers love task cards because they do not require the teacher to have to monitor what the student is doing. The best task cards are self-checking, meaning the student can complete the task card and easily check their work to make sure they’re right. Teachers enjoy using task cards for centers in a variety of subjects.

Task cards that you create can focus on a subject such as fractions on a number line, or a specific skill like making predictions, but still can have a seasonal aspect to them like winter or Halloween.

The more task cards you include in a set, the better, as there is value in having bundles of task cards available for purchase. Several bundles of task cards can sell for $20.00 and up, while single sets of task cards sell in the $3.00-$5.00 range.

4. Morning Work

Having something for students to do when they walk into the door each morning is extremely important, especially for an elementary teacher. You could create various activities to keep students busy upon their arrival at school.

More than just worksheets, you can create items for a center for hands-on learning and to keep students interested or even something seasonal to teach and inform about a subject in a fun way, such as a Black History Month word search or practicing handwriting with a Joke of the Day activity.

There are a lot of opportunities in this category worth being explored. The sky’s truly the limit. These kinds of resources can sell from $2.00-$20.00 for a bundle. As previously mentioned, bundling your resources together increase the value and works well for teachers looking to purchase their morning work for an entire school year.

5. Sub-Plans

Sub-Plans are very popular amongst teachers. Nothing is worse than having to miss school, especially when it is unexpected. Having premade sub plans are a great time saver for teachers and are great for selling Tpt products.

Whether you choose to create a bundle of activities that the teacher doesn’t even need to prep and just print out, or create skeleton lesson plans in a template for the teacher to fill in her own request, it will be sure to be a profitable resource.

You can take it a step further and even create a maternity leave binder kit for teachers that will be going on leave, or focus on a specific grade level that will appeal to a variety of audiences. Prices of sub-plans on Tpt range from $5.00 upwards to $30.00. Choosing this resource to make is sure to be worth your time.

6. Worksheets and Activities

Worksheets and Activities are extremely popular on Teachers Pay Teachers. As a teacher, sometimes you’re in a bind and might need a quick activity for students to do. They immediately go on Teachers Pay Teachers to see what they can find.

There are so many types of worksheets and activities that can be created and of course, everything you create can be bundled to add more value to your buyer’s purchase. All worksheets and activities you make can be seasonal, subject and grade-level specific, or even just for fun types of items.

Many teachers prefer multiple-paged worksheets or activities versus single paged. You will want to focus on diversifying the worksheet so that it stands out of a crowd.

spring themed activities

I created a spring-themed activity pack that has 7 different activities for teachers to choose from. Putting in the extra effort to make a bundled resource definitely pays off and will help you to make more money.

Prices of these Tpt products sell anywhere from free to $20.00. It is important to note that the more pages you have, the more successful you will be in selling your worksheet or activities. Also, if you want to increase the value of the products you offer, create activities and worksheets but also include the digital versions within your product so teachers can have an option on which format they want to use. By doing this method, you can sell your resource at a higher price point and are sure to make more money.

7. Digital Resources

When the pandemic hit, there was a drastic shift in how educational content had to be delivered to students. Luckily for me, my school was already 1:1 with technology and had created a ton of digital resources that students could access and complete in Google Classroom.

Making a digital resource is very beneficial to sell on Tpt. Teachers do not have to print the activity, rather students will complete it using a device. Some of the best digital resources are easy to be manipulated and mimic printable resources such as cut & paste activities that are turned into click-and-drag activities. This is an important skill for students to understand how to manipulate TEI types of questions on standardized testing.

When making a digital resource, it is best to create products with a design platform that is compatible with how the teacher sends out the work to their students. Many teachers use Google Classroom so creating digital resources such as Google Slides or using a Google Form is a great choice.

Teachers also might be a part of a Microsoft school, so choosing design in PowerPoint is equally as great. If you choose to go this route of product creation, research the platforms that teachers are using with their students. Almost any resource can be converted into a high-value digital resource.

example of a google form activity

One of my favorite things to create while in the classroom was Google Forms. They were super easy to load into Google Classroom and graded themselves so I would only have to record scores. I was very excited when I learned how to create these kinds of materials. There can be a bit of a learning curve when creating digital materials. YouTube has many tutorials that can teach you how to be successful in making them.

8. Clip Art

Clip art is another great product to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers. Many Tpt sellers seek clip art to use for commercial use and create their own products to sell on Tpt or on another platform such as Etsy, Creative Fabrica, or Creative Market.

Selling clip art can be a great way to make money. There are many programs you can design your own clip art in such as Procreate, Adobe Illustrator, or even Creative Fabrica. One of the best things about clip art is you create anything! Do you like to doodle? Turn them into clipart. Clip Art can be seasonal or grade-level/subject specific.

Including both black and white versions of your clip art is a great way to increase the value of what you sell. The price of Clip Art sells anywhere on Tpt for free to bundles of clip art for over $100.00.

9. Fonts

Similar to clip art, selling fonts is a great choice on Tpt. Teachers look for unique fonts to include in their products to make them stand out from everyone else. You can also sell fonts commercially and again on other platforms, such as Etsy, to diversify your income streams. The price of fonts sells anywhere on Tpt for free to bundles of fonts for over $100.00.

10. Seasonal Products

Selling seasonal products on Tpt can be another great way to stand out from what the majority of Tpt sellers offer. You can focus on traditional holidays such as Halloween or St. Patrick’s Day and create your products and product lines around those themes. Moreover, you can focus on school-specific events such as back to school, the 100th day of school, or red ribbon week, and create games and activities based on those events.

Many Tpt sellers will tell you that you cannot sell seasonal items on Tpt, rather they are not as successful. The majority of the products in my shop are seasonally related to games and activities that a teacher may want her students to play in the classroom. I have had great success selling those kinds of items that I had made using the Gold City Ventures™ printable course.

The biggest thing to keep in mind if you choose to focus solely on seasonal products is that you will want to stay ahead of the seasons- at least 45 days before whatever holiday or trend you are creating. You can also list your seasonal items on other platforms such as Etsy or Shopify to diversify where you are selling.

Ready to start selling?

There are so many options when it comes to selling Tpt products. This list was created to provide you with ideas of things to start selling in your Teachers Pay Teachers store. What are you waiting for? Get started making products and earn money today!

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