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Alura is an Etsy tool that helps you with keyword research, product research, and listing optimization. But maybe you are unsure whether it is the right tool for you and feel unsure how to use it. We are going to look in-depth at how Alura works and how to use it to your shop’s advantage. Here is our Alura review.

What is Alura?

Alura is another product research tool for Etsy sellers to use that can help you understand what is selling well on Etsy and help you find new product ideas. The main functions of this platform are a keyword tool, a product research tool, and listing optimization. These tools can help you to simplify your product research and help you find niche markets. 

It is a more simplified platform and is user-friendly. You can use these tools to not only fix and update your current listings but potentially find new products that you can sell to bring in more traffic to your shop. There is a lot that you can do with this tool and we are going to cover all the features you can use to improve your shop!

Alura Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension is a great way to easily use everything that Alura has to offer. Instead of using a separate platform and having to go back and forth, you can use it straight on Etsy and simplify your product research. Here are some of the best ways to use this Chrome extension for Etsy sellers. 

Use On Etsy Shops

You can use the Alura extension on any Etsy shop, which can be on a competitor’s site or just a shop that is currently trending and you want to know how they are performing so well. Once you are on the shop’s page, you can open the Chrome extension and it will load product information. 

You will see for each listing their price, number of favorites, number of sales, monthly sales, and monthly revenue. So you can really get a glimpse at what they are selling best and take note of why this product may be performing so well. 

If you want to see their best sellers easily, you can click on the “Monthly Sales” tab at the top and it will organize it to the top sellers. This will help you see their best products and potentially give you new product ideas, without copying any of their specific items. 

You could also get an idea of their price ranges and see if you need to make any similar changes to your own products. 

Use On Etsy Search Page

Another super helpful way to use the Alura Chrome extension is on the Etsy search page. A key to doing this is to do it through an incognito browser, as this will help make sure that personal recommendations won’t affect search results. 

You can start by searching a keyword, and then opening the extension. It will load the listings and their information, as mentioned above. At the top, you will see typical favorites, typical prices, typical sales, and a score. 

The typical sales indicate the general demand for this keyword, and the higher this number is, the higher the demand is for this specific product. The score looks at both the sales numbers and the level of competition. 

A higher score is better because it means the sales are generally high and the competition is typically low. Keywords with a score over 6 tend to be the better-performing words, so if you are doing keyword research, this may be what you should look for. 

Another tool you can take advantage of is the trend button which will show you the Google trend for this keyword. This can help you realize if this keyword is seasonal or evergreen, or you can use it to predict the demand for products before your competition. 

Once you click on a listing, you will also be able to see the listing details, including the listing tags. This is a really helpful way to see what keyword phrases sellers are using in their tags to bring in more income. 

There’s a lot that can be done with the Alura Chrome extension to bring more success to your Etsy shop!

Features of Alura

Alura offers a wide range of helpful tools to benefit from, and we will cover all the features you can use for Etsy.

In this video, Taylor shares an honest review of Alura, an Etsy tool that helps you with keyword research, product research, and listing optimization so you can make more sales in your Etsy shop. She also shows how to use the tool and some of the best pros and cons of this software.

Alura Keyword Finder

The first very helpful tool for your Etsy business is the keyword finder which helps you find the best keyword phrases and see the competition for them. Once you search a keyword you will first see some of the basic details related to this phrase: the number of views, favorites, and sales. This is based on 1,000 of the listings using this phrase and can give you a glimpse of if this keyword phrase is performing well or not. 

Next, you can also see the competition and shops competing, which means the listings that are ranking under this keyword phrase and the number of shops ranking with this keyword phrase. When you are looking at these numbers, you want to aim for the keywords that are higher in demand that have less competition, because this could mean bringing you more potential success.  

Finding keyword phrases

You can also scroll down where you can see a list of similar keywords, giving you more ideas for tags to use in your titles. They are ranked by popularity, which can help you see what is in higher demand and would be a better option for you. So for example, you search for a “baby Christmas ornament” and one of the suggested phrases is “new baby ornament.” It has a popularity of 15%, which means that 15% of the listings under the keyword “baby Christmas ornament” also use the phrase “new baby ornament.”

Again, you are able to press the trend button on the right side to get the Google trend data for this keyword, which can help you see if it is an evergreen or seasonal keyword phrase. 

On the analytics tab, you are able to see the price distribution of products that fit the keyword phrase and helpful information like which percent are customizable, the processing time, and more.

The listings tab will show you the most popular listings using that keyword. You can sort it by monthly sales to see which are currently trending and find out which ones you can take notes from. Then, once you click on a listing it will open a detailed view with the title, tags, views, etc. 

Finding high-quality keyword phrases is a big key to being a successful shop owner and this tool from Alura will help speed up your keyword process!

Alura Product Seeker

Another tool that Alura features is the product seeker, which helps you to find trending and top-performing product ideas on Etsy. You can use filters that can help you narrow down your to specific products, such as by monthly sales or the price of the product. 

These filters can show you which products have great potential, and which may not be the best option if they have too much competition. You can also use a filter to research products that are more similar to yours to have a clearer direction on potential new product ideas. 

After you press the search button for a specific keyword phrase, you can scroll down to load more. Once you have a long list of products, then you can sort the top-selling products by clicking monthly sales. This will help you easily see which products you can learn from or see a demand for.

Alura Shop Analyzer

The next of the powerful tools that you can use on Alura is the shop analyzer which gives you more information than you would find by using the Chrome extension. Before you search for a particular shop, you can first see on the page the trending Etsy shops that are currently bringing in the most revenue. 

Then, once you type in a particular shop, you can see all of its basic information: number of sales, total revenue, reviews, etc. The listings are sorted by either total sales or monthly sales so that you can see their top-performing products. You can also click on a listing to get more details, including the title, tags, revenue, etc.

In the analytics tab, you can see charts about the shop’s best products and where they are getting sales. For the sales distribution, it shows the percentage of listings that contribute to 80% of the total sales. An even distribution, which is closer to 50%, means the sales are coming from a wide range of listings, rather than just one or two top-selling products.

There is a section that will show the shop’s most used tags, which can help inspire you for your own listings to see what is reaching buyers. You can also see the prices that this shop offers to give you an idea of a reasonable price point for your products.

In the About tab, there’s an interesting piece of information that you get to see from the shop, which is their message to buyers. It’s a cool way to get to see a shop’s customer service and how you can improve your own. 

Alura Email Sender

Alura also features an email sender, which is a unique feature of the platform. It connects to your Etsy shop and you are able to send two types of emails. One is a transactional email that you can send to customers, and one is a subscriber campaign that you can send to people subscribed to your email list. 

Transactional emails give you more control over the automatic emails sent to customers by Etsy, which can help you boost your revenue or enhance a customer relationship. You can use this as an opportunity for an upsell, or just show your appreciation and build that bond with your customer. 

You are able to set up automatic emails that get triggered by an event, such as when a customer leaves a review or when an order gets delivered. This way you can show the real person behind the shop and make it a more personalized experience. 

Alura Listing Helper

Finally, the listing helper analyzes your listings and shows you where you can make improvements. It gives them a score, as well as recommendations on where you can make changes to succeed selling on Etsy. 

This can help you focus on the listings that need the most help and then move on to ones that could use higher-quality keywords. 

Alura Resources

Besides the main tools that Alura offers, it has a few other small features that you can use for your shop. First, you can view the highest-selling Etsy shops in different categories. This can help you see what shops in your niche are doing right. 

There is also a policy generator that can save you time and research and easily generate a privacy policy for you. The fee calculator is great if you need help figuring out how to price your items by showing you your profit margin and finding out a price that fits. 

Finally, there is an Etsy shop kit, which features branded images that you can use for your banner, and logo, as well as listing images that you can use for custom orders. There are just 3 to choose from, but could be helpful for a new seller to get started!

Is Alura Accurate?

So, are the results on Alura actually accurate? The answer is yes! It is registered as an official Etsy app, which gives it access to Etsy’s API which is how it generates the data for you. 

Because it also has the Chrome extension that lets you use the app directly on Etsy, you know that this information is extremely accurate! No, it’s not 100%, but they pride themselves on having a very high accuracy rate. 

Like any Etsy research tool, Alura must use estimations for some of its data since Etsy does not release all of its proprietary information to third parties.

Alura Pricing

The great thing about Alura is it does offer a completely free version! There’s no need to invest a lot of money doing your product research, especially if you are a newer shop that isn’t bringing in a lot of revenue yet. 

The limit on the free version is just the number of searches that you are able to do each month. So, this means you can’t do extensive research, as you are limited to 10 searches for each tool. But, this is plenty to be able to find a direction for your shop and slowly improve each month. 

With the paid plans you are given more searches to use, as well as the ability to send more emails, connect to another Etsy shop, and have access to more tools. But the free plan is perfect to do the research you need for your shop!

Alura discount code

If you are wanting to upgrade to a paid plan, there is a discount code to help you get a lower price for your first month!

They have created this coupon ALURA-BFCM-40%, which gives our audience 40% off their first month.

Expiry date 31st December 2022.

This helps you get started doing more research for your shop, and save you a little money at the same time!

Alura vs. Everbee

EverBee is an all-in-one platform and SEO tool that helps Etsy sellers bring in more sales. And how to be found better in searches by improving their SEO. It is a Chrome extension that can be integrated into your shop, similar to Alura. You will be able to see all of the details you would want to know about listings for a specific keyword.  We wrote an in-depth Everbee review of everything you need to know about this platform.

EverBee helps you figure out what is doing well, and how you can create something better. 

It also helps with product research, which is one of the main reasons you want to use EverBee! You can see the products with the highest demand. Then you can analyze and see what they are doing best. And how you can apply it to your own products. Their product research tool is very similar to that of Alura’s. 

EverBee provides the estimated revenue for the past month for each listing. This can help you see which listings have a price that people are willing to pay. And if you need to either lower or raise your prices.

Basically, EverBee helps you figure out what items are best-selling so you can create best-selling items yourself. You can see exactly what people are buying and what you can do to bring in this income as well. This platform is something that provides a lot of helpful analytics for Etsy shop owners. It can be especially helpful for those looking for a new direction for their shop.

Compared to Alura, Everbee is only a Chrome extension and doesn’t have a separate platform that Alura offers. Alura and Everbee are very similar, with Alura just offering a few extra tools, like their Email Sender.

Pricing of Alura vs. Everbee

The pricing for these two tools is very similar. They both offer a free plan with just a limited amount of searches. They both also offer two paid plans that give a higher number or unlimited searches, as well as access to more tools. 

The paid plans that Everbee offers are priced at $7.99 and $29.99 per month, while Alura’s packages are $19.99 and $29.99 per month. 

Alura vs. EtsyHunt

Another powerful Etsy tool that you can choose to use is EtsyHunt. Similar to Alura, EtsyHunt is a product research tool that gives you insights into what is currently selling on Etsy.

It helps you do product research to learn what items are in demand and are bringing in the most sales. You can also do keyword research to find the right phrases for your products. And it will ensure you have the best SEO. 

So basically, it is a very similar platform to Alura and does many of the same things! It also analyzes your listing and lets you know where you can make improvements. To summarize, EtsyHunt does keyword research, product research, and shop analysis.

What can you do with EtsyHunt to improve your shop? First of all, you can use it to find high-quality keyword phrases and improve your SEO. This will help you appear higher in searches when you have these keywords in your titles and tags. EtsyHunt helps you see keyword search trends, and similar phrases, as well as a keyword cloud. 

You can also take advantage of the top 100 listings, where you can see all of their details, which is similar to what you can see from Alura. You can take this information and use it to your advantage to improve your own product listings. 

EtsyHunt also has top charts showing you what is currently selling well on Etsy, which is great if you are looking for new product ideas. You can see which shops are at the top and performing well also, so you can take note of what they are doing differently.

Pricing of Alura vs. EtsyHunt

EtsyHunt has a free plan as well, with just a limited number of searches each month. There are also two paid plans that you can choose from, a $3.99 monthly plan and a $19.99 monthly plan. These plans just allow more searches and access to extra tools. 

Alura vs. eRank

eRank is another tool out there that helps you evaluate your Etsy products by giving you SEO tips and where you can make improvements. You can read a more in-depth eRank review of the free and paid plans on eRank.

eRank features a wide range of tools and is a very extensive platform. There is a keyword tool that helps you find the top, most popular keyword phrases that you can include in your listings to bring in more traffic to your products. You can add these to your titles, tags, and your description to optimize your listings. 

eRank also helps identify which of your listings are not using all 13 of the tags, because these tags are important for being found in Etsy search. So this tool helps you figure out which listings may be missing some of those important tags and that way you can go and optimize all 13. 

Another helpful tool is the bulk rank checker which is where you search a keyword phrase, as well as your shop name, and see how you rank amongst other Etsy listings. It will show you the number your listing ranks within the top 500 listings for that keyword phrase and shows the price of the listings, the number of views, the number of favorites, and a few other small details. 

You can also monitor the changes being made to your shop and how it is affecting your success. You can see whether your changes are positive or negative and whether you need to make more similar changes or not. 

Pricing of Alura vs. eRank

Similar to Alura, eRank does offer a free plan. This free plan allows you to conduct up to 50 keyword tool searches daily, and allows for up to 5 keyword lookups while also analyzing up to 100 of your active listings. There are some tools that won’t be available to you with the free plan, such as the delivery status tool, access to your competition’s listings and tags, the bulk keyword tool, and the bulk rank checker.

There are two paid plans with eRank, at $5.99 or $9.99 per month. These plans offer a larger number of searches and access to optimizing more listings. But, if you are a small shop and just looking for a way to improve your shop and bring in more sales, the free plan of eRank would be more than enough.

Alura or Sale Samurai?

Both platforms offer a wide range of features for Etsy sellers, but which one would be best for you? Learn more about what Sale Samurai has to offer.

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Sale Samurai Overview

Alura vs. Sale Samurai

Sale Samurai is a platform that has a lot of similarities to Alura and is a helpful tool for Etsy sellers. You can read an in-depth review of Sale Samurai and what it has to offer.

One of the tools it offers is a keyword tool, which is super easy to use. You’ll find those sought-after long-tail keywords that will put your products in front of people who are really looking for them. You’ll also get information about search volume, shipping times and costs, and the price spread of items for a certain keyword.

Sale Samurai also offers a Chrome extension where you can easily analyze data right within Etsy. You will be able to see search volume, related keywords, competition analysis, and more. Then, you can use this information to learn more about what your competitors are doing right and how you can learn from it. 

You can analyze best-selling listings to understand what makes them stand out. Apply this information to your own listings, without copying anything, to create products that you already know people want to buy.

Pricing of Alura vs. Sale Samurai

Sale Samurai does not offer a free plan but does offer a 3-day free trial that you can use to fit in a wide range of research. This would allow you to use the helpful tool, without having to make a large investment. 

You have the option to pay a monthly plan of $9.99/month or do $99/year. You have access to all of the tools with this plan and don’t have to worry about fitting in your research in a short period of time. 

But if you are just looking for a small amount of market research, then it can fit into the 3-day free trial.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of tools out there for Etsy sellers, and Alura is a great option that sellers can use to bring more success to their shops. It is user-friendly and has a wide range of tools that you can use, including a helpful Chrome extension. If you’re looking for a free way to analyze your listings and figure out ways to improve, then Alura is a great option!

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