The beauty of starting an online business selling printables?
Once you create the design, you can upload it to sites like Etsy and sell it again and again with little action from you.

meet the team

Julie Berninger

Julie owns her Etsy Shop for printables, The Swag Elephant. She loves selling on Etsy because it gives her flexibility as a toddler Mom. She even took 6 months off Etsy to move cross-country one year (and still made over $10k)! Julie also has a lifestyle blog, Millennial Boss, and hosted a financial independence podcast, Fire Drill. She’s currently the host of the podcast for Etsy sellers, Crickets to Cha-Chings.

Cody Berman

Cody Berman is a digital nomad who quit his corporate job to pursue entrepreneurship full-time. He started selling digital products in 2018 and became hooked after earning $700+ in one week. He also hosts The Financial Independence Show. In his spare time you might find him traveling, working out, or building another business.

Lauren Kowalchek
Customer Success Manager

Lauren is Cody’s better half! She recently left her 9-5 job and works full time as a freelance virtual assistant and part time as a pet-sitter. She’s passionate about traveling, good eats, and keeping up with public health issues.

Sasha Hutchison
VIP Facebook Group Expert

Sasha is an E-Printables student who now has over 19,000 sales in her shop, Your Frugal Friend, and is a top 1% seller on Etsy. She is an accountant, a mom, and an entrepreneur who loves all things printables and side hustles. Sasha hosts community meetups in our VIP Facebook group for students once per month and manages our content.

Kevin Jones
VIP Facebook Group Expert

Kevin has over 7,000 sales in his Etsy shop and is one of our VIP Facebook group experts answering students’ questions. In his own words, “By day I am an Architect so Etsy is a really good fit in how passive it can be once your shop is rolling. My wife and I have 2 beautiful boys. While this extra income is a fraction of what I earn in my day job, I feel it has opened up so many options for us and gives me confidence to do other things I wouldn’t have otherwise.”

Jenny Marchal
VIP Facebook Group Expert

Jenny specializes in marketing and mindset in our VIP Facebook Group. In her own words, “the reason I started my printables journey was to create value for people in a positive way, while creating extra income to fulfill my dream of living a free and flexible lifestyle. My Etsy-selling journey has been a large learning curve so I totally understand how you’re feeling and hope to help you out with any questions you may have. I’m a big user of Pinterest to market my printables.”

Michelle Watson
Michelle Watson
Podcast Host

Michelle Watson is the host of the Gold City Ventures™ private podcast for members. Michelle was a student of E-Printables too and turned her expertise with Microsoft OneNote templates into a successful Etsy side hustle, blog, and business.

Chelsea Shelton
chelsea shelton
VIP Facebook Group Expert

Chelsea has over 7,000 sales in her Etsy shop and sells on Teachers Pay Teachers too! In her own words, “I wanted to have a creative outlet when I wasn’t spending time with my kids. I never knew that I would have so much success in a short time and pursue my business as a full-time thing! I love all things printables and creating and cannot wait to help others be successful with their Etsy shops too!”

Katrina Waardenburg

Katrina is an Etsy seller and content writer for the Gold City Ventures blog. In her own words, “I was formerly a teacher. Now I help business owners free up some of their time. Being a mom of two girls, I work hard at growing this business and helping others grow as well so I can provide for my little family.”

courtney buteau profile photo
Courtney buteau
Social Media Manager

Courtney, a former TV personality turned mom of four, channels her creativity into DIY projects, cooking, and graphic design. Courtney was a student of E-Printables in 2021 and now has over 5,000 sales in her shop! In her spare time, she enjoys exploring new places, reading and hanging with her pets.

Katrina Armida
VIP Facebook Group Expert

Katrina has over 5,000 sales on Etsy since beginning her journey as a student of Gold City Ventures™. In her own words, “I had no experience in business, marketing, digital design, SEO, etc., and have been surprised about my success! If I can do it then I believe anyone can do it and I look forward to helping other members of the Gold City Ventures™ VIP group be successful!”

brittni cuevas headshot
Brittni Cuevas
Virtual Assistant

Brittni is a virtual assistant and graphic designer who loves to travel and make digital art from Airbnbs and coffee shops all around the world! She is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs and helping them bring their ideas to life. When she’s not working or creating content for her Etsy Shop, Essentially Brit Co, you’ll find her doing yoga, exploring new cities and foods with her husband, and teaching others about natural health!

taylor smith headshot cropped
Taylor Smith
Video Content Producer

Taylor is an Online Business Mentor & Sales Strategist. Taylor holds a BA & MA & Cultural Anthropology, and she left her teaching career in 2020 to build multiple 6-figure brands in services, digital offers, and physical products, and has consulted with more than 3,000 small businesses. One of her businesses is a top 1%-ranked Etsy shop with over 12,000 sales since 2020. She has been featured in The Ways to Wealth, Money Under 30, and The CEO Teacher. As an Online Business Mentor, she helps entrepreneurs identify the next steps needed to grow their brands and build their life-first businesses.

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A podcast for handmade entrepreneurs wanting to uplevel their Etsy shops and take their side gig to a full time income. Join us as we talk marketing for your handmade business, strategy to drive traffic to your shop, how to stand out on Etsy, and running an online business while maintaining flexibility for your family.

You don't have to be a graphic designer, creative genius, or super techie person to do this side hustle.

Most of our students start with no experience and go on to launch printable businesses on Etsy. We had no graphic design experience when we started either! We also started with free tools and teach you how to get your business created using free tools as well.

If you're feeling stuck, not creative enough, too time-crunched, not techie enough, or any other limiting belief -- we've been there.

We founded Gold City Ventures™ to help you create a profitable online business from the beginning with our step by step tutorials and templates.