35 Easy Craft Business Ideas

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Looking to turn your crafting hobby into a profitable online business? Now is the perfect time to start your entrepreneurial journey.

If you’re feeling stuck on what products to create, fear not! We’ve compiled a list of 35 easy-craft business ideas that are sure to inspire and get you on your way to success.

From handmade jewelry to woodworking and everything in between, there’s something for everyone on this list.

So, let’s dive in and discover your next craft business venture!

35 easy craft business ideas

What Do I Need to Start a Small Craft Business?

Starting a crafting business requires more than just diving straight into crafting. Without a solid foundation, you risk ending up with piles of inventory and no one to buy it.

It’s important that you take the time time to establish a strong foundation to build a profitable business before jumping into the creative aspect of your business.

Find a Niche

One of the first things you need to start a craft business is an idea. We will detail some easy-craft business ideas to start below, but let’s take a minute to consider why some ideas are better than others.

As the site Oberlo points out, your business idea must identify a gap in the market. Some categories are incredibly oversaturated, meaning there are too many sellers in that space.

As you start your small craft business, find a way to make yourself stand out from the competition by either finding an untapped niche within your market or creating a specialized product that other sellers are not selling yet.

Know Your Audience

After you develop your idea, identify your audience. Who will buy your product? What are some key characteristics of this group, and where do they shop?

Identifying your target audience won’t just help you hone your craft idea; it will also help you decide where to sell your items.

For example, does your client base shop on Etsy, or are they more likely to shop at a Shopify store? Is it better to sell print on demand or create each item by hand?

You’ll also need to find out the legal requirements in your city and state before you launch your craft business. Some cities will require that you have a business license. Some states will require you to have a seller’s permit.

Find out what the requirements are in your city and state before you launch your business; doing so can help you avoid potential headaches and obstacles down the road.

Another legal concern is copyright infringement. Make sure that you’re not infringing on someone else’s trademark.

If you need help, check out this previous post. While it refers explicitly to Etsy, all the copyright rules apply to anything you might sell online.

What Craft Business Should I Start?

Understanding the basic requirements is important, but the ultimate question still remains: what type of craft business should you start?

The answer is anything you want!

The key is to find something that you’re passionate about as that’s what is going to keep you going when things get tricky.

Running your own small business isn’t all sunshine and roses. There will be times when things get complicated.

However, the most successful business owners are the ones who push through because they love what they do and they’re passionate about it.

In this video, Taylor shows you some of the most profitable and trending digital products you could be creating to sell on Etsy right now for extra income.

Easy Craft Business Ideas

Speaking of craft business ideas, it’s worth noting that many successful ventures are built on existing skills and hobbies. In fact, several craft businesses on our list have been started by individuals who have simply turned their passion for crafting into a lucrative side hustle.

Rather than having to learn something completely new, you can put your existing skills and expertise to good use. So, whether you’re a master at knitting, love to sew, or have a talent for creating unique home decor, there’s a craft business idea that’s perfect for you.

Here’s our list of easy profitable craft business ideas to help you get started!


Photography may be a great option for you if you have a creative eye and can capture the perfect shot. On your next outdoor excursion, snap a few photos of wildlife in action or beautiful plant life and then create a partnership with a print-on-demand company.

You can take those photographs and sell them through print on demand without having to go through the hassle of fulfilling orders.

Gift Baskets

Some people have a knack for combining items into one cohesive and eye-catching package so starting a gift basket company may be the perfect fit.

Whether you specialize in creating themed baskets for holidays, weddings, or corporate events, there’s a market for your unique and personalized creations.

Flower Arrangement

Along the same lines as creating gift baskets, flower arranging could be the perfect craft small business idea for you if you have an eye for matching colors or understand how to combine chaos into something that looks great.

Consider loaning your services to friends and family first and then growing the business from there.

3D Printing

A 3D printing shop is relatively easy to run, though it will take some time to launch. The plus side of running a 3D printing business is that it requires a skill that only some people have. If you have the skill (and the equipment), use your talents to run a profitable business.

You can sell custom 3D products or create something unique with your 3D printer that people cannot get anywhere else.

Sell Craft Accessories

Call this craft adjacent, if you will. If you’re not crafty but you are entrepreneurial, consider selling craft accessories online. One of the biggest markets on Etsy isn’t crafts but craft accessories.

That means parts to help people make jewelry, fabric that’s hard to find, and knick-knacks that crafters use for their works of art.

This idea will require you to source the materials, but once you get reliable wholesalers, it’s a business model that you can scale quickly.

Resin Crafts

One of the easy things about resin crafts is that once you have the mold, you can consistently make as many of a product as you want. Plus, you can vary the colors to create multiple items for your inventory.

Resin is a basic material to work with once you learn, which makes this a great material to start a craft business with.

Resin can create some interesting arts and crafts, including keychains, figurines, picture frames, cutting boards, and coasters.

Make Stickers

Stickers are a way for people to express their true personalities, and what works for one person may not work for the other. Selling stickers is a very profitable business.

Stickers of all kinds sell on Etsy every day. There are planner stickers, stickers for teachers, holiday stickers, and expressive stickers for things like reusable water bottles and laptops.

You can create stickers and sell them online or create digital downloads that people can purchase and print themselves.

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DIY Craft Small Business Ideas

Some creators like getting their hands dirty. The following ideas require a hands-on touch.

Candle Making

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, candle sales make roughly $2.3 billion annually. What you know is there’s a market out there. The next question is, how can you create your niche? 

For example, some candle businesses come up with “men’s scents” such as bacon, or smoke and musk, which is a woodsy, outdoor smell.

With a craft like candle making, a niche is everything.

Face Painting

Your business idea does not have to be online. In fact, you may find a more captive audience in your town. Face painting is an easy skill to learn if you have an artistic hand.

Train yourself to draw things like Paw Patrol, Pokémon, or other modern popular characters, and you’ll have moms and dads lining up down the block for your services at your next kid party.

Jewelry Making

Jewelry making isn’t an easy choice, especially since there are a lot of competitors in this market. However, it’s worth a shot if you have a unique idea.

People are always searching Etsy for a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that speaks to them.

Jewelry businesses on sites like Etsy become successful when they stick to their niches and create a following of loyal customers.


Why not turn your hobby into a lucrative side hustle? Woodworking skills are becoming rarer and rarer, and so are the people with the tools necessary to complete those highly skilled tasks.

If you’re a woodworker, there’s likely a market for your skills either in your neighborhood or online. All you have to do is advertise.

Glass Blowing

Glass blowing is a skill that not everyone can manage. You can create works of art in the glass medium or useful items like vases and martini glasses.

If you’re into jewelry, then unique, custom-made glass beads might be a great business idea.

Leather Crafts

If you’re skilled with leather, creating leather crafts may be a side business for you. Whether you’re making things like purses, wallets, or jewelry or simply engraving leather items, there are many directions you can go in the leather category.

Use your knowledge to create something beautiful.

Holiday Decorations

For some people, the holidays are the best time of the year, and they love to decorate their homes for every season. That’s what makes original holiday decorations so popular.

No one wants to be the fifth house on the street with the store-bought Santa. They want the Santa that everyone else admires. If you’re crafty, making original holiday decorations that you sell in your community or online in a marketplace like Etsy can be a great side business.

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Small Craft Business Ideas from Home

For some small business owners, the ideal craft business is one they can do from the comfort of their homes. With school and kids and life, it’s challenging to find the time to start your own business if you have to leave the house.

The following ideas can easily be done from home.

Soap Making

Whether you’re trying to make designer soap or small hand soaps that kids will love, soap-making is a great craft that you can do in just about any kitchen.

With a little research and a bit of online shopping, you can learn how to make soap and get all the ingredients delivered to your door.

Soap making is the perfect small craft business idea you can do from home.

Website Creation

For the tech-savvy crafter, consider creating websites. You can market your skills and services on sites like Upwork and Fiverr or start a small business website.

Some website designers sell their creations to companies like Wix, Shopify, or WordPress, which then use those designs to offer options to those who use their services.

Make Patterns

Some knitters, sewers, crocheters, and clothing designers come up with amazing and unique creations that no one has ever thought of before.

Create crochet patterns of your favorite cartoon characters or design cross-stitch patterns with sassy sayings.

If people often comment on your unique designs, maybe it’s time to sell them. Selling patterns through digital download on sites like Etsy isn’t just easy, it can be lucrative too.

Create Coloring Pages

Artists have found a terrific way to sell their art through coloring pages. They draw their pattern and then create a digital file they sell on Etsy or in their Shopify online store.

Some artists sell single coloring pages, while others sell books. Either way, they’ve found a great side business to help supplement their art.

Art Lessons

If you don’t want to create, why not share your skills with other people?

If you’re trained in art or are incredibly skilled and creative, teach other people to do what you do.

Many people out there want to be craftier, and with the explosion of Zoom and other online meeting tools, you can meet with your students virtually anywhere.

Costume Creation

There’s a seller on Etsy who creates amazing sushi costumes for Halloween. She’s used her creativity to create her own business and has slowly grown that business year after year. The costumes work for kids or pets. Plus, they’re all handmade, so they’re quality work.

The creator has found a niche, and because her work is high quality, she’s able to create an excellent stream of side income for her and her family.


Maybe you’re a baker extraordinaire. If so, why not start a cottage kitchen and bake up some goods? All it takes is a good recipe, a little love, and a lot of desire. Sell your goods at your local farmers market or in your neighborhood group.

While this is a time-consuming craft business idea, it can also be a great side business. Remember, it’s not work if you love what you’re doing.

Simple Craft Business Ideas

In some instances, simple is the best craft business idea of them all. Below are some simple craft business ideas you can get started on today.

Hair Accessories

One of the great things about creating a hair accessories craft business is you get to put your personality into it. Create bows, hair clips, ribbons, and more that depict your personality, and then sell them on Etsy.

This one is an excellent category because if you’re looking for your ideal customer, all you have to do is look in the mirror.

Pet Accessories

Pet accessories are similar to hair accessories, except they’re for pets. In today’s market, many people spend as much money on their pets as they do on their children. In some cases, their pets are their children.

That means there’s a market for cute pet accessories. Consider creating designer pet collars, cute bows, or leashes that light up at night. You may just find the right niche for your brand.

Knitting & Crocheting

Turn your hobby into a side hustle. Many knitters and crocheters can’t find enough people to give their projects to. After handing things out to the family, they’re still producing more than they’re giving away.

That’s why creating a side business for your knitting or crochet projects is your next step. You’ve already created the product; now, you need to go through the steps of selling it.


Like knitting and crocheting, embroiders also seem to have excess items to give away. Instead, supplement the money you spend on your hobby by selling some of that excess product.

Make cute, framed embroidery for someone’s nursery. Offer up custom-made products for a new home. There are many ways to use your embroidery skills and turn them into a profit.

Create Cards

If you’re a jokester and have a way with words, or you can string together beautiful pieces of prose that bring a tear to the eye, then creating greeting cards just may be an easy craft business idea for you.

Many times, the message is just as important as the card. Take some time to learn a graphics program like Canva. There’s a free version that will allow you to access basic images and help you design your cards.

Once you have some ideas, get those creative juices flowing. You’ll have a new business in no time!

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are a great way to upcycle used products into something that both looks and sounds amazing. Take something like old tiles, broken pottery, metal pipes, silverware, beads, and more, and turn them into pieces of art and music.

Pinterest has some excellent windchime craft ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Tie Dye

Create colorful and eye-catching works of art through tie-dye. It’s a fashion trend that never seems to go entirely out of style.

If you like creating these magical works, you know you can never find enough people to give them to. Much like knitting and crocheting, it’s time to start selling your products.

Consider expanding your offerings to include not just tie-dyed shirts but also socks, tank tops, scarves, and more.

Easy Business Ideas That Make Money

Below are some other craft business ideas that will help supplement your crafting habit or help you add a little extra cash to your monthly bottom line.


You only need a set of nice pens and a skill that few people have. Either you or someone you know has horrible penmanship. It’s more common than not. But even people with lousy handwriting want to send out beautiful wedding invitations, new baby announcements, and anniversary invitations. That’s where the calligrapher comes in.

Sell your skills and reap the rewards.

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are a category you need to be careful with since the market is oversaturated. That said, bath bombs can be a very lucrative craft business.

That’s because the bath bomb costs pennies to make but sells for up to $10 apiece. In other words, the markup is huge.

If you enter the bath bomb arena, consider creating cute shapes with your bath bombs or unique scents. That will help differentiate you from the rest of the market.

Temporary Tattoo Business

Anyone with an artistic vision can create temporary tattoos and then sell them on sites like Etsy or in their Shopify store.

On the site Starter Story, Anslea talks about how she started a temporary tattoo business out of her van.

[WikiHow has a video on how to create custom temporary tattoos here.]

Upcycle Furniture

Everyone has driven down the road and seen someone giving away an old piece of furniture for free. Some people drive by and don’t give it a second thought. Others start thinking about how to make that furniture into something more.

If that’s you, then upcycling is in your future. Take that old chair and turn it into a modern work of art. The best part of this small business is that it’s mostly profitable. Usually, you can get a piece of furniture for cheap and sell it for ten times as much.

Sell Succulents

One of the more interesting things about succulents is that they can multiply. In most instances, if you take a clipping from a succulent and plant it in a new container, a new succulent will take root. That makes a succulent business easy to start and grow…literally and figuratively.

If you have a green thumb and the time, consider creating a succulent business. You can make beautiful arrangements with unique planters you find at your local thrift store or sell them in bulk.

Sell Bonsai

Take your green thumb a little further and sell bonsai. Shaping bonsai is a Japanese art form that creates beautiful works of art.

With a bit of training, patience, and skill, you can create something few others can, and that can be very lucrative.


When you sell print on demand, creating a custom t-shirt business can be both lucrative and easy to run in your spare time. That’s because once you create the designs, you simply list them online and allow the print-on-demand companies to fulfill the orders.

If you have a knack for pithy sayings or cute t-shirt designs, then selling shirts may be your craft destiny.


Whether you create t-shirts, sell your knitting patterns, or do something hands-on like woodworking, there’s a craft business out there that’s just waiting for you to find it.

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