20 Best Etsy Seller Podcasts for Tips & Support

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Running an Etsy business is challenging, and it’s not easy to find someone to help you get the answers you need when you need them. Etsy Seller Podcasts are available to assist. These podcasts are an excellent resource for obtaining tips and support while selling on Etsy.

Many of these podcasts showcase successful Etsy sellers or marketing experts who provide valuable advice to enhance your Etsy shop, boost sales, and stay current with the latest developments on the platform.

20 best etsy seller podcasts for tips & support

In this blog post you will learn about the 20 best Etsy Seller podcasts for tips and support for your Etsy business.

Tricks for Selling on Etsy

When you’re starting your Etsy shop, you want to learn the little tricks to help you save some time and energy. The following podcasts will teach you some of the best tricks for selling on Etsy.

Many of the podcasters in this list have successful Etsy shops that they have learned from.

Crickets to Cha-Chings

Crickets to Cha-Chings creator Lauren is a mother of four who launched her Etsy shop in 2012. She shares the highs and lows of her journey, as well as tips and tricks she’s learned along the way.

Crickets to Cha-Chings also features Etsy sellers who have founded their own successful shops on the online retailer.

You can start with episodes like “Let’s Talk Staging, Lighting, Watermarks, and All Things Product Photos for Etsy” and “Finding the Sweet Spot Between What You Like to Make and What Sells.

Or, listen to “Building a Passive Income Source Through Selling Printables on Etsy,” featuring Julie from Gold City Ventures™.

Biz Birthday Bash Podcast

The Biz Birthday Bash Podcast is more of a business and crafting business podcast than an Etsy podcast, but it offers some great insights into the world of online selling.

The podcast talks to some of the top Etsy sellers in the wedding industry about what works, what doesn’t, and more. 

Simplify Your Sales Podcast

This podcast has since shifted its focus to creating and selling online courses in 2022, but the information in previous episodes is valuable, so it’s going on the list.

The Simplify Your Sales Podcast is honest and open, talking not just about the good experiences that come with running an Etsy store but also about the tough times. 

Previous episodes include “The Danger of Diversifying Your Shop Too Soon, “4 Signs You’re Ready to Add a Passive Income Stream to Your Etsy Shop”, and “How to Keep Your Sanity During a Busy Etsy Holiday Sales Season.”

Handmade & Beyond Podcast

Handmade & Beyond produces about three to four podcast episodes a month covering the latest news and changes on Etsy, as well as tips and tricks to improve your shop. 

The podcast host, LL, is an Etsy seller and an 80s fan, so be ready for some throwback references. 

Recent podcast episodes include “Etsy SEO Update! Listing Descriptions Now Included in Search Ranking” and “5 Tips to Help You Manage Your Etsy Biz.

Etsy Shop Seller Tips

Who better to learn from than someone who has already been there? Hear from some of the top Etsy store owners in the industry about the struggles they’ve faced and how they’ve overcome adversity. 

Many podcasters on this list share their thoughts and experiences in the world of Etsy selling. They offer candid insight into the world of Etsy selling and talk to other Etsy shop owners about their own experiences on the online marketplace. 

How To Sell Your Stuff on Etsy

Meet work-from-home mom Lizzie Smiley, who uses her podcast How to Sell Your Stuff on Etsy to teach others what she’s learned about selling items through her full-time Etsy shop. 

Not only does Lizzie share what she’s learned, but also what others have learned. Podcast episodes include “How a Teacher Built a Full-Time Sign Shop from Her Passion for Hand Lettering” and “How Data Mining on Etsy Can Help You Reach Your Business Goals.

Lizzie recently interviewed Julie Berninger of Gold City Ventures™ about creating passive income on Etsy.

The Merriweather Council Podcast

Produced by crafter Danielle, The Merriweather Council Podcast is all about running a handmade product business. 

Danielle learned how to use Etsy the hard way and took more than a year to turn her business into a thriving shop. Now, she’s guiding others.

There are eight seasons of The Merriweather Council Podcast available. The latest episodes include “Etsy Shop Audits: The Good, The Bad, The Alternative” and “Questions to Ask Yourself When Sales Are Slow or Stalled.

Etsy Success Podcast

The Etsy Success Podcast has more than 75 episodes to help you improve your Etsy shop and manage some of the complex ins and outs of running an Etsy business. 

As of this writing (June 2022), the podcast is still active and posting sporadically. The podcast producers average about one posting per month.

The Etsy Success Podcast includes episodes like “What to Know About Etsy’s Intellectual Property Reporting Program” and “Ideas for Growing Your Social Media Following.

The Unofficial Etsy Podcast

The Unofficial Etsy Podcast is new and only has a few episodes in the bank, but it’s geared toward helping Etsy sellers get the most out of their stores.

The podcast has already covered topics like the recent seller price increase, Etsy ads, and the Star Seller badge.

If you’re tight on time, this wouldn’t be my top recommendation simply because there are not a lot of episodes available right now. However, if you’re looking to consume any insight into Etsy you possibly can, then add this one to your list and start with some of the longer-running podcasts first.

How to Make the Most of Etsy

Once your Etsy shop is up and running smoothly, it’s time to take the next step. 

The podcasts in this category will help you grow your shop from the fledgling business that it is to the Etsy powerhouse that you want it to be. 

These podcasters have either experienced Etsy growth firsthand or, in the case of The Jam on Marmalead, spent a lot of time studying the industry to make sure they know what they’re talking about.

Studio Sisters

Taylor and Katie are sisters and Etsy shop owners. In fact, they own one of the top-ranked Etsy shops in the world. 

Now, the pair are sharing their Etsy knowledge with the rest of the world through the Studio Sisters podcast.

Recent episodes include “How to Increase Your Etsy Sales – Understand What You’re *Actually* Selling” and “How to Run Your Etsy Shop in Just 4 Hours a Day.

Grow My Etsy Shop

Grow My Etsy Shop wasn’t created for new Etsy sellers. It’s a podcast designed for current Etsy shop owners that are looking to take things to the next level. The podcast covers some of the boring yet important things about Etsy, such as “What You Need to Know About Tags” and “Why You and Etsy will Love Consistency.”

The Jam on Marmalead

The Jam has since shifted to YouTube and is updating episodes there, but its back catalog of podcasts is a good introduction to what the team at Marmalead can do. 

The Jam offers lessons learned from Etsy sellers, chats with marketplace influencers, and, of course, tips to help your Etsy shop thrive.

Recent podcast episodes include “Update Your Etsy Listings Without Angering the Etsy Algorithm” and “Etsy SEO vs. Amazon SEO – How to Win.” 

YouTube episodes deal with more recent current events, including rising inflation and sellers frustrated over Etsy fee hikes. 

Etsy Conversations Podcast

If you’re looking for real-world advice from an experienced Etsy seller, then look no further than the Etsy Conversations Podcast. The podcast features conversations with online sellers (mostly Etsy shop owners) who talk about their experiences running an online shop.

The podcast has more than 340 episodes to choose from, enough to keep you going for days to come.

Angie White, one of the Gold City Ventures™ course students, was recently featured by Ijeoma on the Etsy Conversations podcast for her shop branding advice.

How to Sell Lots on Etsy

As you continue to grow your Etsy shop, you’re now looking to, well, make lots and lots of sales. 

The podcasters on this list are here to help you do that. They’ve experienced Etsy growth firsthand and are looking to help you avoid some of the pitfalls they’ve encountered along the way.

The Squeak & Shout Show

The Squeak & Shout Show has not run a new episode in a few months, but there are previous episodes that are still impactful.

Squeak & Shout is a UK-based podcast that talks to handmade business owners and experts and shares insights into online sales. 

Previous episodes include “Etsy SEO Keyword Mistakes to Avoid” and “Why is My Etsy Shop Not Selling: Business vs. Hobby.

The Create & Thrive Podcast

While The Create & Thrive Podcast isn’t specifically for Etsy sellers, many of the tips offered in the podcast can be applied to Etsy shops.

Episodes like “Why Isn’t My Marketing Working?” and “Making the Transition from Hobbyist to Business Owner” help online shop owners on all platforms. 

The Create & Thrive Podcast also offers words of encouragement and support for online sellers facing a few speedbumps along the way. 

More than 275 episodes of The Create & Thrive Podcast are available, with more added monthly.

Julie was recently featured in an episode about selling printables on Etsy.

Wolf Moves Only Podcast

The Wolf Moves Only podcast is relatively young compared to other podcasts on this list, but it offers excellent insight to sellers in the print-on-demand realm. 

The podcast’s creator, Brittany, is a top Etsy seller in print on demand and is now sharing her secrets.

Wolf Moves Only produces approximately one episode a month. Recent episodes include “Make this 1 Thing a Priority to Reach $100k & Beyond” and “Stop Selling Only What YOU Want.

Top Pick
top seller secret

Top Seller Secret

By Brittany Wolf, Be A Wolf Biz

We recommend this course since it contains step-by-step instructions on Etsy trending searches. This skill is the secret sauce of the top Etsy businesses and all new print-on-demand students should learn it.
Brittany’s course is expensive but you get what you pay for!

Fruitful Mama

This podcast started as The Beginner Mom Boss a few years ago, but then host Juliana became a boss. Seriously. 

She’s transitioned the podcast to Fruitful Mama, but she’s still offering up general business insights and Etsy seller tips.

Recent podcast episodes include “How to Grow Your Existing Business with an Etsy Shop” and “How to Grow Your Business in a Soul-Aligned Way.

Etsy Seller Business Tips

Sometimes running the business side of the Etsy shop is the hardest part. You have to turn your crafting brain off and turn your business brain on.

This mini-list includes podcasters that will help make the transition from creative to business a little easier.

Not all of them deal specifically in Etsy, but they do deal in online marketplaces, which can be just as helpful. 

Shopify Masters

It seems like it misses the point to highlight a podcast that talks about selling on Shopify, but it’s not. In reality, selling on Etsy and selling through a Shopify store have some similarities that cannot be ignored.

The Shopify Masters podcast may focus on sales through Shopify, but it also discusses market research, Google ads, scaling your business, and more.

The Product Boss Podcast

In The Product Boss Podcast, you don’t just get one selling pro, you get two. Jacqueline and Minna use their platform to talk about marketing strategies, business growth, and diversifying revenue streams.

They also tackle the emotional side of the job, including thriving as a female business owner and transitioning into the role of boss. 

The Product Boss Podcast has a little bit of something for everyone. 

My Wife Quit Her Job

This is another podcast on the list that isn’t Etsy-specific but is non-traditional job specific. My Wife Quit Her Job talks to online sellers who have found a way to make their online businesses thrive through hard work and ingenuity. 

Episodes that may help out the Etsy Seller include: “This Abusive Practice is Killing Your Margins and How to Fight Back with Kathleen Booth”, The Single Most Important Way to Improve Your Sales with Jon McDonald”, and “Social Media Strategy for New Ecommerce Store Owners with Alex Rossman.

Gold City Ventures™ podcast cover 2

Gold City Ventures™

The founders of this company have a private podcast exclusive to members where they share the best tips and tricks for selling digital products on Etsy. It is hosted by a student, Michelle Watson, who has over $20,000 in annual sales on Etsy.

Learn more about the Gold City Ventures™ team and printables course.


One of the best things about Etsy, whether you’re a buyer, seller, or both, is that it is a community.

Etsy is a place by crafters, for crafters, and they all want to work together for the success of everyone.

The podcasters included in this list simply take that help to the next level. 

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Meet Julie & Cody

Julie Berninger and Cody Berman of Gold City Ventures™ have made thousands selling printables and digital downloads in their Etsy shops and on Shopify. They help others start printable businesses with their programs and templates.

Learn how to start a business selling printables on Etsy!

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