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65 Printable Ideas (free)

Thinking of printable ideas can be one of the hardest parts of getting started. Let us do the heavy lifting of idea generation and download our free 65 Printable Ideas ebook.

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Do you want to learn the basics of printable design without spending hours DIYing it on Google and YouTube? Join our free 10-Day Printable Challenge and start designing today.

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Are you a printable seller looking to take your shop to the next level? Our Ultimate Printables Kit simplifies the research, brainstorming, design, marketing, and goal setting processes.

What Our students say

I hit my 100th sale! My shop has been open for 49 days and I am beyond excited!

Jennifer H.

I’ve sold a little over $18,000 in printables on Etsy since working with Julie last year, and I would estimate that after fees, it’s at least $14,000 profit.

Kevin J.

Meet the founders

Julie Berninger



Julie lives in New England with her family and just left her tech job to work online full-time. She has a lifestyle blog, Millennial Boss, used to host a financial independence podcast, Fire Drill, and runs an Etsy Shop for bachelorette party printables, The Swag Elephant.

Julie Berninger


Cody Berman


Cody is a digital nomad who quit his corporate job to pursue entrepreneurship full-time. He started selling digital products in 2018 and became hooked after earning $700+ in one week. Cody also hosts The Financial Independence (“Fi”) Show podcast.

Cody Berman